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Can any Person even Imagine

How many can imagine being harassed everyday of their lives? Not too many. Not even criminals receive the treatment in which is projected towards me=Tanikka Paulk. Never, ever, ever have I Tanikka Paulk  witnessed so many disorderly people in my life. There are so many who are either unstable or just plain envious. Imagine having to deal with a bunch of folks who behave as if  they’re wild animals. Some really “need” to be detained becaus eof tehir behavior and their desire to violate not only my rights but the rights of others. The ones who are suppose to set an example are the very ones who are continuing to abuse their power.

The high ranked individuals may thing that they’re in a position to treat others any way they see fit. They’re so wrong and until they meet their match. They’ll probably continue to administer the behavior. Some are in no position to supply any form of punishment. No person should be severely bullied and harassed. Some are educators or in the educational system and aren’t behaving as if there’s any care about any person. How does one deal with the behaviors? Ignore, shut down “devices” or any means in which the persons can get through, supply complaints about the behavior. Not every person will ever be against any person.

There is justice. There’s a way to get through the mob and mob is used to describe the persons involved because that’s exactly how their behaving as if the persons are in a mob. Taunting, bullying, harassing. No matter how many attacks administered i’m continuing on. Some are so power driven that they’ll do just about anything to make sure others aren’t in higher “positions.” The troubles in which I’m experiencing. So many leaders have experienced the same abuse.

No matter how hard they come at me=Tanikka Paulk. There will continue to be standing firm. Of course it’s a headache to have to deal with so many individuals who are devilish. Not wanting to see a climb. Not wanting a person to move elsewhere. It’s not easy to not lose control. Not easy to witness persons continuously on the attack. Someday’s it may appear as if the entire world is against me=Tanikka Paulk. Their “main source” is technology.

What they’re doing is causing a more unstable society. Their actions aren’t justified in anyway. Even the ones incarcerated deserve to be treated fairly. Any person being harassed and bullied should contact the appropriate agencies in order receive some help with dealing with a very troubled crowd. So may have experienced severe bullying and some aren’t here to express how bullying has caused a lot of damage. Of course I’m not surprised by the behavior because there was a “Commissioner “who received the same attacks and he took his committed suicide.

There si evilness and some aren’t stable and although there are some who are in high positions. They really shouldn’t be. The bible speaks about wickedness in high places which also means in high positions. There are some who believe they have ever right to do what they’re doing. Until there’s consequences for their actions. The persons will continue to bully others. I’m know pushover and “will continue to advocate. “”Still Standing Firm and There has to be a Reason While I’m Still on the Battlefield.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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