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That’s What Advocating is About

Advocates should be firm with their advocating. There are many reasons why advocating should occur. Yes, there appears to be injustices which need immediate attention. “To advocate is to find solutions and to fight for rights whether it involves one person or a group. Advocating is so important.” By: Tanikka Paulk. can advocating become stressful? Yes, depending on what needs to be advocated, there could be individuals unwilling to cooperate with advocates.

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There are many advocates having to deal with some unruly individuals but continue to advocate. Unfortunately there are some refusing to understand how advocating works. There seems to be a disconnection and there seems to the inability to understand why advocating should occur. The injustices continue to occur and there has to be persons willing to take a stand. “My advocacy continues despite what so many are trying to prevent.” (Tanikka Paulk).

I’ve been advocating for many years and advocating can be such a joy. There can be misunderstandings while advocating. There certainly has to be some patience because there will be some unwilling to cooperate. Some advocates will have to speak with individuals incarcerated or at risk of incarceration. There are many ways to advocate but there should be a passion for advocacy. Helping others shouldn’t be stressful. Yes, there has to be effective ways to deal with the emotions so many seem to have, there seems to be lacking.

There are many great leaders continuing to be apart of the advocacy march. There are some unwilling to hide their ability to advocate and then there are some refusing to advocate at all. Yes, there is competition through advocacy, there are some advocating just to receive recognition. There’s a purpose and how each person chooses to advocate is of their own choice. There should be more advocates willing to connect with the public. There should be more willing to create solutions. “Advocacy is occurring and should continue to occur no matter how difficult the journey becomes.’ (Tanikka Paulk).

There are so many areas in which need advocating. Advocating for the youth needs attention. There has to be more willing to stand up for the rights of others. So many make advocating difficult for advocates. There are some unwilling to allow the “advocacy” to occur because they’re afraid of what will be revealed. Some advocates could lose their cool when having to deal with disorderly People. The best thing to do is to find ways to deal with the disagreeable.

‘Oh yes indeed I’m continuing to advocate that’s what Tanikka Paulk is doing.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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It’s Certainly Alright to be Apart of the Experiences

Oh yes indeed there are so many unwilling to accept that I’m in a “Leadership” (Tanikka Paulk) position. How many are having difficulties adjusting? It appears as though there are way too many not accepting what is so. No matter what their views are there will be changes and although they’re giving me=Tanikka Paulk difficulties. I’m certainly going to continue. I’m so appreciative to the ones helping to connect bright futures. There are plans to incur the necessary increases so that more and more can work. “Trabajos” works. It’s necessary and of great importance. There are future plans to add the additional persons so that the visions can grow extensively.

What they’re not realizing is that the journey will connect each person coming along to greater heights. There should be focus on creating a stronger economy. So many continue to take what is said and done out of context. The distractions continue but it’s in everyone’s best interest to assist with climbing higher. How many would rather have their country suffer economically? It appears as though some aren’t considering the consequences when trying to sabotage “progress.” If there’s continuous interruptions then there will be declines. I’m sure some wouldn’t want to experience further hardships.

I’m continuing to ponder on what needs to occur in order to produce stabilized budgets. If there’s more injustices then there will be declines which so many aren’t prepared to experience. Yes, dealing with the matters can sometimes be pressure filled but doing so isn’t impossible, there will be continuous actions towards greater. I’ve supplied some of “what is needed” but there will have to be silent actions occurring in order to become even more successful. The actions of so many have caused some setbacks but thank goodness there are agencies willing to assist perhaps because they’re longing to be more successful.

The ones unwilling to accept will have difficulties because their of their thinking process. The words which float about haven’t caused the helpers to discontinue their “helping hands.” The Government is greatly appreciated although so many have expressed their disapproval of such. To continue is important and there should be strong advocacy when dealing with the matters at hand. “The focus continues to be on what is necessary to help communities, the country, and the state of Florida and at a later date other states.

There has and will continue to be progress. The individuals continuing to try and cause a decline aren’t doing themselves any favors. Have to consider the shape of a country. What should occur is prosperity. There needs to be more revenue in order to create better jobs, better pay, and better living. The cost of living continues to rise and there should be increases in wages. The “budgets” certainly need further review. So many will discover that their actions have caused some delays but won’t cause the advocates to stop advocating. I’m continuing to advocate and will continue to be a voice.

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“Let the Advocacy Generate the Transformations.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Ever Heard of a Boss Paying him or herself?

There’s certainly a lot to consider. Perhaps some of what’s to be considered is “the information” supplied. It’s certainly thinking and perhaps some others should consider developing a proper thinking process. “What Makes Sense. No Boss can pay him or herself there has to be a company, business, organization. County, State, or Country paying the person or persons.” Some just don’t understand. Really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out common sense. Perhaps thinking is so difficult for so many because they’re never thinking about the positives.

Evildoers will have difficulties trying to be apart of goodness. They may not enjoy watching goodness excel. Yes, they’re watching, and there must be good reasons to keep their eyes on a Boss. So many may not admit that they’re inspired by the person or persons so they’ll act out. What is for a person is for a person. What is declared is so. It’s already stated that that is so. Hmmm. That, that, this= Tanikka Paulk. God said that it was good and it :is good.” (T. Paulk) Why would they want to attack their own kind? Goodness seems to get under so¬† many persons skin.

The boss expects to be compensated. Every person working expects to be paid. There’s certainly proof that I’m a leader and I’ve received compensation so why shouldn’t the compensation be expected. What’s designed for Boss=Tanikka Paulk is and I’m fighting to receive what’s suppose to come to me=Tanikka Paulk. Subtract and eventually they’ll be unexpected additions. Perhaps they’ve focused on the wrong areas. Soon enough there will be monies supplied to the rightful owner. The boss is expected to be compensated and will advocate make the necessary noise to receive what’s owed.

When there’s proof that a person is the boss, in a leadership position, and they’re treated unfairly there has to be some standing up. To remain quiet about the unfair treatment could result in others being treated in the same manner. “I’m going to keep speaking up and will receive because God already declared it.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). Stealing huh? That’s basically what they’re doing. Misjudged and there will be judgments administered. Watch and see. There is still a smile on my face because I’m aware of the favor God has for me=Tanikka Paulk. My rights are violated and I’m in the “advocating” zone.

My eyes continue to be on the unjust. They’re going to be sentenced to the max. Some seem to think that the only form of punishment is prison. God can do what mankind can not do. Every action is observed but I’m going “to continue” being in my “leadership position” and there’s proof so many want to become Tanikkame=Tanikka Paulk. The you, YOU, You. You! YOU!= Tanikka Paulk. So defined and feeling glorious. Glory! The helping hands know what needs to occur. Amen to that=Tanikka Paulk. ūüôā

“Leadership!” That’s Tanikka Paulk

“So There’s Transformations Occurring?” (Tanikka Paulk)

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How to Deal With Unfair Treatment
October 13, 2017

Unfortunately there are so many who have been victimized and are continuously being treated unfairly. For some they may not know where to turn. It’s so unfortunate that there is so much corruption here on earth. In order to overcome “the unfair treatment” there has to be an understanding what exactly is unfair. Why are so many willing to continuous be unfair to certain individuals. Of course should any be surprised? Slavery did occur and African Americans certainly were and continue to be treated unfairly.

For some the unfair treatment may be puzzling because there are some willing to assist the very ones who dish out the unfair treatment. There has to come a time when doing so has to cease because there are so many who will take advantage, Yes it can be frustrating dealing with groups of people who are so disorderly. Taking a stand is very important, no person should tolerate being treated unfairly, there has to be some spoken words and actions occurring. Too many refuse to take “a stand” because they’re afraid of the backlash.

There are some who refuse to be silent when it comes to the injustices. There’s certainly a lot of injustices to respond to. The ones who are in a position to fight against the many injustices seem to have slowed down. There has to be courage when going up going “up” against so many. A person has to be willing to advocate firmly. Some refuse to stand up even if they’re being victimized each day. Why are so many so out of control? Perhaps there’s way too many who want to be tle leader but aren’t qualified.

The best thing to do is take some time out and think about the proper “solutions.” Consider what areas need the most attention. If there’s no immediate solution then it’s better to go on to the next set of injustices and try to create some solutions. Don’t ever allow the individuals to have their way because they’ll continue such behavior. Being firm must take place in order to stop and prevent some of the incidents. Some are willing to listen and others will want to give the person or persons a difficult time.

For so many they’ve experienced being harassed, bashed, and continuously attacked. There are some who are so use to treated others unfairly that they’ll refused to stop. Of course the reason why so many continue is because they’ve haven’t faced their deserved consequences. If there’s no rules and there’s no punishments supplied then the crowd will continue to be outrageous. There has to be a voice or voices willing to speak out. There’s so many who are so use to being bullies that they may think that their actions are normal. “Don’t Tolerate the Injustices. Be Courageous.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“I’m an Advocate and Consider Myself to be an Activist as Well. Have Participated in Rallies and Marches and Will Continue to Take a Stand.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Can any Person even Imagine

How many can imagine being harassed everyday of their lives? Not too many. Not even criminals receive the treatment in which is projected towards me=Tanikka Paulk. Never, ever, ever have I¬†Tanikka Paulk ¬†witnessed so many disorderly people in my life. There are so many who are either unstable or just plain envious. Imagine having to deal with a bunch of folks who behave as if ¬†they’re wild animals. Some really “need” to be detained becaus eof tehir behavior and their desire to violate not only my rights but the rights of others. The ones who are suppose to set an example are the very ones who are continuing to abuse their power.

The high ranked individuals may thing that they’re in a position to treat others any way they see fit. They’re so wrong and until they meet their match. They’ll probably continue to administer the behavior. Some are in no position to supply any form of punishment. No person should be severely bullied and harassed. Some are educators or in the educational system and aren’t behaving as if there’s any care about any person. How does one deal with the behaviors? Ignore, shut down “devices” or any means in which the persons can get through, supply complaints about the behavior. Not every person will ever be against any person.

There is justice. There’s a way to get through the mob and mob is used to describe the persons involved because that’s exactly how their behaving as if the persons are in a mob. Taunting, bullying, harassing. No matter how many attacks administered i’m continuing on. Some are so power driven that they’ll do just about anything to make sure others aren’t in higher “positions.” The troubles in which I’m experiencing. So many leaders have experienced the same abuse.

No matter how hard they come at me=Tanikka Paulk. There will continue to be standing firm. Of course it’s a headache to have to deal with so many individuals who are devilish. Not wanting to see a climb. Not wanting a person to move elsewhere. It’s not easy to not lose control. Not easy to witness persons continuously on the attack. Someday’s it may appear as if the entire world is against me=Tanikka Paulk. Their “main source” is technology.

What they’re doing is causing a more unstable society. Their actions aren’t justified in anyway. Even the ones incarcerated deserve to be treated fairly. Any person being harassed and bullied should contact the appropriate agencies in order receive some help with dealing with a very troubled crowd. So may have experienced severe bullying and some aren’t here to express how bullying has caused a lot of damage. Of course I’m not surprised by the behavior because there was a “Commissioner “who received the same attacks and he took his committed suicide.

There si evilness and some aren’t stable and although there are some who are in high positions. They really shouldn’t be. The bible speaks about wickedness in high places which also means in high positions. There are some who believe they have ever right to do what they’re doing. Until there’s consequences for their actions. The persons will continue to bully others. I’m know pushover and “will continue to advocate. “”Still Standing Firm and There has to be a Reason While I’m Still on the Battlefield.” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

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Advocacy is the Desire to Fight for Causes and Rights

Advocates can come across some of the toughest battles. When it comes to fighting for the ones of self and others, there may be a lot of resistance, some continuously fighting against the person or persons. No matter how many try to stop “advocates or activists” from fighting for rights and causes no advocate should back down. Even when there’s a lot of noise and threats. That’s right. There are a lot of advocates and activists who have received threats. There are some who suffered a demise because of their voice.

Not every individual will believe in advocacy. There are some who may not accept certain advocates for whatever reason. Advocating isn’t an easy tasks. There are some advocates who are compensated for their advocacy but a lot are not. Some choose to become advocates because of experiences and the desire to help others. It’s certainly difficult to advocate when there’s a lot of individuals unwilling to accept “the position.”

Some may not want advocates to generate attention on certain issues. If there’s advocating involving corruption then there could be some individuals who aren’t pleased with an advocate who chooses to bring attention towards corruption. A lot of reasons have to do with the persons knowing who’s involved in the corruption or not wanting certain individuals to suffer consequences. There are a lot of rights continuing to be violated. If no one stand up then the injustices “will continue.”

Some may not believe in some advocate until they’ve made a strong case. Meaning when they’ve found some solutions and made some positive changes then there may be confidence built towards the advocates. Every person has rights and so many do not know what their “rights” are. A person has a right to live peacefully. To be free from threats whether coming from citizens or the law. To be free from being harassed and attacked in anyway.

If persons aren’t in a position to advocate then the persons can choose to allow others to do the advocating. Not every person will feel brave enough to advocate. “To take a stand.” Some suffer severely because of their rights being violated. Some choose to continue to violate person’s rights because there’s thoughts that the individuals are pushovers or unwilling to speak up. Once there are consequences then the actions will be minimized or cease altogether.

“I’m a Writer, Blogger, and Advocate who Continues to Fight Against Some of the Injustices.” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

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Writer, Blogger, and Visionary. I have a degree in Business Administration/Criminal Justice. I love fighting for people’s rights. I’m called “The Mommy Advocate.” Will advocate in any are area. (Tanikka Paulk).

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Don’t Take my Name Please

My name is¬†Tanikka Paulk and my Passion is writing and I’m blogger. “Advocate” and Founder of :The Remarkable Person Project.” Life Experiences VP (Visionary With a Purpose). Have Blogs that go by the title Beyond Life Experiences by:¬†Tanikka Paulk. Here’s the thing they try to my name, credit for my work, and oh my goodness they’ll continuously try to steal my identity. I’m sure I’m the only one. The culprits are so duh. Why would individuals want to do duplicate me=¬†Tanikka Paulk? Especially individuals who are suppose to be highly successful.

“My Work. “Tanikka Tanikka!¬†Tanikka Paulk Work. The one From Miami Florida. One Founder of “The Remarkable Person Project” Which Highlights African American Men, Women, and Youth Craft and Contributions to Society.

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Pretty ridiculous it appears as if not too many are secure within and not pleased with their own talents. Too many try to hang on to another person’s gifts. Lying to make their way in. Proof will tell what the real deal is. Some claim pretending but they’re actually being deceptive. Using the claim in order to gain more. Soon enough they’ll be labeled as con artists. Some are highly success but greedy. The need to make sure others don’t reach the top. Blaming and trying to chastise others when in no position to do so. The whole trying to frame and set up me= “Tanikka Paulk” is just an avenue which can lead the individuals behind a cold cell. My name belongs to me=Tanikka Paulk. Although proof is provided over and over again the individuals continue to try and keep my identity.

No laws enforced but I’m advocating and will continue to do so. No matter how many come up against me=¬†Tanikka Paulk I’m, carrying on. Don’t be surprised who’s apart of the group of culprits. The ones who claim to be angelic are the very ones trying to bring risers down. A take down in which can be quite difficult. The insults, daily attacks, and harassment won’t stop my “progress.” No matter what’s said I’m still confident enough to proceed.

There are some who are so use to getting away with stealing identities and impersonating others. Some may not know how to stop doing what they’re doing. No intervention because the ones “who” are positions to do so could be apart of the corruption themselves. There are some who really deserve to be sent away for many years and until there’s some severe consequences. They’ll probably carry on. In time though. They’ll have their day.

The best thing to do is continue smiling and carrying on. There will be a lot who will constantly try to stop a dream, a vision, and ideas. So many are extremely insecure. Not being “confident” in their own skin could be their downfall. Too many simply give up on pursuing because of what so many have and will continue to try and do. There’s also a lot who will try to drive persons insane because they simply are trying to gain the work of another.

Am I Tanikka Paulk Dismayed by What They’re Trying to do? No!

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We’re in a Very Unfair World

Unfairness is certainly something so many are unable to get away from. There are some who are treated differently because of their “gifts.” We’re all aware of unfair treatment all one has to do is take a look at how slaves were treated. Individuals who were treated inhumane. Some tossed out like garbage and look at how Jesus Christ was treated so who am I? Well the treatment received as generated some thoughts of where a lot of minds are headed. No matter how many think they’re causing mistreatment, unfairness, and violating my rights. There is a reason why I’m still here.

I’m always being looked after and I’ve certainly been through a lot in my lifetime. Some become filled with joy when they know they’re mistreating others. “Some not concerned with unfair treatment.” There are some so in tuned with trying to taint a person’s name, ruin their dreams, stop a vision that they’re causing their own heartache. In the long run their actions will be served the proper consequences. No slave, not willing to be controlled, and certainly won’t go down without a fight.

Yes, it’s so unsettling to discover how so many are behaving crabs. Some not even concerned about their own elevation but are willing to make sure others do not prosper in someway. Some of the individuals in pursuit to cause a fall for me=¬†Tanikka Paulk are so broken up the individuals need Jesus Christ and without ¬†Jesus there is no way to get to His Father. The unfairness is in no way a means to stop my “progress.” To cause a cease in my vision. If some aren’t happy within then perhaps the individuals should figure out why.

I’m chosen for a reason. My position may have caused a lot to become irritated but before my birth there was a destiny chosen for me=Tanikka Paulk. No amount of heckling or words thrown at me=Tanikka Paulk to want to stop. Some have projected threats and still I’m continuing on. There are so many who have joined forces which can be considered evilness in order to try and stop “the movement.” I’m still here and there’s a reason for my placement.

There are some who continuously have their rights violated. Some are mistreated behind closed doors. There’s a lot of adult bullying and a lot of people engaging in activities which can not only harm others but harm the ones who are engaging in the activities. Some are so insecure and that’s why they’ll try to stop others from elevating. Some are aware that they’re not being fair and as soon as a person stands up they’ll become angry. No person should allow mistreatment. Slavery should’ve occurred and so many don’t want to speak about slavery because they don’t won’t to be reminded of “the injustice.”

A lot of injustices. So many aren’t “strong enough to take a stand.” Where’s the courage and the bravery? Seems to be lost. Too many are willing to follow individuals who will lead the persons to hell not sending the individuals but because of their own doing there is a possibility for a residence in hell. A lot of very disconnected people. Too many who want to control others and want to be their slave master. Not mine.

“Too Strong to not Take a Stand and Willing to Stand Form” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

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It’s Important to Break Away From the Negativity

Negative environments can make any person’s health decline. Being surrounded by negative people is a sure way to become negative. ¬†Of course there will be some positivity but too much negativity can be quite draining. Taking time to reflect and “experience peacefulness” helps. Some people are always negative no matter what’s occurring. Never giving any positive energy. There are some environments which are controlled by negative thinkers. The ones who have nothing on their agenda but to cause havoc.

That’s why so many have chosen to spend less time online. Online is a place where so many come to vent. To project their frustrations out on others. The main areas where the toxins are spilled out are social media platforms. Some causing so many problems that some of the users have decided to leave. No person should have to. Every person who uses social media or any other platform should be allowed to do so without being bullied or harassed.

Even celebrities have experienced the toxins of so many. Some having to alert the authorities. There are a lot of adults who are behaving like children. Some bullying individuals everyday. Why are some so toxic? There’s many reasons why. For some they’re trying to gain power. Some not wanting to see others get ahead. Some could be going through problems in which they may not know how to deal with. Whatever the “reasons” are. No person should tolerate being harassed and bullied.

Some may try to force individuals to give up on their dreams. There may be some who try to intimidate others. It’s unfortunate that there’s so many who appear to be unstable. To be negative everyday simply isn’t normal. Perhaps there isn’t very many happy people in the world. Some appear to be lost and not enjoying their lives. There are some who are simply trying to create disconnections. More and more are in tuned with other people’s lives.

There should be more energy placed in being productive instead of causing havoc. The problem is, there aren’t many rules online. If the platforms get tougher and the law as well then there may be less chaos taking place. Individuals have every right to stand up for themselves. To take action which can include hiring a lawyer and alerting the authorities. Taking “a stand against bullying” can help others who are facing bullies. They’re sitting behind a computer or on their devices trying to control others.

Some sending threatening messages and some will be extra childish and send insulting messages. Perhaps looking for some attention. There are many who aren’t pleased with how their lives are going so they’ll try to destroy others. Many forming a gang of bullies. Any person who is “determined” to get ahead will continue even when the bullies start projecting their toxins. Some latching on to a persons’s vision and dreams and refusing to let go. Something has to be done about the injustices. Even if there’s only one standing up. One is better than none at all.

“Obtaining Peace Will Occur. I’m Certainly not Going to Allow any Person to Take Away my Peace.” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

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Will Santosha Beads Bring Happiness and Contentment?

Finally I have my first ever Santosha beads. This was the “garland” composed of semi-precious stones that I mentioned in my other post : “Do You Know About Santosha Beads?…”

It was delivered last Friday, right after I finished posting that post. The guard called me, saying I have a package from a friend. But I could not immediately pick it up because I have no one to ask and go to get it. I do not want to get out that time, and told the guard he should had let the delivery man inside the village.

Touching the Beads

Photo above shows the Santosha beads that my online friend sent me. It was contained in a nice golden silk pouch which also smelled so sweet. It has 108 with different colors, majority are blue, brown, and some black. It has a blue main “Guru” as they called it, with a golden pendant and blue tassel.

I was so glad to touch the beads for the first time. My friend said as I say gratitude and feel each bead, it is energized every time I do it.

“108 Is a Sacred Number”

According to the leaflet that was contained in the golden pouch, 108 is a sacred number. The Santosha garland has 108 beads. The leaflet reads (in part):” Santosha is a Sanskrit word that means totally content. It is he deep satisfaction in the heart, the lightness and joy that is present regardless of one’s circumstances. It is the contentment that is the foundation for true happiness.”

Saying 108 Thanks

I do not know if I can always complete the 108 thank you’s daily. But I tried using it last Saturday while I am having my morning walks. So I said I am happy I was able to walk that morning, that the sun was shining so beautifully, that the morning per se was so beautiful, etc. and so on and as I walk,I was able to say 108 gratitude for the things that I felt and saw that morning.

Even completing the 108 gratitudes was a great accomplishment and I felt so light and happy for it!

Indeed, having a Santosha garland can make me have some deep concentration and focus on the positive things that surround me. It brings happiness and contentment, even for the simple or smallest things you see. Like the green grass, the chirping of the birds, the nice neighbors, you nice husband, etc. And you will really feel that you are blessed with so many beautiful things that can make you contented with what you have.

Radiating the Happiness

When you are happy, it will reflect on your aura and even the people you meet, especially in your home will feel it too. You are like radiating the sunshine! You bring happiness to people around you.

And this is what I think is the best thing that a Santosha garland can bring.
As my online friend said, it is her advocacy to spread goodness and contentment through the Santosha beads. And I knew, I can contribute to that advocacy too.Even you who do not have Santosha beads can spread happiness by being a good person. Others would be “infected” with that happiness.

What do you think? Thanks for reading.

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