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Oh yes indeed there are so many unwilling to accept that I’m in a “Leadership” (Tanikka Paulk) position. How many are having difficulties adjusting? It appears as though there are way too many not accepting what is so. No matter what their views are there will be changes and although they’re giving me=Tanikka Paulk difficulties. I’m certainly going to continue. I’m so appreciative to the ones helping to connect bright futures. There are plans to incur the necessary increases so that more and more can work. “Trabajos” works. It’s necessary and of great importance. There are future plans to add the additional persons so that the visions can grow extensively.

What they’re not realizing is that the journey will connect each person coming along to greater heights. There should be focus on creating a stronger economy. So many continue to take what is said and done out of context. The distractions continue but it’s in everyone’s best interest to assist with climbing higher. How many would rather have their country suffer economically? It appears as though some aren’t considering the consequences when trying to sabotage “progress.” If there’s continuous interruptions then there will be declines. I’m sure some wouldn’t want to experience further hardships.

I’m continuing to ponder on what needs to occur in order to produce stabilized budgets. If there’s more injustices then there will be declines which so many aren’t prepared to experience. Yes, dealing with the matters can sometimes be pressure filled but doing so isn’t impossible, there will be continuous actions towards greater. I’ve supplied some of “what is needed” but there will have to be silent actions occurring in order to become even more successful. The actions of so many have caused some setbacks but thank goodness there are agencies willing to assist perhaps because they’re longing to be more successful.

The ones unwilling to accept will have difficulties because their of their thinking process. The words which float about haven’t caused the helpers to discontinue their “helping hands.” The Government is greatly appreciated although so many have expressed their disapproval of such. To continue is important and there should be strong advocacy when dealing with the matters at hand. “The focus continues to be on what is necessary to help communities, the country, and the state of Florida and at a later date other states.

There has and will continue to be progress. The individuals continuing to try and cause a decline aren’t doing themselves any favors. Have to consider the shape of a country. What should occur is prosperity. There needs to be more revenue in order to create better jobs, better pay, and better living. The cost of living continues to rise and there should be increases in wages. The “budgets” certainly need further review. So many will discover that their actions have caused some delays but won’t cause the advocates to stop advocating. I’m continuing to advocate and will continue to be a voice.

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“Let the Advocacy Generate the Transformations.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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