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The Battle Between the Uncooperative Persons
February 26, 2018

How does some deal with persons being so disagreeable? Some may lose their cool when dealing with persons being so uncooperative. There seems to be no reasoning with individuals choosing to be difficult. There will be difficulties when pursuing a dream, passion, ideas but there seems to be disconnections when it comes to building. There are way too many unfocused. There seems to be so many refusing to accept whatever the person or person in “leadership” has to offer.  When attempting to access what is good there seems to be persons continuing to believe that they’re in a position to hinder what needs to occur.

There should be gladness when building. Building can create the best results. There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning with certain individuals. There are some wanting what they want and refuse to allow the processes to occur. “Thinking about establishing greater objectives and to continue with a purpose can result in what will create a more designed country.” By: Tanikka Paulk. To be exposed to persons unwilling to accept can certainly cause delays. It’s better to just proceed and at least make some attempts to communicate with the  persons. They’re not trying to achieve what needs to be achieved.

The purpose should continue so that the economy can become more stabilized. They’re focusing on the wrong things. There should be helping hands trying to accomplish goals which will result in qualities. Too many continue to sabotage and they should be considering what progression really means. To be apart of growth is so glorious. There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning with the persons. Although there are some disagreeing there will be continuous actions towards prosperity. “To prosper is good and why are so many refusing to accept the excelling?” Tanikka Paulk

Time isn’t standing still. Time continues to be apart of movements. The journey must continue in order to incur the necessities. There needs to be more cooperation within a Nation but unfortunately there seems to be the crowd refusing to back down. There needs to be space between the dysfunctions causing a tear down. What are they going to do when the buck stops? Causing setbacks won’t help any person pursue what’s necessary. There are actions occurring which offers the right directions. Stopping the dreams won’t help the persons in anyway.

What are they going to do when there the assistance ceases? How can any person assist when there is so much chaos? If they’re willing to allow the processes to occur then they’ll notice that there will be better results. Yes, it’s quite tiring when so many folks are trying to cause setbacks. Understanding can help persons deal with the many changes. Refusing to accept the person or persons chosen for leadership isn’t the best tactic. There will be actions continuing to occur no matter how many are unsettled by the discoveries. “Continuing.” (Tanikka Paulk).


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