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Cyber Attacks can Cause Tremendous Damages
March 4, 2018

So many have suffered cyber attacks and yes cyber attacks are very annoying. The attacks come in many forms. The persons involved in cyber attacks aren’t understanding how much consequences they’ll receive due to committing the cyber crimes. The agency which deals with cyber crimes is the FBI. It’s important that the appropriate agencies be contacted so that their able to effectively resolve the matters related to the cyber crimes. There are some skilled cyber crooks. They’ll constantly monitor their victim or victims in order to project their next attack.

The agencies must get a handle on the crimes because cyber attacks can result in attacks which can harm a country. Cyber attacks can lead to terrorism. Persons committing the crimes should receive prison sentencing. Allowing the persons to continue to commit the crimes will cause nations to crumble. Dealing with the individuals can be time consuming but justice should be served. “Cyber attacks have caused businesses billions of dollars and what are the agencies going to do about the attacks?” (Tanikka paulk). The persons involved in cyber attacks continue to disrupt any progress presented by agencies, departments, and the justice system.

Homeland security could also be involved. Investigating the attacks may take some time. Disruptions can occur while investigations are occurring. Perhaps criminals aren’t thinking or perhaps they’re so uncaring that they’ll continue to commit the acts until there’s punishments. Committing such crimes can lead the individuals in federal prison. Any person committing the crimes should be held accountable. The persons could appear to be skilled but refuse top use common sense.

How annoying are the crimes? extremely annoying, law enforcement continues to have difficulties dealing with the crimes, and other crimes. If there’s continued allowing then there could be further crimes committed. Law Enforcement must consider the damages when the crimes are committed. Monitoring, tracking, hacking and breaches can result in a victim or victims losing information. Persons continuing to retrieve information from accounts and other areas should be prosecuted. Some should receive the maximum sentencing.

The persons continue to commit the crimes because they may feel that there won’t be any consequences. AZ nation must continue to observe how cyber crimes destroy technology and the victim or victims. Why do some choose to commit the crimes? Perhaps they’re desperate or they’re trying to see how far they’re able to go. Law Enforcement could be monitoring the criminals while they’re continuing to commit the crimes. Don’t be surprised as to whose involved in the crimes. Technology has its pros and cons.

There are so many abusing technology. The hacks and many attacks leave the victim vulnerable. What will the law do about the criminals? That’s what they should be called because any person wrecking havoc in devices and computers are doing an injustice to countries. “The cyber criminals should be incarcerated. They’re causing so many problems. Justice needs to be served. Law enforcement should be weary when dealing with the most annoying group pf People.


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Don’t Have to Look far at all
October 10, 2017

\There’s shows which display some of the most ridiculous criminals. Some aren’t smart at all. It’s amazing how many will commit crimes right in front of law enforcement and “amazing how many are apart of breeches.” “Breaches are a Violation of the Law but so Many Aren’t Even Concerned or too Empty Headed to Think They’ll be Caught.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). I’m continuously being harassed and bullied but although these things are occurring, there is no way that I’m going to give in to the crooks, and any person who’s treating me=(Tanikka Paulk) and others unfairly. I’m advocate/activist and will continue to stand firm.

The attacks aren’t a reason to stop being in pursuit of more achievements. The persons aren’t just committing crimes but are being violating in every way. There’s so much proof that such things are occurring and soon enough the persons involved will receive what their due. Some of the most dumbest criminals ever. Not only violating rights and laws but are at least trying to run havoc “in my devices” and my devices mean (Tanikka Paulk) devices. Hopefully the criminals will receive their sentencing which is deserved. The crooks have no right to violate any persons rights and to alter information. There are some who just didn’t think at all before acting. For some they’ve already received prison time and they’re still on the path of criminal activity.

There is no way that I’m going to continue to allow such injustices to occur. The harassment won’t make me=(Tanikka Paulk) give in to any of the individuals. There’s “politicians” who have claimed executive order but executive orders do not involve an entire country. The entire United States appear to be in my devices and other countries are observing just how much stupidity the United States has. They’re certainly going to reap because they’ve come up against what God has declared “Anointed.” I Tanikka Paulk have been called on a spiritual level and have been chosen for “Leadership.”

As I’m writing, I’m well aware that they’re watching, and each day they’re wasting time attacking and trying to discredit. It’s so sad that so many are so deceptive. The ones who were perceived to be up standing individuals aren’t anymore. There’s some who some may not “have considered” to such idiots but have proven to be so. What has occurred hasn’t gone unnoticed. Other countries have stated how corrupt the Untied States is. The persons have done themselves an injustice because they’re going to receive their sentencing whether in prison or the type which God the Creator of Mankind dishes out.

It’s not easy being attacked by so many but I’m prepared because I continue to keep on “The Full Armor of God.” No matter how destructive the individuals are God forgives but mankind may take longer to forgive. It’s quite difficult to offer forgiveness when the persons keep projecting the same behavior again and again. How can persons who violate rights, commit identity theft, and cause breeches point any fingers? How? They’re criminals and they’re not welcomed in my devices.

For some they’ve simply have ruined their careers because they’ve chosen to not only come after “The Chosen One” but to commit all sorts of crimes right in front of “law enforcement agencies.: I’ve never even heard of such things occurring before but am aware that there’s a person who received harassment and bullying attacks because of their blessings. Some aren’t just cruel but they’re also mindless. Despite what occurs I’m still going to “Love.”

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