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Ever Heard of a Boss Paying him or herself?

There’s certainly a lot to consider. Perhaps some of what’s to be considered is “the information” supplied. It’s certainly thinking and perhaps some others should consider developing a proper thinking process. “What Makes Sense. No Boss can pay him or herself there has to be a company, business, organization. County, State, or Country paying the person or persons.” Some just don’t understand. Really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out common sense. Perhaps thinking is so difficult for so many because they’re never thinking about the positives.

Evildoers will have difficulties trying to be apart of goodness. They may not enjoy watching goodness excel. Yes, they’re watching, and there must be good reasons to keep their eyes on a Boss. So many may not admit that they’re inspired by the person or persons so they’ll act out. What is for a person is for a person. What is declared is so. It’s already stated that that is so. Hmmm. That, that, this= Tanikka Paulk. God said that it was good and it :is good.” (T. Paulk) Why would they want to attack their own kind? Goodness seems to get under so  many persons skin.

The boss expects to be compensated. Every person working expects to be paid. There’s certainly proof that I’m a leader and I’ve received compensation so why shouldn’t the compensation be expected. What’s designed for Boss=Tanikka Paulk is and I’m fighting to receive what’s suppose to come to me=Tanikka Paulk. Subtract and eventually they’ll be unexpected additions. Perhaps they’ve focused on the wrong areas. Soon enough there will be monies supplied to the rightful owner. The boss is expected to be compensated and will advocate make the necessary noise to receive what’s owed.

When there’s proof that a person is the boss, in a leadership position, and they’re treated unfairly there has to be some standing up. To remain quiet about the unfair treatment could result in others being treated in the same manner. “I’m going to keep speaking up and will receive because God already declared it.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). Stealing huh? That’s basically what they’re doing. Misjudged and there will be judgments administered. Watch and see. There is still a smile on my face because I’m aware of the favor God has for me=Tanikka Paulk. My rights are violated and I’m in the “advocating” zone.

My eyes continue to be on the unjust. They’re going to be sentenced to the max. Some seem to think that the only form of punishment is prison. God can do what mankind can not do. Every action is observed but I’m going “to continue” being in my “leadership position” and there’s proof so many want to become Tanikkame=Tanikka Paulk. The you, YOU, You. You! YOU!= Tanikka Paulk. So defined and feeling glorious. Glory! The helping hands know what needs to occur. Amen to that=Tanikka Paulk. 🙂

“Leadership!” That’s Tanikka Paulk

“So There’s Transformations Occurring?” (Tanikka Paulk)

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