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What animal attraction do you think is more fun?
April 20, 2017

Most children dreamed to be always visiting the nearby zoos in their respective places. It would also be nice if a child had close contact with the wild animals. Of course, it would not be possible. There is a possibility that the wild animals will be agitated and can harm people. The fun time will be in a tragic accident and some news had reported that some children were being attacked and killed by the wild animals. Thus, parents should always guide and protect their children. They shouldn’t feel comfortable that the place is safe and secure.

In Bangkok, there are some monkeys scattered in the area. Some tourists will feel so amazed that they can be able to have a close encounter with the monkeys. The monkeys were so delighted seeing the people and bumming off food to them. It would be a great adventure. Of course, we have to be cautious in feeding them. These monkeys might freak out and attacked the person who is willingly giving some food. At this point, there is no report of any accidents happened in Bangkok. Most of these monkeys are the high population in Pattaya Island.

Nowadays, Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations. Most of the tourists flock to the country to witness the beautiful places and wild animals sprawling in the area. Summer vacation is the best time for them to explore the country. It cannot be denied that people from different countries had their reservation to explore the beautiful country.

An adventurous person can never let it pass of not experiencing this kind of opportunity. Traveling is the best way to escape from being busy and work hard. It is also a reward for them to be. The worth of being an explorer as a tourist in certain countries, wild animals would always be there and taking photos will capture the best travel for them.

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PMPC Health Staff in Khujand
April 18, 2017

The volunteer had an opportunity to travel to PMPC Khujand to share the therapeutic exercises that they can be used as additional techniques in treating children with impairments or disabilities. The mentoring activity with the PMPC Staff, particularly with PMPC Physiotherapist was done in the morning followed by the seminar training session in the afternoon last July 18 – 22, 2011. A social worker is closely worked with the PMPC physiotherapist during weekdays and the clients were properly scheduled for treatment by them.

The last 21st of July 2011, the training in PMPC Khujand was moved to another venue, the PMPC Staff (physiotherapist and social worker) prompted to invite the volunteer to visit Dehmoy based on their weekly schedule and served as their social responsibility. It is estimated 24 of cerebral palsy were catered in Dehmoy. The two PMPC Staff usually visit the place twice in a week. It was started when a VSO social worker volunteer placed in Dehmoy last 2010, requested them to provide rehabilitation services. Due to time constraints, it was agreed to limit the quantity of children with cerebral palsy (total of 6) and prioritize those who are considered in a state of poor prognosis as compared with the others. Based on PMPC health staff experience, they claimed that providing rehabilitation services is limited due to lack of manpower. The staffs in Dehmoy don’t have the capacity to provide such rehabilitation care, the informant claimed that the staffs in Dehmoy were trained to provide rehabilitation services. The PMPC health staff encourages them to participate during their treatment session, but the Dehmoy Staff at some point refused for an additional responsibility. Basically, the staff in Dehmoy provides the basic needs such as proper hygiene, shelter, food, medicine, etc. But the rehabilitation care was not included in their regimen. The outcome if it will continue without interventions, the condition will still be in status quo.

During the session with the PMPC health staff in Dehmoy, a 9 years old boy was roaming around the vicinity. This child is ambulatory with limping gait, alert, coherent, cooperative and no signs of learning disabilities. Upon having conversations, the child out spoke that her mother brought him to the internat and showed grievances to his present situation, claiming he should not be in Dehmoy. According to the informant, the parent of the child had a document indicating that he is disabled. The impression was obviously vague in terms of re-evaluating the child if it is really a disabled.

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The Simple Practical Ways to Find Directions
April 18, 2017

When traveling to another state or places, it is better to know the facts from the internet. It wouldn’t hurt you for surfing the internet. You don’t need to buy some books in the bookstore. That’s the dilemma of this shop. Internet became their competitor in gaining profit. Surfing the internet is free of access provided by an internet service provider (ISP).

We can never tell the future upon arrival in certain places. Being naïve is not an excuse if we were able to offend the local people. At times, it can create tension and can lead to misunderstanding. That’s the reason why it is advisable to know certain places before traveling. Safety is the most concern of traveler. It cannot be denied that some travelers are the risk taker. For some reason, it is their way of being the best adventure.

While on travel, it is inevitable that we might get lost. But then, we still need to know the simple ways to find directions. As much as possible, we need to figure out how to find the specific locations. If not, then there are some simple practical ways to do it.

  1. Maps

We are in the modern world now. Most of our mobile phones or any available modern gadgets have the special features of GPS and maps. It is the best tool to find directions. However, the disadvantage of this can lead to drainage of the battery. It would be difficult to find charging station or power bank is also a good option.


  1. Ask the Local People

This is an option that we need to be careful. We can never trust easily people in certain areas. We just need to be vigilant on choosing the right local person in gaining information to find a particular destination.


  1. Ask a Policeman

It is always the best protocol to ask a policeman in finding directions. But then, some policemen are not available in certain areas. They can be trusted and no reason for doubting about it. However, we still need to be discreet in asking information from them.


  1. Call a Friend

If you are in certain areas that have acquainted friend, then it is better to ask assistance from them. In the long run, you had been close relationship during the trip. It is most likely that they will give exact directions.


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Travel Watch: The Church of Saint Barbara(Kutna-Hora) in Czech Republic
April 17, 2017

Why Travel?

Traveling is something that enlightens- it helps us understand how people live in various places. We are made aware of various cultures. Often we discover how people in other regions of our country, or in other parts of world live, and how much difference is there in our and their lives.
Yet Travel also let us figure out how many of the things are similar in our way of living.
Many such similarities are in the way people show their faith in the powers above us.
Be it different temples, mosques, churches or Gurudwaras or other places of worship, we are shown how people do different things to pray to the God(s).

Travel Time check: The Church of Saint Barbara- Kutna-Hora in Czech Republic

I am fond of Travel shows on TV. Sometimes, they could be boring and predictable. Sometimes, the style looks quite repetitive and not much enjoyable.
However, I look beyond the host, the background score, or the camera work.

What I look towards are the real places- seeing some of them sometimes has a calming effect on me.
One such place that I recently saw on a Travel channel(It might have been Travel XP- but I do not recall 100%) is The Saint Barbara’s Church (In Czech: Chrám svaté Barbory). It is in Kutna-Hora(Bohemia) in Czech republic. This is also referred to as the Cathedral of St Barbara.

The special thing about this church is that it is built in an area which had Silver mines, and was meant as a church to please the Saint Barbara who would protect the silver miners of the area.

Construction of the church started in 1388 and its first architect was Jan Parléř. Initially, the construction proceeded quickly, but overall it took time, and lack of funds also lead to it being operated in incomplete form for many centuries.
The final furnishings and touches came in 20th century only.

The church indeed has some nice features inside. It has images of miners, of local animals, and done in a way which one will admire.
The local miners have had a lot of faith in the church. Now, the mining activity in the area might be less, yet the church now enjoys UNESCO patronage also.
It has regular Sunday Prayers as well as masses and even concerts.

This Church is indeed a great place to visit to.
Post Source(s): http://www.kutna-hora.net/en/barbara.php/
and own viewing on a Travel channel(which One I do not recall ! )

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Kutná Hora, St. Barbara Church at the night
Jerzy Strzelecki – Own work

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The Stray Wild Pigs in the Mountain
April 15, 2017

In the Philippines, there are so many places that haven’t touched by loggers or any local people who wanted to destroy the natural habitat of wild animals. It is where the local people aspired to protect the natural resources. The tranquility of places can be seen in the Cordillera of Administrative Region in the country. For the adventurous people, this a perfect place to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


There is a place in the Cordillera that wasn’t explored are the barangay units in Kalinga province. If you have the chance to take the risk, then traveling to this province will need to have the rush of riding on transportation, either by a bus or jeepney. The local transportation going to Kalinga is limited. If the local people had traveled to nearby cities, it is most expected that there will be limited seats. In some occasions, the passengers have no choice but to ride on the top load of a jeepney or bus.


Once everything is ready to depart from the station, then it is ready to explore the world in the mountainside going to Kalinga province. The narrow road transverse by the vehicles and the terrains of the mountains can be seen. As the vehicle entered the first barangay unit in Tinglayan, Kalinga, you can witness the stray wild pigs on the road. It wasn’t the common scene to be seen as compared living in the city.


For some barangay units that are in far distance from the main road, you need to climb two or three mountains before seeing the final destination. The wild pigs can be hunted by not just looking at it. The local tribes in the mountains of Kalinga have the same way of butchering and cooking of the wild pigs. The usual way of cooking them by burning before butchering and slicing the wild pig into pieces, then boil the wild pig’s meat and sprinkled some salt. Once the meat softens its texture, the local tribes gathered together and eat the meal with staple rice. It was so simple and made the local tribe stay together for sharing the meals equally.


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Community Dance on the Ground
April 15, 2017

If you are going to travel to another country, it is better to explore the different culture and practices. However, you should take the time to research about the place to know social norms in the community of other countries.  We don’t to be labeled disrespecting the beliefs of the local people. At some point, we don’t want to be put in jail for not knowing things in a foreign land.

As for me, I always had the chance of exploring the beautiful scenery of certain places. It is my passion to know what’s new. Some people find it strange but that’s the way of educating oneself.  Traveling is the best thing to do for people who have troubled souls. This is the easy way to escape from busy life in the workplace and even the overcrowded places in the city.

The most unforgettable experience that I had is traveling to Tajikistan. I had stayed in this country for a year. I had experienced living with the local people. I was so amazed by the way they prepared food, the unique festivity celebration, traditional clothes amongst the locals, the gestures of showing respect to elders and among others.

In 5th of July 2011, the hospital that I am connected with had a Breastfeeding Celebration. The hospital staff organized some programs for the local people and invited the other organizations in the province. It was so special because the culture will be evident.

As I expected, the local people were so delighted to see the nurses and doctors perform on the hospital ground. After the activities, they closed the event by dancing in the center of the ground and the local people were encouraged to join in. It was a fun day and the time for being together.

Then, the local people and colleagues pulled me into the circle. They surrounded me in full circle. I was surrounded by beautiful girls in my placement area. I didn’t expect it and tried to copy the traditional dance. Sweats were pouring from my forehead as I mirror image their moves. It is truly unforgettable experience in my life.

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Flying? Only if You Like being Treated as Dirt
April 14, 2017

Many years ago, way back in the 1950s, flying was luxury.   One was treated better boarding an airline than a bus, and on par with  a train.  In those days, the traveler was respected.

Even into the 1980s there was a respect for the traveler, and I recalled complaining to Air Jamaica about the banana chips they served on an evening flight.  It looked tacky, I said.

The last time I flew was last year.   I went up to New York City.  I flew on Jetblue.  I had to be at the airport at like 2 am for the 4 am flight.

The treatment was on par with a minivan going to Ocho Rios.

Let me explain.

A minivan races in; “Me go Ochi!”  his pimps shout, and they load up the van.  Then, the driver comes in after his ‘whites’ , jumps behind the wheel and takes off.

The bus is crowded, the driving is wild, and when it reached the hills, the swinging around tight bends had everyone gasping.  After the terror, the bus stops and people stagger out.   You do get used to it.

Now, to modern day flying.

No longer are customers treated with respect.  They are treated the same way as if they are boarding a minivan; that is, they are poor, they don’t own a car.   Only to get on the plane one has to be searched.   This might be a simple frisk, an x-ray, or being taken to a side room and stripped.

Then there is the long wait to board.

Now the plane is as tight packed as a mini-van.   This is like ‘middle passage’ with seats.  Squeezing as many people into a plane as possible is the new style.

There is no food on a plane.

In ancient days, we flew BOAC; British Overseas Air Company.  The food was 1st class.  The Stewardesses were of the highest quality.   They spoke and acted as if they were ladies in waiting to the Queen.   The seats were plush, there was space to move.

Today, the staff, male and female, are no better than the pimps who load the mini van.  Unfriendly, miserable people who treat the passengers as interferences in their lives.

The plane takes off, if when, the plane proceeds, and if you get the equivalent of a bag of banana chips, you’re lucky, for the food, has a cost.

When the plane lands it is a push and shove to get your luggage and get out of the airport.  There are few people to ask any questions as to which way to go.

If you’ve ever been a prisoner or begging some governmental agency, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Flying is a horrible experience today.

What happened on the United Airlines flight, when the man was dragged off the plane is actually the next step. Once you start treating your customers like dirt, they can expect anything.


Tips for people who want to travel
April 14, 2017

Experienced explorers the world over know the proven saying: Less is more. Who needs to schlep around overwhelming, massive packs when you’re a long way from home, probably running from place to put, attempting to ensure the greater part of your assets keep on being your things? The subtle strategy, as per prepared explorers, is to consider gathering just a single pack. Also, to consider making that pack the span of a lightweight suitcase. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, the measure of a sack that fits, or for the most part fits, in the overhead compartment on today’s business carriers.

Consider the accompanying motivations to travel light:

1. Wellbeing

Basically, one sack is less demanding to monitor than two packs, or three, or… You get the thought. You don’t need to process your packs and hazard losing them out and out as you travel.

2. Proficiency

One pack implies less to convey, which implies you don’t need to pay somebody to help you or make good for one of those Smarte Cartes at the air terminal. Likewise, with one sack, you won’t be as enticed to purchase the same number of futile keepsakes you’ll never require, in light of the fact that there won’t be space for anything additional in your pack on the arrival trip.

3. Adaptability

With just a single pack, you don’t need to stress over getting to the airplane terminal so early or staying around so long after your flight lands. You can gone through prepare terminals all the more expediently and push yourself all the more rapidly into the rearward sitting arrangements of taxis. What’s more, traditions assessments? Don’t worry about it.

Thus, now that you’re persuaded you ought to constrain your travel packs to one, you may well be thinking about how on earth to fit every one of your necessaries into a solitary handbag. Arrange deliberately what you will requirement for your outing and take just those thing: If you think, “I may require this” then it’s presumably sheltered to accept that you won’t. On the off chance that you think “I can’t survive without this,” then into your travel sack it goes.

Baglamukhi Temple, Bankhandi: For Tantrics & Tantra Sadhna
April 14, 2017

Baglamukhi temple at Bankhandi (district Kangra) in Himachal Pradesh, India is an ancient temple which is dedicated to Goddess Baglamukhi. The temple is frequented by politicians and people who want victory in legal battles or over their enemies as Goddess Baglamukhi has the power to capture or control the enemies.

Baglamukhi temple at Bankhandi  in Himachal Pradesh, India is a Siddha Peeth which is about 30 km from Kangra. Located in a small village, Baglamukhi temple attracts visitors from distant places.Goddess Baglamukhi is one of the ten forms of wisdom goddess and is considered to be the destroyer of evil forces. Yellow color is the favorite of Goddess Baglamukhi and that’s why the devotees wear yellow clothes and offer yellow sweets (besan ke ladoo) to the deity. The temple is also painted in yellow color for this reason. The Godddess is also known as Pitambari Maa due to her love of yellow color.

Devotees worship the Goddess to win legal battles, to defeat their enemies or to prosper in business. The Goddess is also said to help in warding off evil spirits. Various tantric havans and pujas are performed in the temple to appease the Goddess. The temple was quite in news a few months back when President Pranab Mukherji made a surprise visit to the temple to perform a puja.

Baglamukhi is derived from two words: bagla and mukhi which means the crane-headed one. Maa Baglamukhi is said to be the Goddess of Tantra and black magic which is used to suppress the enemies.

Tantra sadhna of Maa Baglamukhi is very effective in gaining victory over enemies but it should be done only after proper initiation by an able teacher or Guru. One can also chant Baglamukhi mantra or worship Baglamukhi yantra to appease the Goddess. Chanting of Baglamukhi mantra is done using turmeric beads rosary and should be started on Thursday. The worshipper should be dressed in yellow attire and chant the mantra at least 108 times for 21 days. The chanting should be done during night and the worshipper should take a vow of celibacy during these 21 days.

I have visited the temple twice during a pilgrimage to Chintpurni-Jwalaji. It’s been more than four years now.  I wasn’t aware of the temple or its claim to fame back then. The temple is situated in a small village and there is hardly any population around but still people come from far and wide to visit the place and have Goddess Baglamukhi’s blessings. When I visited there for the first time along with my friends, there was a night long kirtan going on which was attended by tantrics from different places. I must admit that it was quite scary to see the tantrics about whom I had only read in books before. The temple is quite charged with positive vibrations and you can see havans being performed there throughout day and night. The temple is a popular destination for politicians especially before the elections for performing pujas to appease the Goddess for victory.

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My Unforgettable Travel to Tajikistan
April 14, 2017

I was so amazed at all the beauty that I had seen throughout my journey. But I managed to take as the great adventure of a lifetime. As soon as I arrived in Dushanbe, the immigration officer informed me to apply for a visa. Then, it was done accordingly. In this point of doing so, I suddenly said to myself that the system is not that organize compared in my own country. In the other hand, I realized that’s the main point of being here. A goal that makes me invited to go for the change in their lives.


A new experience began when I passed through the immigration booth. Prior to that, one of the immigration officers assists me but to a different booth. Eventually, I manage to read the immigration for the foreigners. As soon as I got my luggage, I went to the final exit booth. Then, I saw my name on a board and held up high by a taxi driver. I was so overwhelmed that finally, I am in my final destination that is Tajikistan. The driver assisted me through the car, and he gave me a letter. The letter came from Program Manager. I am really surprised of the letter, and then they gave me a mobile phone to call my family from the Philippines. When the car mobilized along the road, I am really observing the place and it was peaceful. It is totally different the way I pictured it out from my country Philippines.


As what scheduled, it is Monday, 30th of August 2010. I was dropped in the guest house to rest. They fetched me again around 12:15 AM to have a short briefing. I was delighted that the Program Manager went to the guest house to orient me on how to go to a restaurant and going to the program office.

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