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Hidden in all the Right Areas

All things aren’t seem by the eyes. It can be quite surprising when there’s the revealing of. There are persons hidden where the eyes are unable to view. Sometimes individuals think that they’re capable of knocking down what God has created. No man meaning mankind can overpower God. It’s funny how so many seem to think so. There are some continuing “to believe” that tearing down is an answer. It’s the building up which will help and create the necessary changes. “Togetherness, unity, unification is what’s occurring right now.” (Tanikka Paulk). To think clearly and observe in order to find the correct answers is what so many should consider.

I’ve faced many adversities but there is no defeat. Yes. they’ve tried to remove my purpose, but God didn’t allow their antics to stop what He already declared. Some refused to listen and they’ve refused to do their research so that they’ll have better understanding. Every person has been ignorant at some point but there are some continuing to remain in darkness instead of searching for the “light.” They’ve caused problems in which could have been avoided. Yes some are angered because of truths being revealed and because of the progression.

To tolerate nonsense could cause Nations to crumble. My “Nation” shall continue to prosper. The ones causing havoc are unaware of the consequences they could face. God is love meaning having the emotion but God also discipline His children because they’re disobedient. There are the “hidden” ones they’re observing what’s occurring. Some have chosen to project unruly behavior and what shall they face. There’s the reaping and coming up against the anointed will certainly generate the reaping. “I’m convinced that there are some thinking that they’re so powerful that they can overturn decisions made by power groups. They are wrong.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Fear has caused some to overreact. They’ve behaved oddly abnormal and now must face whatever consequences there are. The challenges have actually produced more determination. There will be battles and how a person chooses to deal with the battles will make the difference. “There are causes which need my attention and I’m going to continue to advocate and believe that there will be the solutions.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Movements continue shouldn’t there be progress? What’s for me=Tanikka Paulk is for me=Tanikka Paulk.

What’s been perceived they’ll find that they’re thinking was wrong. I’m pleased that the hidden ones continue to observe so that when there is a need to reveal there will be. There should be others willing to use their voices of change. That’s right. There are directions in which a person may want to travel but the right direction is the better choice. What are they thinking. Hello I’m “one” although there are so many unwilling to accept what is it’s been proven and confirmed. One light, day, life. They’ve caused the problems in which need to be rectified.

There’s troubles and there are some willing to assist with trying to remove or lower the troubles. What has occurred shouldn’t have occurred. They’ve heckled but I’ve continued. I’ve been called out of my name and yet I’m continuing. Where will “Tanikka Paulk” be headed?  There are some who’ve appreciated what I’ve tried to accomplish. The transformations will occur there will be changes in which some misunderstand but the changes need to occur anyway. There could be separations in order to accomplish the greatness which so many have instilled within.

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To Develop a Positive Attitude is What’s Wonderful

There will be many changes so therefore there needs to be adjusting. There are some uncomfortable when it comes to changes. Today could be that change that so many have been waiting for. Here I am thinking of what God has already promised. Yes, I’m blessed even when there’s little earned but there will be abundance so patience is necessary. No “hopefulness” hasn’t been removed there is the continuation of this journey. Although there appeared to be so many disagreeing with my path. God has already declared my journey. What will occur next some could be asking?

There will be more than prosperous moments. I’m appreciating the journey and yes there has been many storms and some have been quite complex with their behaviors. “There is focus on the areas in which some haven’t viewed yet. The differences have been revealed.” (Tanikka Paulk). What are they thinking? It’s better to conceal the projects, the tasks in which will develop prosperity, the completed project. Some are on the wait and see. Where will This chick be headed? In time all will find out. There is steadiness there were many trying to prevent what is now occurring.

Some could be wondering what’s really going on. What’s in that place? They’re looking. The reveling could occur later on. For right now there is movements about. They’re working somewhere. The need to continue has been communicated and there are lots agreeing that there should be more. Shouldn’t folks be concerned about the economical develops. I’ve faced many challenges but “I’m a conqueror.” There is good here and I’m so grateful to be chosen, selected, suggested. There’s a smile on my face because God has favored my path.

Mankind aren’t understanding just how the Almighty operates. Soon enough they will realize what should’ve occurred long ago. The transformations will be complete as long as there’s continuous progress. The productivity hasn’t changed. There will be moves occurring here and in other locations. “There could be surprises at any moment.” (Tanikka Paulk). The competition has really tried to discourage the path but there were also the encouragements. I’m still thankful.

My decision to continue wasn’t a difficult decision. I’m a believer that there should be more and more abundance. There is awesomeness occurring where they’re unable to see. Some could be trying to take a peek but there is no need to reveal the tasks. In time. Objectives are necessary, opportunities, the leadership. There were many trying to take over my leadership role roles. God allowed the happenings to occur but God has seen the good so therefore the rewards will come. I’m patient enough to receive.

Day Continues to Assist With the Rising.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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My Composure and so Much More!

When they’re saying less I’m saying “abundance.” That’s right. To think positively even when the storms are near. What some must face could be the toughest battle ever. i’ve chosen to keep on the armor and proceed. God is the reason why I’m continuing. “There is joy and there is hope.” By: Tanikka Paulk I’m truly blessed.It’s amazing how far some are willing to go. There must be constant prayer one could come across some very angry individuals. Just take a look at the expressions on their faces. “What God has in store let no man take away.” (Tanikka Paulk).

“The Destination s so Very Important.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The challenges entered but refusing to be defeated. Time continues the journey. In order to proceed there has to be discipline. Yes, to be able to face the challenges and stay calm is truly a blessing, there are some willing to take my patience. The day is here and soon enough what shall be shall be. There are thoughts of where I’m headed. Some may want to know. it’s better to just continue with the goals and movements. Although there are some wanting to take away God will restore. “There are some individuals wanting to control what God already declared.’ By: Tanikka Paulk.

There shall be movements and why shouldn’t there be any movements? The journey has been filled with all sorts of adversities. There are some thinking that they’re so powerful that they’re able to best God. No! God created mankind and how can mankind think that they’re above God? The ability to continue is such a joy. Yes indeed. To look where I’m headed has really caused further growth. There is more determination, more knowledge has been gained, more gratefulness. Amen!

I’m continuing to stand firm and believe that God will do what He said He would do. My brother Jesus Christ continues to walk with me=Tanikka Paulk on my journey. Thanking God for my brother Jesus. What a wonderful feeling to think that there will be movement from one place to another. “Where shall this that head?” Perhaps in a more stable environment where there is lots of love. I’m love but I’m speaking about the emotion. Every person needs love.

“Love is Love right?” (Tanikka Paulk). Look! What are some really viewing? There is thankfulness at this house. Soon there will be the greatest transformation. I’m continuing to seek the abundantly path. There will be blessings so that others can live in prosperity. Hope is here and what is she going to do next? They’ll have to wait and see. Let there be more movements so that others can experience what so many desire to experience. “Bravery is a choice and some refuse to allow themselves to experience bravery because of their thoughts.(Tanikka Paulk).

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The joy of Calmness Within the Mind

There is peace obtained by blocking out the noise. No person has to take in what’s being said. There will be some communications which hold value and there will be some words removed because they’re dysfunctional. “In order to proceed joyfully there are the needs to think positively.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Some could be focusing on the areas in which there will be no progression. If what’s being said isn’t adding any value then why take what’s being said in? There’s so much to discover and so many ways to obtain peacefulness. There are so many continuously thinking that their rights are to cause disturbances. No!

My yes remain focused on the glory! I’m where I Tanikka Paulk am today because of God. Yes that’s right. God the Father of Jesus Christ. No matter how many waves are clashing there is calmness in the sea. How many consider the best ways to generate peace? There are some rarely experiencing peace because of their though process. The negatives will be generated but there should be ways to experience peacefulness. To be focused on what will generate prosperity is better than focusing on the negatives. I’m continuing for many reasons.

There is hopefulness and there is a smile because I’ve been chosen to walk this journey. Yes, there are so many who have tried to take away my dreams, they’ve focused on areas which isn’t their business at all. There will be continued discoveries and I’m exploring. “The seeking continues.” (Tanikka Paulk) To be able to obtain joyfulness is truly a blessing. The words spoken have added some value and there are some words which could’ve been left inside the mouths of others.

To go into meditation is what is needed. There are ways to just sit and ponder on the many blessings given. What’s chosen for me=Tanikka Paulk isn’t chosen for all. My journey doesn’t belong to every person. They’ve tried to cause mind disturbances but I’ve chosen to be at peace. There are so many powerful words to read and view. There is still movement and I’m focusing on what truly matters. “There is hope here and I’m so happily continuing.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There is sunshine after every storm.

No matter where I’m placed, there is joy, I’ve spoken to my Father, and i’m aware just what He has for me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve been attacked and perhaps I’ve irritated some by continuing but there is grace and glory. The journey has been given and I’m receiving. There will be more joy obtained when the abundance arrives. No matter what mankind does> God send the favor. Oh yes indeed. I’m favored. The path was designed before my arrival and I’m on the path right now. Thanks.

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The United States and the Behaviors

Perhaps the United States isn’t stern when it comes to punishments and by allowing so many to continue to be disorderly the country will continue to suffer declines. What I’ve noticed is that there’s so many longing for attention. Perhaps that’s why so many commit the crimes they’re continuously committing. “How can a country become whole when there’s so many unwilling to be cooperative?” (Tanikka Paulk. Could stricter laws prevent individuals from being disorderly? There should at least be stronger “leadership” and law enforcement agencies willing to enforce the laws.

My journey is riddled with individuals lacking understanding some continuously cause disruptions. There should be more focus on creating a more stabilized economy so that the chaos could cease. To be able to be composed when facing so many disorderly persons is truly a skill. Really it isn’t easy having to deal with cynics especially on a daily basis. The prison rate will increase because there’s so many criminals. Perhaps if there were more enforcement then there would be less committing crimes. The crime rate increases when there’s less “enforcement.”

if the persons are allowed to continue their behaviors then that’s what they’ll do. If there are little to no enforcement then they’ll continue to become even more disorderly. “Just observe” and notice how some behave. To think that an entire country could be so out of control is amazing. What they’re failing to realize is that they’re ruining the futures. There are so many unwilling to accept certain leaderships. They’ll go against the grain instead of trying to unify. “The United States is Proven to be an Out of Controlled Country.” (Tanikka Paulk).

What will they do next? It appears as though there is no reasoning with the individuals. No matter what’s projected they’ll always disagree. There has to be some good around? Indeed there is and certainly there has to be more willing to advocate. There’s way too many injustices within the United States. There should be focus on what connecting. They’ll even dispute diversity. There are thoughts of creating a better society, country, and communities. What has been promised haven’t received any effort.

Persons willing to make the efforts to create a stronger society are the ones demonstrating true courage. Too many continue to try to disrupt progress instead of trying to create togetherness. There’s so much bickering. There’s more chatter “about a leadership position” and whom should hold the position. Too many unwilling to accept the choices made. The country needs to receive proper attention. Allowing the destruction to continue will only cause an Nation to crumble. There has to be further developments and the enforcement must occur.

My Position Hasn’t Been Accepted but I’m Unwilling to Give in.

“The Employer Of The United States and Worldwide=Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk Employer Of The United States and Worldwide=Tanikka Paulk

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“In Order to Hold a Leadership Position There has to be Some Agreeing of the Position Positions.” (Tanikka Paulk)





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The joy of Finding Peace Through Spiritual Meditation

When one comes across chaotic environments there will need to be outlets in which peace can be found. In order to keep sane there should be areas in which peace is developed. So many could be having difficulties obtaining peace due to having to deal with so many problems. No person should have to deal with problematic events everyday. There are some continuously finding that they’re experiencing storm after storm. “There will be problems while here but problems can fade and there must be patience while going through the trials.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are so many without understanding, and that’s why they’re without peacefulness, perhaps the line of thinking should be transformed. I’m finding peace through “The Word of God.” Praying and continuing to understand my path helps to generate peacefulness. Although there’s the chaos. I’m still continuing to smile and proceed with my purpose. God has planned and designed my purpose and although mankind continues to try and disrupt my journey. “I’m proceeding gladly.” By: (Tanikka Paulk).

Yes they’ll try to disrupt the journey I’m on. My praises go to God the Father of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ. I’ve found my peace and hoping others find theirs. There is hope and I’m continuing to make progress because of God/Lord which is the same. No man can defeat God or become God. There are so many continuing to take God’s place and they’ll find that they’re unsuccessful. Peace can be found by transforming the mind. The “Love” (Tanikka Paulk is here.  “What are so many disturbed about?” (Tanikka Paulk). What a good question.

Perhaps some are having difficulties accepting and without the acceptance and understanding. The persons will continue to find that their minds are disturbed. I’m a believer in God and Jesus Christ. I’ve found that mankind can create many wars but how willing will mankind be when it comes to creating peace? There will be a time when the problems will come to a complete cease. There will be moving on to another place. While I’m here I’m going to continue to find what God has offered me=Tanikka Paulk.

There is joyfulness knowing that God has declared my purpose. God has already spoken but how many are listening? There is fulfillment. My hands will clap singing and praising because I Tanikka Paulk know that God has favored me=Tanikka Paulk. There will be justice and God will see that the path comes together. What is said about me=Tanikka Paulk holds no weight. I’m too determined to move backwards. i’m focused on the ahead. Claps because I’m anointed and there has been the confirmation and confirmations. So many have felt the need to try and destroy me=Tanikka Paulk.

I’m still here and proceeding because God allows the movements. My prayer continues and the praying in a room will continue as long as I’m here on earth. The time has come when there will be the voice of ministering. The words spoken coming from my voice. What so many have done they’ll have to live with. I’m Life, Love, Time and so much more. Glory! Certainly I’m feeling victorious. What they though they were wrong. The challenges haven taken me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m proceeding because that’s what I’m suppose to do. That is me=Tanikka Paulk. God has spoken regarding this and that both Tanikka Paulk.

Yes I’ve been duplicated but I’m still finding the peace deserved. There are a lot of words spoken about me=Tanikka Paulk. The words can either create a stronger person or create weakness. The insults haven’t taken away my peace. There is hopefulness which so many have removed. There are reasons why so many feel the need to project hatefulness. Even when there’s the negatives I’m going to project love. Love, love, LOVE and love! Gracefully huh?

Life, LIFE, life. Life! LIFE!= Tanikka Paulk

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The Battle Between the Uncooperative Persons
February 26, 2018

How does some deal with persons being so disagreeable? Some may lose their cool when dealing with persons being so uncooperative. There seems to be no reasoning with individuals choosing to be difficult. There will be difficulties when pursuing a dream, passion, ideas but there seems to be disconnections when it comes to building. There are way too many unfocused. There seems to be so many refusing to accept whatever the person or person in “leadership” has to offer.  When attempting to access what is good there seems to be persons continuing to believe that they’re in a position to hinder what needs to occur.

There should be gladness when building. Building can create the best results. There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning with certain individuals. There are some wanting what they want and refuse to allow the processes to occur. “Thinking about establishing greater objectives and to continue with a purpose can result in what will create a more designed country.” By: Tanikka Paulk. To be exposed to persons unwilling to accept can certainly cause delays. It’s better to just proceed and at least make some attempts to communicate with the  persons. They’re not trying to achieve what needs to be achieved.

The purpose should continue so that the economy can become more stabilized. They’re focusing on the wrong things. There should be helping hands trying to accomplish goals which will result in qualities. Too many continue to sabotage and they should be considering what progression really means. To be apart of growth is so glorious. There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning with the persons. Although there are some disagreeing there will be continuous actions towards prosperity. “To prosper is good and why are so many refusing to accept the excelling?” Tanikka Paulk

Time isn’t standing still. Time continues to be apart of movements. The journey must continue in order to incur the necessities. There needs to be more cooperation within a Nation but unfortunately there seems to be the crowd refusing to back down. There needs to be space between the dysfunctions causing a tear down. What are they going to do when the buck stops? Causing setbacks won’t help any person pursue what’s necessary. There are actions occurring which offers the right directions. Stopping the dreams won’t help the persons in anyway.

What are they going to do when there the assistance ceases? How can any person assist when there is so much chaos? If they’re willing to allow the processes to occur then they’ll notice that there will be better results. Yes, it’s quite tiring when so many folks are trying to cause setbacks. Understanding can help persons deal with the many changes. Refusing to accept the person or persons chosen for leadership isn’t the best tactic. There will be actions continuing to occur no matter how many are unsettled by the discoveries. “Continuing.” (Tanikka Paulk).


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Should I be Dismayed by What has Occurred?????
October 19, 2017

For some they’ve discovered just how difficult it is to move in a certain direction. There is certainly adversity but there are so many who continuously try to project more adversity for certain individuals. Not sure why so many feel the need to try and make sure the economy becomes even more strained. Here’s a theory: There are a lot of people who are without confidence and who seem to be extremely insecure. How can one continue to move on a “upper level?” Go around the individuals by making moves in which they see and don’t see. What some may think is so may actually not be and what they may think isn’t may.

There are ways to make progress even when roadblocks have been set up! There is a reason why some go through more than others. There will be a coming of. Yes indeed. Too many believe that if they force individuals from getting ahead then they won’t. It’s certainly a a bad idea to keep coming after a person. The ones who continue to cause disruptions may find themselves in a position they’re to get out of. There are some who may not learn what it means “to be humble” until they’re placed in a strenuous situation. Trapped in a mindset in which they’ve produced on their own.

No amount of attacks should detour any person but of course some have given up because they’ve felt they’ve faced too much adversity. There will come a time when the persons who continuous come up against the “One” who is suppose to achieve further will find that they’ll face some of the most toughest challenges. Most are out to cause a mind to go bad. “To become” so sickened with negativity that there’s no way for the person or persons to continue on. That’s why it’s so important to pray for the mind. In order to have peace there has to be some modifications. “The Decision to Make Changes Which Will Help Create a Better State of Living.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

When they’re watching, they’ve recognized that there is greatness within, they’re aware that I’m chosen and filled with the gift otherwise persons don’t bother following mediocre. Not at all. There has to be a reason for the individuals to be on attack to be envious in “someway.” No matter what’s said or done each person who chooses to set off on a journey must understand that they’ll come across some of the most disturbed individuals and there has to be ways to deal with such persons. I (Tanikka Paulk) will continue because it’s obvious it’s God’s will.

Despite the setbacks and what so many continue to try to do. I’m still here for a reason and God has allowed me=(Tanikka Paulk) to proceed. No man or woman is in a position to become God and I’m no dismayed by what has occurred but disappointed of course. What some fail to understand that a lot of times the doors are opened to destruction by each individual who is apart of destroying. No matter how many claim that a person is the cause there are ways to go back to where “the door” was opened and it appears as if the door was opened when the breaches occurred.

Doesn’t seem very smart for individuals to be apart of a breach or breaches., Sounds as if there’s not too many thinkers. The thinkers would no better than to be apart of a breach but of course the ones who do not “care” about violating may not consider what they’ve done. Even the most educated individuals have taken  part. Doesn’t sound as if the educational part helped with their thinking. To be disturbed everyday may make some think that a person will be broken down within their mind. Devices are meant to be powered down. That’s what I (Tanikka Paulk) do. Power down and keep moving along.

What a time we’re facing, a time where there will be many changes, some welcomed while others will make some feel irritated. Too many stop advancing because of what so many continue to do. It’s the determination which helps so many carry on. What is designed for a person is so. What shall be shall be. No matter how many try to pull a person down. The will power and the “purposed” will continue on. So many will have to face battles and the battle is won through the word of God and keeping the “Full Armor of God” on.

The Journey Continues and That’s Right!” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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It’s the Greatness Which so Many Attack
October 14, 2017

We all should remember that no person will continuous be on attack if there’s no greatness involved. Individuals will not try to stop mediocre not at all. It’s the potential that causes so many to try an destroy persons. The very ones who are on “a mission” to excel are the ones who face the most hardships. Any person who continue to shine will draw attention from the envious. No matter how many times the attacks are projected the key is to continue on and remain strong.

Some may feel that attacking visionaries will incur what they’re looking for but so many continue to find out that they’ll receive some harsh punishments because they’re attacking persons who are “Called by God”. God the Father of Jesus Christ. Too many are “focused” on areas which can not improve society or countries. When so many are against movements then we’ll find a breakdown in systems which can help so many. It’s difficult of course for the persons who seek advancement.

The ones who are out destroy will find that they’ll have to face what could have been avoided had they left the person or persons alone. What shall be shall be. What some don’t understand is that the person who has been chosen for the position was chosen for a reason. If it takes armies of individuals to try and cause a take down then that’s indication of the person’s “position.” The strength that is within the person is too grand so therefore so many will try to black or prevent excelling because of their own insecurities.

No matter what’s said no person should feel intimidated. Rem,ember that bullies are disturbed and if they’re out to destroy then they’re sick within. Their minds are focused on wanting to see a decline instead of considering the outcomes. When coming up against certain individuals they’ll find that what they’re cherish most can be taken away. Too many believe that trying to wipe certain individuals out will help the persons who are trying to do so be “the lead.”

They’re way of thinking isn’t healthy nor is their way of thinking prosperous. No matter how much wealth the individuals have, there’s no happiness, if there was then they (meaning any group of people) wouldn’t have time to try and bring a person down. So many are focused on trying to pull down instead of up! We’ll find out who the real foes and friends are when the “journey continues.” The ones who may try to destroy are also the ones who will need the person or persons they’re trying to destroy.

All we have to do is read what’s in the Bible and find out that the very problems faced are within the Bible. The most anointed are the most attacked. The persons who lost so much end up gaining more. So when they’re trying to destroy think blessings. Soon enough the “breakthroughs” will occur. No person can be above God. God the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Perhaps some do so do to ignorance. Not willing to allow others to climb higher because of fear.

If any person wants to pursue “what is great” then they’re able to do so. It’s the way we think a lot of times that will cause a slowdown or stop what should occur. There should be individuals willing to make society better, to help communities grow, and to accomplish what so many have been afraid to accomplish. If we take a look at what Job experience then we’ll notice that it’s the strength and faith that has helped Job overcome what Satan was trying to cause. Job not only overcame bit Job was “blessed” with more than He has before.

When they’re constantly on attack then they’re intimidated. There’s a reason why so many will try to bring the vision down. Some may not like where the person is headed or are too distorted to realize that certain individuals reaching the top can help so many which really needs to occur. In due time they’ll realize that their actions aren’t worth what they’ll have to go through. “Keep Coming up Against the Anointed and Face the Severe Consequences.” By: (Tanikka Paulk) My Journey Isn’t Everyone’s Journey. Most Travel Alone Until Their Destination.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Offering Free Services can be Risky

Unfortunately not every person will appreciate “free” that’s right. There are some who aren’t very pleased when some choose to assist in someway. There are some who complain about anything which occurs. Assisting in anyway shouldn’t be stressful. For some they’ve been challenged and may not desire assisting at all. God wants every person to be a cheerful giver. Not ever person is in a position to assist in” someway.” Even the poor can help in some fashion. Some may not consider the ones who are less fortunate and may not want the individuals to be seen helping others.

If there are lots of people causing problems for the ones who are trying to help then the persons should consider assisting the ones who are appreciative. If there’s chaos presented when trying to offer services then the persons are assisting the wrong groups of people and should consider assisting the ones who are either in more need or who are grateful. If they’re trying to destroy the person or persons who are helping then the individuals should cease the assistance and move in a different “direction.” No person has to tolerate being abused when trying to help. A little help can go a long way.

There are way too many individuals who aren’t considerate of others. There are a lot who are simply disconnected. Some have found that some individuals will become very disorderly when they’re either shining or helping a certain group of people. Help one group and the group will become mad and vice versa. No matter what one does there will always be complaints. Can’t please everyone. Trying to do so will cause fatigue and if they’re not appreciating the services then” it’s time to move on.”

There are some who can really benefit from free services. Some may be on a budget and really need the “free.” For some reason free anything at all may cause some to behave disorderly. It’s not a good idea to stay in environments which are filled with chaos too long. If the persons aren’t in need or perhaps simply not satisfied with the help then there is no need to linger on in the area. Too many people have complained about receiving flack because they’ve tried to assist in someway.

Not fair at all but there’s so many personalities to deal with and sometimes some become very irritated. Some may want to receive more attention then the next so therefore may start to act out. If a person is finding that they’re becoming stressed when trying to help then the person should move on and help in areas where there’s a greater need. There’s no need to be stressed when helping. For some they may become stressed when working on a job which requires a lot of demands. Free shouldn’t be like a migraine.

The risks involved include dealing with some very disrespectful individuals. Some may project threats or try to discourage the persons offering the assistance. If individuals are in disagreement then they’ll try to cause all sorts of problems. It’s so sad to hear when some have to go through so many dramatic experiences because some do not know how to behave. Free services need to be discontinued if the persons are being abused, harassed, and bullied in anyway.

“It’s (Tanikka Paulk) and I’m not Going to Tolerate the Bullying, Harassment, or  the Disrespect. Can Help Elsewhere. That’s Right!” By: (tanikka paulk)


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