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Similarities Seemed to Cause Confusion

So many seem to think that similarities are the same. There individuals having similar names, hairstyles, wearing similar clothing but the individuals aren’t the same. There seems to be so many unwilling “to accept” (Tanikka Paulk) and yes there are many names associated with my real name. Self identity is very important and I’m secure about myself. Tiki is my nickname and there are others having the same nick name or perhaps are using the nickname but it’s the information in which will reveal the true identity. “There are so many insisting on taking my information and what are they doing with the information using it.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

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What are the connections up to? If individuals would pay close attention to their own business then there would be less confusions but there seems to be so many in tuned with what’s occurring in every aspect of my life. Here’s the thing yes there’s a connection with the ‘Nation of Islam.” I’m a believer and there are many connections which some aren’t quite happy about. There are individuals whom have tried to take credit for my child births. The very children I’ve given birth to are the ones some have tried to take credit for conceiving. Tanikka Paulk pushed out the sons. My name is similar to others but I’m certainly different obviously.

Oh what a journey imagine having to deal with folks pretending as if they’re brainless or perhaps are. My name is my name, my children belong to me=Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka S. Wilson), I was raised in Miami Fl. and raised by my great grandmother but still there are so many trying to take my identity. What’s the deal? Is it my uniqueness or what? There are many stolen identities and what to do about identities stolen? There certainly has to be some advocating. Are some inspired or are they “just” trying to cause havoc?

It’s amazing how many People will try to steal an identity. As if they’re lacking confidence afraid to be whom they were called to be. It appears as though even men are wanting to become women meaning they’re trying to take the name, the entire identity, perhaps wanting to give childbirth. Funny! Annoying indeed when there are so many trying to identify themselves as the “you”= Tanikka Paulk. The troubles in which so many have caused and it seems as though in the process of doing such they’ve ended up in sticky situations. Indeed.

My movement continues although my identity has been stolen. My information seems to be of great interest. There is still the firmness when it comes to gaining my identity. I’ve tried to be patient and it seems as though so many are realizing that they’ve made a big mistake by stealing my information. Corruptions yes and perhaps there will be many lessons. Society seems to be confused and there needs to be instruction and great instructors. “There is the focus to proceed where there needs to be building and rebuilding.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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