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6 things everyone learns travelling solo
March 30, 2018

1. You always return home with lots of new friends

Ever noticed that you’re more likely to ask one person for directions than you are to ask a group of people? Solos are more approachable, plain and simple. Lone travellers learn that the benefits of this are twofold: not only will other travellers feel far more comfortable introducing themselves to you, but it’s actually easier for you to strike up conversation with others as well.

2. You can engage with locals on a level that only solo travellers can

You know that local folks are more open, and definitely more curious, when it’s only you walking into that hole-in-the-wall café, or sampling the pungent flavours of that roadside food stall. From a heartfelt conversation on a rickety train, to suddenly having a network of genial families happy to host you for a night, you know none of these incredible experiences would have been possible if you’d been travelling with others.

3. You’re free to adventure as you please, and it feels awesome

There is no need to compromise when travelling alone. No need to appease a friend’s unfortunate craving for an overpriced burger and fries, or their incessant complaints about mosquito bites in a jungle where you’re on travel cloud 9. As a lonesome wanderer you travel where you want, when and however you want to – all with a liberating degree of indulgence.

4. You gain a deep understanding of the destinations you’ve visited

Travelling solo, you’re more immersed in your surroundings. You notice the unique quirks, and subtle character that truly makes a place what it is. But walk around the same street chatting with an old friend, and your mind is often immersed elsewhere.

5. There is something liberating about travelling to a place where no one knows you

For some, travelling alone is like a fresh start. Or a temporary escape from the life-baggage you’re forced to lug around back home. That’s not to say you’re a different person when abroad, but you may notice how much that therapeutic anonymity has changed you by the time you return home.

6. Alone time is healthy and we rarely get enough of it

Time spent alone and unplugged forces you to really reflect on your life back home, your recent experiences on the road and the direction things are headed. Some of those thoughts aren’t always pleasant to deal with, but solo travellers know that even if solitude is a struggle at times, they’re stronger because of it.


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How great is it to travel? To meet new people, see new places, and learn Something new!
March 30, 2018

How great is it to travel? To meet new people, see new places, experience different cultures, live life the way life is lived somewhere else. Plenty of good things are associated with travel, but there’s one particular issue that can make traveling annoying: the spelling. Travel is easy enough to spell and not at all confusing, but “traveling,” “traveler,” “traveled”? These words are a common cause of confusion because some people spell them with one L while others use two.

Traveling or travelling depends on where is your audience. Traveling is the preferred spelling in the U.S. Travelling is the preferred spelling in the UK or in the Commonwealth. This American-British spelling difference carries for other forms: traveled or travelled and traveler or traveller.

To clarify, if you look through books or magazines for examples, you’ll see that both spellings are used, but the two-L version tends to be used in publications that also use spellings like “colour” or “flavour.” Those publications are written in British English, while the ones that use shorter spellings—“traveled,” “flavor,” and “color”—are written in American English. So the difference between “traveling” and “travelling” is really a variation of dialect. Both spellings are correct. Or, more precisely, neither one of them is wrong.


The word travel has more than one syllable—it’s a multisyllabic word. In American English, when a multisyllabic word ends in a vowel and a consonant (in that order), you double the consonant when adding a suffix only if the stress falls on the final syllable. For instance, in the word repel, the stress falls on the final syllable, which means that you double the consonant when you add a suffix: repelling. But in travel, the stress falls on the first syllable, so there’s no doubling.

“Traveling” and “travelling” shared the same fate as many other words in the English language that have two different spellings. The person who’s usually credited (or blamed) for this is Noah Webster—the Webster of Merriam-Webster dictionary fame. He was a linguist and lexicographer who greatly influenced American English. Webster preferred the shorter versions of many words that had multiple spellings. He included the shorter versions in his dictionaries, and, over time, they became dominant in the United States. At the same time, the rest of the English-speaking world gravitated toward the longer spellings. So, while both Americans and Brits can travel, the former can enjoy traveling while the latter can enjoy travelling.

The United States is pretty much alone in using the shorter form. Canada and Australia generally follow the rules of British English, and that’s why Canadians and Australians can be fond of travelling, not traveling.

By now, you probably know when to use which spelling—it should conform to the place your audience is. If you’re writing a paper for a college class in the United States, you should use the shorter spelling. However, if you live in the United States but are applying for a job in Australia, you could instead choose to use the spelling they prefer.

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Travelling or Traveling: What’s the Difference?
March 30, 2018

Are you taking a trip anytime soon? If so, where will you be traveling? Or is it travelling? How exactly do you spell this word?

The two words traveling and travelling can cause some confusion for those writers not exactly sure when to use which one. Are they just variations of the same word? Do they have different meanings? Do they function differently in a sentence?

In today’s post, I want to address all of these questions so you will never again wonder or second-guess yourself, “Is it travelling or traveling?”

When to Use Travelling

Even though the only thing separating travelling and traveling is a dialectical difference, it is still important to keep your audience in mind when picking which word to use and when.

Travelling (with two Ls) is the preferred spelling in British English and is used much more frequently than is traveling. The graph below shows the use of travelling vs. traveling (as a percentage of all words used) in British English books, journals, and magazines from 1800 to 2008.\

When to Use Traveling

As indicated in the above graph, traveled (with one L) is the preferred spelling in American English.

I’ve discussed the reason for the popularity of many shortened spellings in American English in other posts (cancelled/canceled comes to mind), but the basic reason stems back to Noah Webster himself.

He is usually credited with the shortening of many American spellings because in his original 1898 dictionary, he sought to simplify many British spellings he saw as unnecessary. This is where the British-American divide over words like color/colour came from.

Anyway, the point is, if you are writing to an American audience, traveling (with one L) is your best choice.

Remember the Difference: Traveling or Travelling?

One simple way to keep track of these two words is that the shorter spelling is American. If you can keep in mind that, generally speaking, British English favors (favours) the longer spelling of words, you will be able to remember the difference between these words.

It is also worthwhile to note that all of the distinctions in this post apply equally to travelled vs. traveled, traveled vs. travelled, traveller vs. traveler, traveler vs. traveller, etc.


So, is it traveling or travelling? That depends on where you are writing and who is your audience.

Travelling is the preferred spelling in British English.

Traveling is the preferred spelling in American English.

Whether you’re talking about travelled or traveled or traveller or traveler, these same preferences still apply.

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March 29, 2018


Just 45 minutes south of Bordeaux, Lacanau is a small, quaint town that’s bursting with authentic southern vibes.

The traveling surf tribes often skip over Lacanau in favour of its southern neighbours, despite the fact that the Bay of Biscay delivers beautiful conditions here all year round.

There’s a handful of surfable waves dotted along the coast outside of town, but inside there’s a big stretch of beach surrounded by sandbars and jetties. If you’re after some clean little barrels (minus the crowds) this is the place to head for.

Mimizan Plage

A small town nestled into the coast an hour and a half from Bordeaux, Mimizan is known for its expansive sandy shoreline and gorgeous seaside walkways.

The local wave riders have filled the place up with colourful surf lodges and organic eateries, turning Mimizan Bourg into a vibrant hodgepodge of traditional Côte d’Argent culture and modern surf style.

The beach serves up a mix of conditions, with plenty of gentle rolling waves that are perfect for beginners who are working on building their confidence. For the more advanced riders, the nearby river mouth has consistent surf year round, with extra big swells showing up when the wind blows from the west.

There’s plenty of surf schools here that deal with lessons and rentals, but even with all the local surfers on the water it rarely gets over-crowded.


One hour further down the coast from Mimizan, the forgiving conditions disappear. Hossegor is big wave territory, with 5-meter swells becoming the norm when the season turns on. Hossegor’s surf conditions are so outstanding, in fact, that the international surf legends at Quiksilver pick this spot as the location for their Pro Surf Competition each year.

Hossegor’s northern beaches have the biggest swells, which decrease in size the further south you go towards the sheltered bay. On top of that, the nearby towns of Seignosse and Capbreton are both within a 15-minute drive away. Each of which have their own collection of incredible breaks.


Hendaye is France’s most southerly surf spot. Though it sits just 20 kilometers south of Guethary- a place famed for its monster 6-meter swells- Hendaye’s gentle surf and soft rollers are ideal for beginners.

Characterised by its bustling harbour, vibrant open-air markets, and the soaring stone faces of its many cathedrals, Hendaye showcases the best of the Basque Country. The town sits right on the banks of the River Bidassoa, one of the last things you see before you leave France to cross the Spanish border.

Explore the town and ride the reef break, and when you’ve finished you only need to head south for half an hour before you hit San Sebastian, one of Spain’s coolest surf spots.


Basque Country, where the most south-westerly part of France meets the most north-westerly part of Spain, is famed around the world for its distinct culture- and right at the heart of that is one of our favourite surf spots of all, Biarritz.

The city epitomises everything it means to be Basque: soulful music, vibrant (and frequent) festivals, delicious syrupy red wine, charcuterie, bull racing, and beautiful landscape.

For extreme nomads who pick their next destination based on where they can practice the sports they love, Biarritz is an absolute paradise.

Not only is this little city brimming with cool culture, food, and wine, it’s also one of the few places in the world where you can scale the snow-capped mountains at breakfast and surf the beach breaks at lunch.

Grande Plage, the main beach in Biarritz, is the most popular beach in town. Its sheltered, crescent-shaped shores are ideal for both newbie surfers and intermediate riders- but watch out, the line up gets pretty crowded during the summer months. Mercifully, the shifting peaks at the Grand Plage mean it’s not hard to catch a wave, even when it’s busy.

If you’re keen to beat the crowds entirely, just hop in the car and head 10 minutes down the road to Anglet, a little area renowned for having more than 10 surfable spots in less than 5 kilometers.

Getting to the Surf Spots in France:

The biggest international airport in the region is Bordeaux–Mérignac, which is well connected with the rest of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and North America. If you can manage to find the right flight, you can also fly straight to Biarritz. Alternatively, you can fly to Paris and take the fast train to Bordeaux in 3 hours, or Biarritz in 5.

From the airport, it’s best to rent a car- traveling with surfboards on public transport can be a bit of a pain. Find yourself a ride with a roof rack and you’re golden. Plus, if you have your own vehicle, you’ll have so many more opportunities to explore the harder-to-reach parts of the coastline and discover your own perfect spot.

Surfing in France’s Southwest is an incredible experience- no matter what your level is. With all the culture to soak up, wine to drink, tapas to eat, and waves to ride, you’ll probably never want to leave.

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Delve into the regal past
November 15, 2017

The Naqquar Khana (Trumpet House), located in the premises of the world-famous Gol Gumbaz in Vijayapura, houses a museum of ancient artefacts that depict the society, culture and architecture of the region between the 6th and 18th centuries. In 1892, British archaeologists, Henry Cousens and Jas Burgess, began collecting objects of historical significance, and stored them in a small building in Anand Mahal of Vijayapura. This paved the way for the present day museum.

When the British shifted the district headquarters from Kaladagi to Vijayapura, they decided to use the historical structures as administrative blocks. They found numerous rare artefacts and collectibles while renovating these monuments and all the items were moved to the museum. The British valued the ancient objects immensely and found the need for proper maintenance of the collection. With more additions to the collection, there was lack of space in the building. In 1912, the exhibits were shifted to the Naqquar Khana in the Gol Gumbaz complex.

Diverse exhibits

The Naqquar Khana (Trumpet House), located in the premises of the world-famous Gol Gumbaz in Vijayapura, houses a museum of ancient artefacts that depict the society, culture and architecture of the region between the 6th and 18th centuries. In 1892, British archaeologists, Henry Cousens and Jas Burgess, began collecting objects of historical significance, and stored them in a small building in Anand Mahal of Vijayapura. This paved the way for the present day museum.

When the British shifted the district headquarters from Kaladagi to Vijayapura, they decided to use the historical structures as administrative blocks. They found numerous rare artefacts and collectibles while renovating these monuments and all the items were moved to the museum. The British valued the ancient objects immensely and found the need for proper maintenance of the collection. With more additions to the collection, there was lack of space in the building. In 1912, the exhibits were shifted to the Naqquar Khana in the Gol Gumbaz complex.

Diverse exhibits

The structure is built using brown sandstone. The building has a cellar, ground floor and a first floor. The British renovated it to suit the requirements of a museum. More than 1,600 registered antiquities are exhibited in eight galleries.

A mutilated sculpture of 11th century Nataraja with eight hands, a stone festoon (torana) depicting Lord Shiva dancing with his ganas, embossed sculptures playing musical instruments, hero stones from the 7th and 8th centuries, inscriptions found in the region, rare sculptures of Lord Keshava and Veerabhadra, an 8th century stone Ganesha found in Aihole, and a 14th century sculpture of Lord Parshwanatha are some of the important exhibits in the museum.

In the ground floor, one can see a 6th century vijayasthambha (pillar representing victory) built by King Mangalesha. This structure was collected from Mahakuta. The stone representation of the head of Aliya Rama Raya of Vijayanagara dynasty can also be seen here. A 12th century pillar with inscriptions attracts one’s attention. It has Sanskrit script on three directions and Kannada script at the lower part. A 13th century Kannada inscription exhibited here has reference to Vijayapura. A 17th century inscription in Arabic and Persian languages with attractive calligraphy is also on display. Other items that fascinate the visitors include stone crocodiles, stone windows with flower motifs and stone chains.

Royal heirlooms

One can get a glimpse of the rich art and culture that blossomed during the Adil Shahi rule in Vijayapura through the items on display in the first floor. The exhibits include everyday items of the royalty, their costumes, weapons and paintings of kings, queens and Sufi saints.

Like any other kings, the Adil Shahi rulers used to test the food before consuming it, by placing it in celadon ware, which can detect food poisoning. The celadon ware is on display in the museum. Some of the antiquities exhibited here indicate the administrative and trade relations between Vijayapura and China.

Coins of that era and manuscripts of the holy Quran illustrated with yellow, red and blue colours can be seen in the museum. Some of the letters of a manuscript are written in gold. Records at the museum indicate that these manuscripts were written between 13th and 18th centuries.

Many other pieces of historical importance such as prose, poetry, a sanad (administrative document) with rajamudra (royal seal), firman (official decree), Persian carpet, a lock with unique technology, Bidri ware, a 3.9 feet long sword, weighing 7 kg and said to be used by King Afzal Khan are exhibited in glass cases. Six cannons of different sizes are placed at the entrance of the museum. The cannonballs are placed inside. The museum is managed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Nearly 900 people visit the museum every day.

The museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day, except on Fridays. The entry is free for children. One can contact the museum on 08352-250725.

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Hospitality Software which gives All in one and that inclused Channel Manager, PMS and Booking Engine.
November 11, 2017

Channel Manager: eZee Technosys: Complete Hospitality software. Cloud PMS:

Internationally Recognized Solutions

Internationally Recognized Solutions

eZee is one of the rare companies to offer the complete range of integrated solutions exclusively for the hospitality industry. We offer internationally recognized, high-quality products that meet every requirement of hotels and restaurants. Using the latest technology we provide regular enhancements and customization to all eZee systems. Our offerings include everything from Desktop and Cloud based Hotel Management Solution to Channel Manager, Booking Engine and Restaurant Management Solution.

Superb User Experience

Superb User Experience

Aiming for the best user-experience and streamline property operations, all eZee solutions are seamlessly integrated to meet every requirement of hotels and restaurants. The extremely scalable option of 3rd party integration enables the seamless exchange of information between eZee software and 3rd party solutions.

Value For Money

Value For Money

Giving you the best value for the money, all our products integrated as well as stand-alone solutions are tried, tested, and come with the highest recommendation for performance and stability from clients in more than 140 countries.

Keeping Up With Latest Technology

Keeping Up With Latest Technology

Our products have evolved over time, adapting to new technologies. We started our flagship product in Visual Basic, we changed to VB.Net and now the third generation of our software is cloud based on the web. Thus, we have passed through all the cycles of development, whereby we overcome all the flaws and limitation with new upgrades

24x7 Live Technical Support

24×7 Live Technical Support

eZee Support is the first point of contact for many and our support team is at your service 24 hours a day. Along with troubleshooting software queries, onboarding and training, our team also provides client requested enhancements and upgrades. They are available via live chat, email and phone.

Unlimited Online Training

Unlimited Online Training

We provide online one on one training, where eZee’s training team will assist you with product implementation and training as well as address all your queries and assist you to enhance your business using eZee’s cutting edge solutions.
Change in your staff? We have options to get your new staff trained from us through online training sessions.

Free Trial Available- No Risk, No Commitment

Free Trial Available- No Risk, No Commitment

Analyze eZee solutions with your live property environment without any limitation on features or modules. You are eligible to take online product training at no charge.

Client Success Plan

Client Success Plan

Special audits from our team on request to make sure that your staff is using every bit of what is available. Our job is not over once the product is sold; we make sure that you are getting the best performance from our software and achieve the highest efficiency in your operations.

Constant Efforts Towards Innovation

Constant Efforts Towards Innovation

The majority of the corporations set aside a huge chunk of their revenues into their marketing and sales. At eZee, our efforts are driven towards research and development of new solutions or the enhancements of the existing solutions.

An awesome team to back you up!

An awesome team to back you up!

The greatest strength comes from our young and dynamic team who are spread across regional and international offices around the globe. When you are backed by a team of 140+ eZee-ites and 100+ Channel Partners you can be sure that you are always in safe hands.

Great Recommendations

Great Recommendations

We have been rated 3A by Crisil, the highest rating in terms of company’s stability. Crisil is a part of Standard & Poors rating agency which is probably world’s No.1 corporate rating agency.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear to become the global leader in offering the top-notch solution to the hospitality industry. Along with providing robust solutions, each member of team eZee is dedicated to providing our clients the best service available.

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RV Living Lifestyle & Minimalist Living
August 2, 2017

RV living can be a great way to change your life for the better. If you can find a way to give up home ownership, or home renting and move into a RV, you can start discovering financial freedom. This is a great way to reduce monthly overhead, and begin saving money, and reducing stress of home upkeep.

RV’s can be located anywhere in the country allowing you travel freedom for your career, personal travels and ability to move where the work is. This is what they call RV Freedom!

RV living is also a chance to practice Minimalist Living. To live with only what you need, and nothing more. Many people find this a great way to reduce responsibility and daily stress. It also allows you to not waste money on non valued items, allowing to save more money for retirement and play time.

Many in American are changing to this new RV lifestyle to increase their quality of life, and to live within their means. Todays RV’s are better than most Apartments and used homes with many up to date features. Living in a RV is no longer considered “Trailer Trash”. Todays RV’s are beautiful, affordable and roomy to living in.

To learn and understand todays RVers, start searching the internet for RV Travel, or RV Fulltime living and you will find thousands of videos, blogs and articles about this subject. Todays RVers travel the nation for their careers, retirement and Nomadic lifestyle, earning income in many locations, while always having their home on wheels near by.

Age is not a requirement anymore. People of all ages and backgrounds are now living this life. Single, young, married, retired, mid aged and families are all now utilizing the RV lifestyle to make their lives less expensive, and less stressful to keep up with todays high cost of homes, and rentals.

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Through Determination and seeking I’m Going to get There
July 18, 2017

It really does take determination in order to get to one point to another. With all the adversity most would probably stop trying to pursue in anyway. I’m not through yet. There’s a lot to discover and although so many may not want to witness “transformation.” Oh well, they’ll have to get use to it, and if not then that’s their problem. Too determined to look back now. Not in the mood to be apart of a bunch of child play. There’s way too much to do. For some they may perceive my seeking as some form of unrealistic kind of thing but oh no.

If there’s a way then there’s a way. So no matter what others are saying and what they’ll try to do. I’m a mission to gain more than I’ve gained before. Been through too much and there’s no way that I’m going through all of the madness and not receive. But receive what? Receive the blessings that are deserved. Mankind can try to stop “breakthroughs” but can they really stop the breakthroughs? Not if they’re meant to be. Of course some will continue to try.

Some may think that I’ve moved too slow. Not knowing exactly why certain situations have occurred. “There has been progress and will continue to be progress.” The ones who have tried to slow my progress are ending up setting themselves up! By the beings not doing any good, they’re making lots of mistakes, in which they’ll later regret. It’s the determination that keeps the hopefulness alive. I’m still here for a reason and although some may not think that what’s to come is for me=Tanikka Paulk and I’m you, You, YOU. YOU!! you! So what I’ve discovered is, a lot of people aren’t really pleased with the progress of some, not sure how they’re line of thinking has brought the individuals these far.

I’m certainly on a mission to leave “a place” where I’m believing all of the work in that place is almost completed. There’s a lot of memories that can’t be denied. Although I’ve faced many battles. There’s a reason for me=Tanikka Paulk being here. If a person is truly serious about what they’re doing then they’ll continue all even when the crowd behaves foolishly. No amount of troubles should detour a person from trying to excel. Too many have already listened to the wrong people and ended up tossing out their dreams.

There are many plans and some may try to sabotage a plan in someway but when a person is headed in the right direction then no amount of antics will stop the movement from occurring. There has to be patience of course and it’s unfortunate that so many are without “patience.” Perhaps some are afraid of others getting ahead because it reminds the persons how they’ve wasted so much of their lives on areas which add no value. Too many are concerned about how others are living their lives and rarely focusing on their own lives.

Where I’m headed isn’t all concern

There is still a lot to learn

My progress will not be hindered by all

I’m still standing and for some I’ve appeared tall in Elementary

Chuckles as the memories pass by

I’m headed somewhere if they’re saying otherwise then there’s lies

Although so many have tried to stop the journey

I’m still here and there’s still that yearning

What is it that so many ask of me=Tanikka Paulk?

Some may think that I’m headed nowhere at all

Their line of thinking could be their downfall

There is progress still ya all see

Don’t count that out because I’m still on “my journey”

Poetic Piece Written by: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Credit: Free Advanced Google Image Free to use & Share Even Commercially


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Oh yes too Determined to Turn Back
July 17, 2017

No matter how many try to discourage a person from living their dreams. It’s up the person whether to stop or not. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who may become envious of others trying to live their dreams. Some may not want to see others “rise up” and a lot of their thinking comes from being competitive. Not wanting others to surpass their success. There are some who will constantly try to sabotage others. They may not be happy within because if there was happiness then they wouldn’t try to rain on a person’s parade.

So many have stopped supplying ideas and stop trying to put their dream into reality because of the criticism. There will be critics everywhere a person goes. There is no way any person can avoid criticism unless they’re in hiding somewhere. As long as individuals are seeing others shine and trying to get ahead then they’ll try to stop the persons from doing so. The key is to be brave, “filled with courage”, and be very determined. Do not become discouraged when there are crowds of people who are trying to hinder what is taking place.

For some they’re reasons have to do with their own selfishness. There are motives why some choose to go after others who are only try to prosper. “Some are trying to live better lives.” Don’t have a defeated attitude. Believe in the victory and be victorious. It’s no fun having to deal with difficult individuals but there is no way that any person will completely avoid the difficult ones. Some may seek out persons in order to just try to get the individuals down.

While on a Journey

When on a journey it’s important to have a positive mindset and of course no person will always be positive but for the most part. One should “discover positive outlets” to engage in. All of the chatter should go in one ear and out the other. There’s a reason why some are chose to walk certain journeys. There is always hope. Remain hopeful even when it appears as if they’re throwing rocks. The ones who work harder to get others down aren’t filled with joy and there are some no matter what. They’ll continue to try and sabotage whatever some are doing.

So many have expressed how they’ve faced many troubles while trying to get ahead. Some have discovered that the very ones who they’ve perceived as being supporters end up being apart of the sabotage group.  If persons aren’t climbing higher then there’s a possibility that they may not want to see others trying to excel. Although there may be so many who try to hinder “a process.” The person shouldn’t give up. There should be some progress even when there’s very little. Eventually all what needs to come together will.

“The sun Comes out After the Rain. The Storm Ceases and There is Rebuilding.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Credit: Free Advanced Google Images Free to use & Share Even Commercially

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Transitioning From one Stage to Another
July 10, 2017

There’s plenty of unexpected moments in life. One may never know when there will be a turn of events. There will be times when there are decisions to be made in order to develop further or to be apart of “better living.” The decision to leave one area and navigate to another may not be an easy decision to make but necessary. There will be changes no matter what one does. For some there will be drastic changes. Although some events are unexpected, there will be some which are welcomed and long overdo, perhaps there needed to be a push in order to move.

The choices made may not always be accepted and that’s alright. If others are unwilling to accept “the changes” made then that’s something they’ll have to deal with. There will come a time when a move needs to occur. For some the move could incur abundance because there could be more opportunities to grow in other locations. There be some nervousness when having to make a move elsewhere.

For some they’ve left and came back to their original state. Others will fit right into their new found home. Development is important and not all will know exactly when the right time to proceed to a new life. If being in one place isn’t producing the results one expects then considering leaving should occur. There will be many changes throughout one’s life. Not every person can just get up and go some may need sometime in order to make a move in any location.

There should be thoughts of living a more fulfilling life. some become accustom to their way of life and will refuse to make any moves at all. Of course it’s their choice but moving in a “different” direction may be necessary in order to incur advancement. Not everyone will advance properly by staying in the same setting. There are some who never take a risk due to fear. Some are afraid that they’ll fail if there is any movement at all. Not the best line of thinking.

There is nothing wrong with taking risks. For some there will be many risks taking throughout their lives. Some may be quite comfortable with their lifestyle and not want to make any changes. There are some who have no choice but to relocate elsewhere due to their careers. Career “advancement” may involve relocation and if any person wants to elevate in their career then they’ll make the move. There is a transitioning period. There should be sometime set aside to ponder of what it will take to make such a move.

When making changes in life there could be a lot of opinions floating about. Some may not be welcomed. The decision to navigate elsewhere certainly is up to the person or persons involved. Persons can choose to take in helpful advice but if there’s lots of disagreements about the change then perhaps the listening should cease. Making any move should be planned properly. Although there will be times when some will have to make a move which is unexpected, moves aren’t rash decisions, there should be thinking involved before any relocation.

We simply never know when such a change will arise. There is only one life to live and we should live our lives happily. If being in a place isn’t “generating” any joy and there’s other reasons why there should be a move then perhaps doing so would be best. Of course no person should stay in any location if there’s no joy. A lot have found that the move was the best decision they’ve made.

“There’s Lots of Choices and Decisions to be Made in Life and Some Will be Unexpected.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Credit: Free Advanced Google Images Free to use & Share Even Commercially

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