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It’s the Greatness Which so Many Attack
October 14, 2017

We all should remember that no person will continuous be on attack if there’s no greatness involved. Individuals will not try to stop mediocre not at all. It’s the potential that causes so many to try an destroy persons. The very ones who are on “a mission” to excel are the ones who face the most hardships. Any person who continue to shine will draw attention from the envious. No matter how many times the attacks are projected the key is to continue on and remain strong.

Some may feel that attacking visionaries will incur what they’re looking for but so many continue to find out that they’ll receive some harsh punishments because they’re attacking persons who are “Called by God”. God the Father of Jesus Christ. Too many are “focused” on areas which can not improve society or countries. When so many are against movements then we’ll find a breakdown in systems which can help so many. It’s difficult of course for the persons who seek advancement.

The ones who are out destroy will find that they’ll have to face what could have been avoided had they left the person or persons alone. What shall be shall be. What some don’t understand is that the person who has been chosen for the position was chosen for a reason. If it takes armies of individuals to try and cause a take down then that’s indication of the person’s “position.” The strength that is within the person is too grand so therefore so many will try to black or prevent excelling because of their own insecurities.

No matter what’s said no person should feel intimidated. Rem,ember that bullies are disturbed and if they’re out to destroy then they’re sick within. Their minds are focused on wanting to see a decline instead of considering the outcomes. When coming up against certain individuals they’ll find that what they’re cherish most can be taken away. Too many believe that trying to wipe certain individuals out will help the persons who are trying to do so be “the lead.”

They’re way of thinking isn’t healthy nor is their way of thinking prosperous. No matter how much wealth the individuals have, there’s no happiness, if there was then they (meaning any group of people) wouldn’t have time to try and bring a person down. So many are focused on trying to pull down instead of up! We’ll find out who the real foes and friends are when the “journey continues.” The ones who may try to destroy are also the ones who will need the person or persons they’re trying to destroy.

All we have to do is read what’s in the Bible and find out that the very problems faced are within the Bible. The most anointed are the most attacked. The persons who lost so much end up gaining more. So when they’re trying to destroy think blessings. Soon enough the “breakthroughs” will occur. No person can be above God. God the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Perhaps some do so do to ignorance. Not willing to allow others to climb higher because of fear.

If any person wants to pursue “what is great” then they’re able to do so. It’s the way we think a lot of times that will cause a slowdown or stop what should occur. There should be individuals willing to make society better, to help communities grow, and to accomplish what so many have been afraid to accomplish. If we take a look at what Job experience then we’ll notice that it’s the strength and faith that has helped Job overcome what Satan was trying to cause. Job not only overcame bit Job was “blessed” with more than He has before.

When they’re constantly on attack then they’re intimidated. There’s a reason why so many will try to bring the vision down. Some may not like where the person is headed or are too distorted to realize that certain individuals reaching the top can help so many which really needs to occur. In due time they’ll realize that their actions aren’t worth what they’ll have to go through. “Keep Coming up Against the Anointed and Face the Severe Consequences.” By: (Tanikka Paulk) My Journey Isn’t Everyone’s Journey. Most Travel Alone Until Their Destination.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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    1. Communication is one that we understand but do not fulfill . Your reason has some great values and have a variety of method to change. It will take time but maybe one day

    2. Those who are called by God and have answered the call will face challenges in carrying out their duties. Jesus has given us all the tools we need in not allowing those attacks to hamper our mission as one called by God. Remember though we face attacks we must not harbor hateful or revengeful thoughts or actions. Love and forgiveness is what separate those who belong to God and those who do not. The capacity to forgive is the only power able to release the great tensions within humankind. One who does not know how to forgive does not know how to love.


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