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Budget Trip Includes Emergency Funds
March 23, 2017

For the adventurous traveler needs to take the time to budget their trip, they needed to include the emergency funds. We can never tell what will happen along the course of traveling. It takes a matter of being so ready enough during the travel escapade can never be wrong. It is better to be ready at all times.

Backpackers should take note of this. It is not also good to tighten the budget by just eating light food. This is not the healthy way of enjoying the trip from one country to another. It should always be ready whatever the cause maybe. “Emergency funds” can make them secure and nothing to worry about for the situations of “what if.” “What if” cannot save you in the time of danger.

There are some instances that some backpackers will work in certain places and continue to travel to another place. It seems realistic during the old days. But then, I think it is not possible nowadays. They should remember that traveling to a foreign land is not easy. It takes a lot of challenges and considered the best adventure for every traveler around the globe. But, we still need to keep safe.

An emergency fund is the best priority in traveling. You can get the extra fund for emergency purposes. Sometimes, it is also part of being organized in everything. This is also ideal if traveling with the family. We don’t want to make the traveling stressful instead of enjoying the travel time with the family. That’s the reason why we need to have extra money in the form of “emergency funds.”

Some travel experiences had been reported for a couple of times. Their possessions had stolen along with the process of traveling. How can they pull through the rest of the days of travel adventure? It is also shameful in asking reinforcement from the family or relatives for money while you are on the other side of the world.

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would like to go to Israel for a vaction
March 22, 2017

This is were I like to go for vacation if I ever have the money to go over seas I like to visit Israel. Why would I like to visit Israel
one since I am Jewish I kind of have a calling to visit it but at this time I do not have the money to afford to go to Israel as of right now my Hebrew for talking is not that good it ok for prayers but I rally like to me more to be able to speak it clear it case I meet a cute single lady hey I am single that one reason I want to visit Israel the second reason it full of history I like to visit the country . Some people say it to dangerous to visit but those people some are the one that are trying to boycott everything made in Israel other are just afraid of every thing I think US is more dangours. I know people and cousins who go Israel all most every year including Rabbis with no problems
I know some people might say I like there so much that I might want to stay that is a possblity but I could not bring my hot dog cart with me lol . Now if I meet my future wife in the us then Israel will be a good place for a honeymoon that other way to visit it and have fun to I think I might have cousin over there I know who the person is they do not know that I am a cousin So there a possible place to stay I am friend with that person on face book .the second country I like to visit is perth city autsrial I had a pen lady there who got me very much interest in that city it look like a nice place to vacation I think I need to wind the lottery to do this. Now there is other way to with out winning the lottery run for a state office and try to get to DC were people can go all over the place Then I would have the money to do it.Ok that it for now.

My memorable visit to Taj mahal
March 22, 2017

Few months back I have went to Agra to see one of the seven wonders of world The Taj Mahal, which is situated in the India. It is symbol of love, as Mulgal Akbar for his beloved wife Mumtaz.

In fact that was the my first trip by my own to any new city, so I choose visit Agra first.

It was my first visit to Taj Mahal and it was memorable journey.I will never forget my visit to Taj Mahal.

We all know that is the Taj Mahal is the seven wonders of world.

You can easily find some good & budgetary hotels with all facilities to make your stay comfortable.

Till my visit I had just seen the pictures of Taj Mahal in magazine or in internet or Newspapers. I have heard people praising beauty & the about it in schools & colleges. Everybody knows about the Taj Mahal little bit although not everybody has visited it the physically. You can tell that Taj Mahal is most recognizable structures of the world. And The excitement of seeing Taj Mahal by my own eyes is so high that after reaching Agra I can not wait to visit the beautiful monument.

And it is very easy to move around in Agra has per my experience because, when I got out to explore wonderful city of love with my friends I feel that all rickshaw driver are eager to take us as their customers. I do not understand that being a tourist is special thing or just anything else, but I was feeling special.And Although we decided to travel by shuttle buses which are free service to reach Taj Mahal and we thought will be the much more comfortable then auto rickshaw.And But when the shuttle bus arrived we experience real struggle to get seat. We get swarmed towards the bus it gets really the pushy as we all a push each other. It was little hustle bustle but at end it was fun.

When bus enters the courtyard of Taj Mahal suddenly level of excitement increase within all of us & again there was a rush towards the door to get down. I & my friends stayed back for little while then we proceed to get down.

The first thing which I have notice while waking towards huge gate is beautiful white structure in front of me. The picture which I have seen in post cards & magazines have come live right ahead & I can see it by my own eyes. And That movement is truly memorable, for some the time we wandered beautiful Mughal gardens. Eventually we all proceed towards monolith to explore the Taj in more detail. The carving is so minuet & beautiful that you just mesmerizer into it, there were stone patterns on walls, flowers frescoes. When we have finish exploring beautiful Taj Mahal from inside & from outside, we had towards garden again and even find nice place to sit around for while with my friend. I & my friends liked outer view more than inner inside. surrounding near Taj makes monument more magical and far more stunning from the outside.

I am still very much enamoured with wonderful view of Taj Mahal.And We waited there till sunset over Taj, which we watched from lawn itself just outside of Taj Mahal. Overall visit of Taj Mahal was wonderful experience. I will surely remember my trip to Agra for my lifetime.

Hope you like my blog & surely plan a holiday with your family & friends to this wonderful city to witness beauty of Taj Mahal.

To know more history more one should visit historical buildings.And It gives us knowledge of period and age in which it was built. We know more about kings who made them, rather than reading in books. Of all the places none has impressed me so much as Taj Mahal at Agra. I can easily call it love poem in marble. The Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, in living memory of his queen, Mumtaz Mahal.

And It stands on right bank of river Yamuna at Agra. It is built of pure white marble & looks magnificent on a full moon night. Once Taj Mahal was one of Seven Wonders of World. Still it is one of most beautiful buildings of world. One day with my uncle I wished to see building. We saw view of Taj Mahal from train at a distance.

It looked grand and impressive.

There are many beautiful & worth seeing historical places in India. But Taj Mahal of Agra is most beautiful of all.

It is dream in marble. The vision cast spell over me. It stood in unique majesty. What fine lay out indeed.

This is what one could say on spot. It looked white on all sides.green tufts of glass & the green shoots of hot Cyprus trees adorned it is majestic beauty. And Nature’s beauty made the ground of building look all more beautiful.

And as god is there to bestow nature’s beauty, & man’s hand is there to create wonderful pieces of art & architecture. How could man be so perfect in working out minute details of art? & I am full of wonder even now. & I can still see the beauty of Taj with my mind’s eye, if at all I desire so. Wheat great beauty man could create!

Beautiful Taj Mahal was built about three hundred & fifty years ago by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, in memory of his beloved queen, Mumtaj.

People specially visit to Taj Mahal on full moon night.They say that on full night Taj Mahal looks more beautiful.

And there is double fees to enter on full moon night.

Overall, India is an amazing place to visit secular to core with mosques, temples, churches & the gurdwaras co existing and open to all. And From metros to malls, from high street fashion & fast cars to abject poverty, India has diversity few nations can claim.
However, and with all this diversity, India also has uncanny ability of making one feel at home..

Selfies And The Risk They Pose To Life Due To Carelessness Of People
March 22, 2017


Credit image share to priceonomic.com russian-selfie-guide.jpg

This is the mobile age and everything is done at the touch of a button. There are many good things which a mobile or a cell phone provides its user’s with. The only thing is that whatever technology is at hand is also supposed to be handled the way it should be. And that only one way ‘The safe way”.  While majority of the people using mobiles follow the procedure which is required to handle this technology in a safe way. There are always the others who have a carefree attitude towards life and the same continues when they handle technology of mobile. Here are a few ways how this technology of mobiles should not be used to take the selfie’s. While there is a craze for anything new and different one should not go overboard in using it in a risky way. Many people have also addicted to take selfie’s for no rhyme or reason. Let us evaluate how a good technology is misused.


Many of the youth happen to go on drives where they find railway tracks on the way or they wait at a railway station to catch a train. Some of these youth try to take selfies of themselves or their friends while standing on the tracks which is a very risky proposition. This is observed especially in the case of youngsters and they happen to be the majority of the victims of a train hitting them as they stand on the tracks without any worry and end up losing their lives.


Some of the tourists stand on the stones on the seashore where the picture is scenic and they feel like taking a selfie. When they are involved in this process standing in the background of the sea. Due to change in tide patterns sometimes a big tides comes and drags them inside the waters of the sea or ocean and majority of these youngsters again do not know how to swim properly and end up drowning. It has also happened that someone who once rescued two such people unfortunately drowned himself trying to save them. This could have been totally avoided had these people been careful and cautious.


In some cases it so happens that the rocks which are there on the shore of the sea or ocean also form a nice background for pictures to be taken and here again selfie craze takes over. It so happens that either the person taking the picture or the person whose picture is being taken happens to drown and again these are people who are less than thirty years of age or are mostly teenagers. In this case the reason for drowning is that either the waves pull them down or there is growth of algae in the waters and the rocks are slippery and this makes them slip and fall into the waters. These sort of incidents too have taken place in the country.


Generally we like to stand on a building as especially if the building is a skyscraper it gives a panoramic view of the surroundings. Obviously people with mobiles with a good camera would want to take a selfie. In this it so happens that in the process of trying to get a good picture both the person taking the picture and the one whose picture is being clicked are involved in the process and all their attention is involved in it. The person who picture is being clicked moves back a little when asked to do so for a good photo. But unfortunately both do not know he has already reached the end of the wall and the parapet wall is not too high and trips and fall down and loses his life. A little care and caution could have saved a person from losing his life.


There are instances where people want to be photographed wildlife on the background in the zoo’s while this is not encouraged or allowed. The reach inside the barricade which is there for safety of the visitors which is a punishable crime and over and above reach the end of the moat too where wildlife is there. The wall of the moat in the zoo is very small this is because the visitors can have a better view of the wildlife. These people fall into the enclosure and end up being eaten by wildlife or at injured badly in the process even if their life is saved. Here sheer carelessness and over enthusiasm played a key role in triggering the accident.


It has also been the case where students who are too adventurous went in to sands of an empty dam where it was all dry sand and the reason they went there was to take a selfie again. This time they went deep inside the dried up lake bed as there was a rock which was there and they wanted to stand on it and get a few pictures clicked. These were engineering students on a study tour. Unfortunately the dam which was situated nearby opened the floodgates and all of a sudden the place was flood with water from the dam and more than 15 students lost their lives. Many bodies were not traced. That particular college even now does not conduct any educational tours after this incident. These students were also warned by the teachers accompanying not to go their but they did no listen due to the selfie craze. Many bright lives got snuffed out.


Sometimes police constables are alloted the duty of taking pictures of traffic jumping the line at the signal or other such places. Basically they are performing their duty with the mobile by taking selfie and loading the same to the website. Some times to get a proper picture of the number they end up moving on the road where heavy traffic is there and have been hit by vehicles on the road and lost their lives. It was totally avoidable. And the traffic police could have adopted better methods to capture this traffic crime by the rider in a safer way. So that lives likes these can be saved.


There are also cases where people who were tourists and were wanting to click selfies also have fallen from the boat on which they were standing when the photo was being clicked. This happened due to movement of the boat due to water and small waves. It also so happens that at that particular moment the boat is turning which makes people lose balance and either fall in the water and drown as they do not know how to swim or they fall inside and have grievous injuries on the head.


What this goes to show that technology was not at fault, but  the people who were using them were the ones who were not responsibly using them. While taking selfies is not bad, whatever one sets out to do should be done in a safe way, so that loss to life of self and of others does not take place.  The interesting thing is majority of the people happen to be youngsters and they do this when elders  and family are not around. There is a sense of freedom which they want to enjoy but they do not understand that freedom too comes at a price and if misused costs have to be paid in the form of ones life. These sort of incidents happen regularly, but the sad part is once the incident is over in  a few days people tend to forget it. Till something else happens. Public memory is very short and it extracts a price every time these incidents are forgotten.

How travelling makes you a better person
March 21, 2017

Traveling makes you healthy in both physical and mental ways. Traveling keeps you younger and healthier. During the olden days, before the invention of motor vehicles, people used to travel a lot by walk covering very long distances. It took them like weeks and even months to reach the destination. That walking kept them healthy. But the present generation is more likely to be in their homes playing video games, social media etc. When you travel to a place it helps you to reduce stress and makes you feel better. Especially activities like hiking, camping will be more refreshing as we will be connected with nature which helps us to regain a new form. We will be more interacting with the nature eating fresh fruits, drinking clean water, breathing clean air and much more. In addition to that, we will be a thousand miles away from those busy sounds of the city and listen to the sounds of the flow of water in the river, sunshine, birds chirping etc.

Traveling has a great influence on your personality too. Since you meet a lot of new people you will be exposed to different situations which help to get new friends. Also meeting different people we will get new experiences in life situations. New places mean new culture. The new culture is a rich knowledge. Their lifestyle, dressing, mindset, language, food, etc. Everything is knowledge. You will be able to view life in a different perspective. Traveling also helps in time management. Meeting new people and sharing their life experience helps us to cultivate some new habits. Traveling a lot makes you be spontaneous and take things lightly. You will reduce freaking out and be cool in difficult situations. Also, you can see that you will be slowly moving out of your comfort zone which is a good thing to achieve goals. It is interesting to find that traveling improves your creativity and you will become smarter. So as you can see that travel makes you a better person. So, travel a lot, my fellow travelers.


Shopping in market of agra
March 21, 2017

Summer holidays,Always bring feeling of joy & zing. This summer, I decided to explore historic City of Taj, Agra.

Every transport reaches there but it’s best to the travel in train, which we boarded from Delhi. AC Shatabdi express leave both from the New Delhi & Nizamuddin stations at 6a.m. reaching at 8:40a.m., saving whole day for sight seeing.

Though, there is an Agra Kheria airport, 7km from city centre, as well as bus transport at the Agra fort bus station, from where you can get the taxi, autorickhsaw or cycle rickshaw, costing you between the 20 to 200 bucks as your tour requires.

From railway station we took prepaid taxi paying Rs.120 in advance to take us to the Hotel Mughal Sheraton. It was breezy experience with picturesque views of nature in way from Cannt to Mughal Sheraton.

It was red brick luxury hotel amid serene gardens & elegant interiors.We had booked two rooms as my family consisted of four people.rooms available were small as well huge, we preferred small & cozy, which had a swimming pool outside the room itself.

And The bath was exquisite experience with Jacuzzi attached in bathroom. And other activities included were games like tennis, badminton and mini golf while for kids there was puppet show to enjoy.

It was afternoon & lunch was on our heads. For eating & drinking there are many places nearby if you do not want to have it in your stay hotel. Dasaprakasha, & for south Indian lovers is a must place to eat. Only restaurant on mall road has all type of cuisine with lively music.

Park’ in Sadar Bazaar is great place for family to enjoy food. Kwality & Pinch of Spice are restaurants of taste & pricey grub. Though, there are many cafés & the small eat aways too, including the contemperory fast food centres like Pizza Hut, and Domino’s, Mc donalds,and Costa Coffee, Café Coffee Day.

We chose restaurant Park which serves Indian, continental & Chinese food. We had great time jumping on food, as we were hungry.And My brother particularly liked the Chinese cuisine there.

It was time for most favoured activity by women that is shopping. Sadar bazaar is ideal place for shopping but here you will find expensive marble stone & inlay works. So one has to be careful while purchasing. There are sprawling shops of gemstones to big emporiums.

If you ca not afford here you can visit old town area. Kinari bazaar has mad traffic but it sells an everything from textiles to fruits.

If you luckily visit city during 18th to 27th February, surely go for festival held at Shilpgram,culture festival with ethnic touches, cheap for shopping, full of ethnicity.Moreover, with the music & dance shows by eminent personalities make evening pleasurable.

After shopping, we had to bid an adieu to Agra which made our holiday wonderful as we had three days to spend. And Fourth day, we checked out from hotel paying our cheques.And feeling of sadness took over me that I have to leave that place but everything has to come to an end to give the rise to new experience.

Manikaran – A revered place for Hindus and Sikhs
March 21, 2017


Located at the Parvati Valley along the banks of river Parvati in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Manikaran is a famous pilgrimage place at an altitude of 1760 meters. It is located at a distance of about 40 km from Bhuntar. This small town is frequently visited by the tourists who are on their way to Manali. Manikaran is famous for its gurudwara and hot springs. There is also an experimental geothermal energy plant at Manikaran.

I had a brief stop over at Manikaran while returning from Manali and I was completely enchanted by the beautiful landscapes enroute. You can find many hippies camping along the river reveling in the beauty of nature.

Manikaran is frequented by Hindus and Sikhs alike. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Manu recreated human life at this place after the flood and that is the reason for its religious importance. It has beautiful temples of Lord Rama and Lord Shiva. Manikaran also has a famous gurudwara making it a revered place for Sikhs. It’s beautiful location, scenic beauty, hot-water springs and religious shrines makes it quite popular among the tourists.

The hot water springs of Manikaran have healing powers. The water is extremely hot and is considered auspicious . People take a dip at the hot water springs of Manikaran to get the benefit of it’s curative powers.

Manikaran is said to be a complete pilgrimage in itself. It is said that one need not visit Kashi (the most auspicious place) after visiting Manikaran.

Religious Significance

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati dropped one of her earrings in the valley while taking a stroll with Lord Shiva. Shesha Nag (the Serpent deity) got hold of the earring and vanished into the Earth along with it. This angered Lord Shiva and he performed Tandava which scared Shesha Nag and he shot the earring up throught the water to escape Shiva’s wrath. The local people say that jewels used to be thrown up in the hot waters of Manikaran till the 1905 earthquake.

The place is considered sacred by the Sikhs as Guru Nanak Dev ji, the first Sikh Guru came to Manikaran in 1574 along with Bhai Mardana, his staunch follower.  Bhai Mardana was hungry and so he was sent by Guru Nanak to collect food to cook langar. He came back with flour but there was no fire to cook the food. Guru Nanak asked Mardana to lift a stone and on doing so, a hot spring appeared underneath.  Bhai Mardana rolled chapattis and put it in the spring as per Guru Nanak’s instructions but they kept sinking. Guru Nanak asked Bhai Mardana to pray saying that if the chapattis don’t sink then he would donate one chapatti in his name. When Bhai Mardana sincerely prayed then all the chapattis started floating and they were duly baked. Guru Nanak said that whosoever will donate at this place in the name of God, his drowned items will float back.

Yet another legend tells the story of Goddess Parvati’s lost mani at this place. Lord Shiva became furious when he was unable to retrieve the lost mani and started performing tandava. Fearing grave consequences, the demi gods pleaded to Shesha Nag to pacify Lord Shiva. Shesh Nag hissed with a thunder giving rise to a fountain of boiling water which resulted in the emergence of precious gems and the lost mani at Goddess Parvati’s feet. The place derives its name from this legend.


 image credit:https://pixabay.com/en/globe-world-earth-planet-1339833/

how to know the bad hotel before you book at
March 19, 2017

many of you do reviews and read about opinions about where ever they go, like if you are flying to Turkey you will go online to find reviews abou tthe city or the mall you are going to, if yo uare going to use one airline, you will go find out what the people say about it so you are sure going to choose the one that will make you happy and relax.

some people also read reviews about hotels and see the photos in the sites such as tripadvisor, opinion, and booking, trivago, agoda and lots of site so you know that you are choosing the right hotel that is clean, make you happy, relax, comfortable and close to the area where you need to shop or walk or see good places.

but some organizations try to fool us; they pay some writers and some staff to write good reviews about them and some writing sites like tripadvisor also dont post all the bad comments; that is from experience they didnt approve my review about a hotel; what does that tells you.

so as I booked lots of hotels while in vacation I found some things that told me I was wrong and the time I am good in going to that or that area and hotel.


How to choose the right hotel

Good hotels will put many photos out side the hotel showing the building and its surrounding, showing the rooms from many angles and each room type is going to have photo

on the other hand the bad hotel, going to show you few photos, half of the building sometimes, few photos for the room or bathrooms.

Good hotels will not ask you for credit card info from the time you book and force you to pay in advance

bad hotel will immediately cut from your credit card why? they are afraid you will see the room, hear the noise or discover the dirty out dated sheet, that is why they want your money immediately so you can not get it back

bad hotels will not allow you to cancel one to two weeks before your date of booking

good hotels will give you the time to cancel two days before you booking days, because they know they are good and hard to find nicer hotel.

Hope these tips help you in choosing the hotel that will make your trip weather business or leisure happy trips

Have you cooked in a hotel room with small oven
March 17, 2017

have you ever tried to reduce the money that you spend when you travelling buy doing your own food in a hotel

i tried once and it worked, hotels and im not talking about high standard hotels like Meredian or Rotana.

have you tried it, even small hotels in slam areas are so pricey, so what to do if you hae to stay in a hotel if you need to travel wether for job or holiday. i guess its not bad idea to cook few small. i mean like boiling macroni, frying eggs or boiling the, making soup or even boil some food to eat with boilied wice,

i went once to a hotel where i was good in cooking some food and that didnt really cost half the price of the foos that the hotels serve, they do cheat when they add more money for more small bottle of water, or when you are couple and they give you one small bottle of water, or when you ask for one spoon of coffee at the middle of the night or if you have to ask them for  hours to put the heater on to save power, or when you have to suffer with dirty room as they have nothing to do with cleanleness

of God they are horrible and you feel you want to revenge from them at least by cooking your own foods. have you ever gals tried it or even thought of it before?

hope some are crazy as me or wise to save money on things that would nt harm

please tell us your opinion and tell us if you do have other ideas for saving your money when you travel due to have to not due to joy.

last but not least travelling with kids is super pricey due to that they dont understand pricey nor unpricey things you need to give them whwat they want



Gastronomic Adventure Is On While Traveling
March 17, 2017

Traveling is the best way to experience by travelers. Adventure is what makes them do such passion. The travelers have this distinct interest in food while exploring certain areas or places. The camera on hand is so handy in taking photos of food served in a small or big restaurant. If the food trippers are not so delicate, they can even try street or strange foods available. That’s the reason why some bloggers had all the photos and descriptions of these.

There are some strange foods that can be seen. Different reactions were being expressed by the travelers. Gastronomic adventure is the best experience. If a person had tried it, then he or she can relate to what’s the local people are describing. You might believe that a stream of people going to the places that offer strange foods such as grilled frogs’ legs, chicken feet, frozen pig blood, intestines of chicken, insects and the like. It is up to you if you dare to eat it.

Of course, there are always some options. You can try or not eat strange food. It can also call an exotic food. Travelers can just take photos or taste it. Either way, it is still a good experience to know certain places and what the local people can offer. Asian countries can offer these foods on plates or even pierce with sticks. It might sound gross but that’s the reality.

The most important thing is to know how the food was being prepared. We need also to secure our health in eating foreign food. If not, then there will be a chance that he or she might suffer certain illnesses. For food bloggers, they can take the risk but suffer the consequences. To be safe, it is better to eat in a restaurant. The food preparation is delicate enough and it follows the requirements imposed by the health agency.

Image Credit: pixabay.com