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How to Deal With Unfair Treatment
October 13, 2017

Unfortunately there are so many who have been victimized and are continuously being treated unfairly. For some they may not know where to turn. It’s so unfortunate that there is so much corruption here on earth. In order to overcome “the unfair treatment” there has to be an understanding what exactly is unfair. Why are so many willing to continuous be unfair to certain individuals. Of course should any be surprised? Slavery did occur and African Americans certainly were and continue to be treated unfairly.

For some the unfair treatment may be puzzling because there are some willing to assist the very ones who dish out the unfair treatment. There has to come a time when doing so has to cease because there are so many who will take advantage, Yes it can be frustrating dealing with groups of people who are so disorderly. Taking a stand is very important, no person should tolerate being treated unfairly, there has to be some spoken words and actions occurring. Too many refuse to take “a stand” because they’re afraid of the backlash.

There are some who refuse to be silent when it comes to the injustices. There’s certainly a lot of injustices to respond to. The ones who are in a position to fight against the many injustices seem to have slowed down. There has to be courage when going up going “up” against so many. A person has to be willing to advocate firmly. Some refuse to stand up even if they’re being victimized each day. Why are so many so out of control? Perhaps there’s way too many who want to be tle leader but aren’t qualified.

The best thing to do is take some time out and think about the proper “solutions.” Consider what areas need the most attention. If there’s no immediate solution then it’s better to go on to the next set of injustices and try to create some solutions. Don’t ever allow the individuals to have their way because they’ll continue such behavior. Being firm must take place in order to stop and prevent some of the incidents. Some are willing to listen and others will want to give the person or persons a difficult time.

For so many they’ve experienced being harassed, bashed, and continuously attacked. There are some who are so use to treated others unfairly that they’ll refused to stop. Of course the reason why so many continue is because they’ve haven’t faced their deserved consequences. If there’s no rules and there’s no punishments supplied then the crowd will continue to be outrageous. There has to be a voice or voices willing to speak out. There’s so many who are so use to being bullies that they may think that their actions are normal. “Don’t Tolerate the Injustices. Be Courageous.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“I’m an Advocate and Consider Myself to be an Activist as Well. Have Participated in Rallies and Marches and Will Continue to Take a Stand.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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