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What effect will Fomo3D have on the price of Ethereum?

Recently, the attention of the crypto community has been attracted to the phenomenon-level dapp of fomo3D. Fomo3D is an obvious Ponzi scheme, but its sincerity makes people even more crazy. Participants are constantly bidding to buy the key issued by the platform. The time is up. Whoever is the last bidder can get the maximum benefit, that is, 48% of the Ethereum in the prize pool. The success of Fomo3D, fundamentally speaking, is to take advantage of the greedy side of human nature, and everyone has a chance to be lucky. In case you are the lucky one. In addition, Fomo3D has won the user’s good feelings and achieved excellent communication. Starting with the name Fomo (missing panic) is a satire, and then go to the website exitscam.me, which means “to escape the scam.” Even the button that invites friends to participate in the game says “BAD ADVICE.” The word “DO NOT PLAY” is also indicated in the code.

At present, Fomo3D has collected 21,495 Ethereum from users, which is about 9.88 million US dollars. This number is still rising.

Is Fomo3D really safe?

First of all, no one can guarantee the absolute security of smart contracts. Secondly, suppose the game is strictly in accordance with the rules. Those who participate in the game later may still have no income, and the game ends.

The impact of Fomo3D on the price of Ethereum

If Fomo 3D continues to accumulate ETH, it will raise the value of the remaining ETH. If the Ethereum in the Fomo3D contract reaches millions of orders, there are two problems: 1. In the end, someone wins the grand prize and immediately gets a lot of ETH, which affects the market stability; 2. The Fomo3D contract is broken and produces similar results.

Ethereum should not pin its hopes on gambling dapp

The ultimate goal of Ethereum is to become a distributed world computer network supported by thousands of nodes. However, the number of Dapps developed on Ethereum is small and the number of users is low. The DappRadar.com website lists 673 Dapps from the Ethereum network. The volume of transactions in the 24-hour period is 44,000 ETH, and the number of users is about 20,000. The ideal state of Ethereum Dapp should cover all aspects of economic development.

The future direction of Ethereum requires the constant efforts of developers such as vitalik buterin. After all, the network congestion that has plagued Ethereum for a long time has not been solved.

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