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Politics is not Only Tricky but can be Damaging

There are some great politicians who really do care about the well being of others. However there are some who have no business being in politics. Not offering any solutions but creating chaos. Some politicians seem to think that their positions mean that treating others unfairly is justified. They’re so wrong. There’s no reason why any politician should treat citizens unfairly. No politician should violate the rights of people. Any “politician” who constantly causes a disservice shouldn’t be in office. It appears as if a lot of corruption surrounds politics.

There are some willing to do the right thing. Some go beyond their call of duty. There are some who continuously show their gratitude towards others. It’s really unfortunate that so many aren’t doing what they’ve been voted in to do. There are some who simply should try other careers. Not all politicians are people friendly. There are some who are quite corrupt and will continue to do what they’re doing unless there’s a reason not to. “Politics” isn’t always peachy. There are some who seem to have taken the positions in order to become powerful.

Perhaps some politicians aren’t considering that it’s citizens who vote the politicians in. They’re quite vengeful some are. Not considering the voters and causing all sorts of madness. Perhaps there’s some politicians who are so competitive that they’ll do what it takes to compete. Some can destroy a whole nation. Too many people are victimized by politics and politicians. Some not aware of their “rights” and continue to be victimized. So many may be afraid to stand up to politicians.

Politicians Violating Rights

Unfortunately there’s a lot of politicians who are bullies and not concerned about the rights of voters or anyone else for that matter. They’re actually sabotaging society and in the long run will suffer a decline for their actions. There’s way too many people who refuse to stand up against the injustices which continue to occur. Politics is no game. Although there are some politicians who seem to be playing games. There has to be seriousness in politics. Some politicians are over “healthcare” and why would any politician want to play around with healthcare?

Some may believe they’re in no position to stand up to the bullies. Any person who is in charge of a country should be stable and use good judgement. “Some don’t seem to be appreciative” of voters who go out and vote the politicians in. There are Senators who feel as if they’re justified in mistreating citizens. There is no reason any person should be mistreated but especially from politicians. So many complain but refuse to do anything about what they’ve had to face.

There needs to be a change. There needs to be more caring politicians. If there is a continuous decline in politics then the country will suffer greatly. There seems to be a breakdown in communication and in other areas. Politicians have even resulted to debates which involve bullying the ones running against the other. What a sad way to continue to do business because business is certainly involved in politics. There will continue to be a decline and “citizens could decide to stop voting” of course not all will but every vote counts.

“Politicians Should be Fair and try to Understand all People. Voters are the Ones who Vote the Politicians in.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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    1. That statement is so true….everybody wanted trump to be president so bad and look at us now…smh…my mama always said be careful what you wish for.we definatley need to do more research as americans on our governments.


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