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The joy of Calmness Within the Mind

There is peace obtained by blocking out the noise. No person has to take in what’s being said. There will be some communications which hold value and there will be some words removed because they’re dysfunctional. “In order to proceed joyfully there are the needs to think positively.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Some could be focusing on the areas in which there will be no progression. If what’s being said isn’t adding any value then why take what’s being said in? There’s so much to discover and so many ways to obtain peacefulness. There are so many continuously thinking that their rights are to cause disturbances. No!

My yes remain focused on the glory! I’m where I Tanikka Paulk am today because of God. Yes that’s right. God the Father of Jesus Christ. No matter how many waves are clashing there is calmness in the sea. How many consider the best ways to generate peace? There are some rarely experiencing peace because of their though process. The negatives will be generated but there should be ways to experience peacefulness. To be focused on what will generate prosperity is better than focusing on the negatives. I’m continuing for many reasons.

There is hopefulness and there is a smile because I’ve been chosen to walk this journey. Yes, there are so many who have tried to take away my dreams, they’ve focused on areas which isn’t their business at all. There will be continued discoveries and I’m exploring. “The seeking continues.” (Tanikka Paulk) To be able to obtain joyfulness is truly a blessing. The words spoken have added some value and there are some words which could’ve been left inside the mouths of others.

To go into meditation is what is needed. There are ways to just sit and ponder on the many blessings given. What’s chosen for me=Tanikka Paulk isn’t chosen for all. My journey doesn’t belong to every person. They’ve tried to cause mind disturbances but I’ve chosen to be at peace. There are so many powerful words to read and view. There is still movement and I’m focusing on what truly matters. “There is hope here and I’m so happily continuing.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There is sunshine after every storm.

No matter where I’m placed, there is joy, I’ve spoken to my Father, and i’m aware just what He has for me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve been attacked and perhaps I’ve irritated some by continuing but there is grace and glory. The journey has been given and I’m receiving. There will be more joy obtained when the abundance arrives. No matter what mankind does> God send the favor. Oh yes indeed. I’m favored. The path was designed before my arrival and I’m on the path right now. Thanks.

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    1. It is very hard to attain peace where I live. I live in an apartment building on the ground floor. The residents upstairs on the second floor, especially the men, they congregate, chat, and play music all day and way into the night. They are so loud and obnoxious. They also smoke weed and use a lot of expletives. They even band on the stairs and railings sometimes. They just have no concern or respect for others. Not even when we ask them to stop. It is a struggle to find peace here sometimes.


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