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A Hypothesis about the Future World Politics Trend

It is true that today the United States have no absolute control over the international scenario, as had happened after the World War II until the demise of the Soviet Union. It is also true that, as has been rightly pointed out by Zygmunt Bauman, we now live in a liquid modern world  where today’s superpowers are more streamlined than in the past by the raise of new powers  like China, India,  Brazil & others (Bauman: 1). Now everything is boiling,  or does not seem to have  secure horizons. However, experience shows that what is liquid turns usually into solid, and that sooner or later (that is to say, over the next ten or twenty years) the international political situation will have much more defined contours.


A first step of the future world politics trend and solidification is the renewed presence of Russia on the international chessboard. President Putin really gives rise to a new scenario, where Russia is accommodated within the center of a new strategic alliance that inevitably one day will collide with that of the United States:


“Russia has regained its role as a major world power and thus showed that it [Russia] is not a negligible party in international affairs, but that it will have to be reckoned with in the future […] Today the […] US influence in Central Asia is associated again with Russia, China and Iran, three different countries, yet forming a real community of interests which represents 1.5 billion people, ” Alain de Benoist  said. Besides, he added that Americans are perfectly aware of the development of this particular scenario. In fact, since the early 1940s they knew and appreciated the geopolitical writings of Nicholas Spykman who pointed out that,  “The United States must recognize once again, and permanently, that the power constellation in Europe and Asia is of everlasting concern to her, both in time of war and in time of peace.” And Adam Garfinkle recently observed that “Spykman’s views were universally known and widely appreciated” in the United States (Francis S. Sempa: XXVIII, XXXII, footnote 69).


In this connection, Alain de Benoist firmly continued: “Who controls Eurasia, controls the world, Brzezinski said. To control  Eurasia, means, first of all, adopting a strategy of encirclement of Russia and China. The encirclement of Russia strategy includes the installation of new military bases in Eastern Europe, the establishment of anti-missiles defense systems in Poland, Czech Republic and Romania, supporting the accession of Ukraine and Georgia to Nato, and pursuing an aggressive policy aiming to dislocate Russia’s influence in key regions around the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus. In terms of energy supply, this strategy leads to the control of Central Asia’s pipelines, Central Asia being transformed into an American protectorate encouraging the development of pipelines in the Caspian to bypass Russia and to reach Turkey, as well as limiting as much as possible the access of Russian tankers to the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits.” (Alain de Benoist).


Russia’s  pragmatic President, Vladimir Putin, is called on to measure himself against Donald Trump, an equally pragmatic man  who (at least it seems to me)  is perhaps more helpful than others in dealing with the issue of a new division of the liquid world in favor of both America and Russia. But really Central Asia will be “transformed into an American protectorate?” I doubt it.  China’s relationship with Russia will be “inevitable, ” Alexandros Petersen & Katinka Barysch  said:


“From an energy perspective, the relationship between Russia and China should be straightforward. Russia is the world’s biggest hydrocarbon producer. China one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing energy market […] A long-term strategic energy relationship between the two looks not only commercially viable but almost inevitable.”


In Alexandros Petersen & Katinka Barysch’s magnificent work, the problems of the triangular relations among China, Russia and United States are posed as follows:


“In the immediate post-Cold War period China took a passive approach to Central Asia, staying on the sidelines of the Russia-American struggle for influence in the region. More recently, however, with economic and energy considerations rising into to the fore and China more self-confident in its foreign policy, this has changed dramatically.” (Barysch & Petersen: 2, 39, 32,  42).


Richard Morningstar, the Obama’s administration special envoy stressed that  “The US position was and still is that Russia should not have a monopoly on pipelines.”. Furthermore, “The Chinese used the global financial crisis to further expand their influence in Central Asia, offering cash-strapped local regimes large scale loans for economic stimulus and energy investments.”


Thus, both Russia and America will divide equally Central Asia among them for making their business, but China will play gooseberry. So, the Russia and the United States need to have a cordial   relationship for effectively opposing the Chinese presence in Central Asia.  But the drama is open to different interpretations and implications.




Banjoist, Alain de. The End of the Present World: The Post-American Century and Beyond Conference. Speech. London, October 12, 2013.

Bauman, Zygmunt. 44 Letters From the Liquid Modern World. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2011.

Sempa, Francis P. «The Geopolitical Realism of Nicholas Spykman .» Spykman, Nicholas J. America’s Strategy in World Politics. Brunswick: Transaction Publisher, 2008.

Barysch, Alexandros & Petersen,  Katinka. Russia, China and the geopolitics of energy in Central Asia. London: The Centre for European Reform (CER), 2011.



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Don’t Have to Look far at all
October 10, 2017

\There’s shows which display some of the most ridiculous criminals. Some aren’t smart at all. It’s amazing how many will commit crimes right in front of law enforcement and “amazing how many are apart of breeches.” “Breaches are a Violation of the Law but so Many Aren’t Even Concerned or too Empty Headed to Think They’ll be Caught.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). I’m continuously being harassed and bullied but although these things are occurring, there is no way that I’m going to give in to the crooks, and any person who’s treating me=(Tanikka Paulk) and others unfairly. I’m advocate/activist and will continue to stand firm.

The attacks aren’t a reason to stop being in pursuit of more achievements. The persons aren’t just committing crimes but are being violating in every way. There’s so much proof that such things are occurring and soon enough the persons involved will receive what their due. Some of the most dumbest criminals ever. Not only violating rights and laws but are at least trying to run havoc “in my devices” and my devices mean (Tanikka Paulk) devices. Hopefully the criminals will receive their sentencing which is deserved. The crooks have no right to violate any persons rights and to alter information. There are some who just didn’t think at all before acting. For some they’ve already received prison time and they’re still on the path of criminal activity.

There is no way that I’m going to continue to allow such injustices to occur. The harassment won’t make me=(Tanikka Paulk) give in to any of the individuals. There’s “politicians” who have claimed executive order but executive orders do not involve an entire country. The entire United States appear to be in my devices and other countries are observing just how much stupidity the United States has. They’re certainly going to reap because they’ve come up against what God has declared “Anointed.” I Tanikka Paulk have been called on a spiritual level and have been chosen for “Leadership.”

As I’m writing, I’m well aware that they’re watching, and each day they’re wasting time attacking and trying to discredit. It’s so sad that so many are so deceptive. The ones who were perceived to be up standing individuals aren’t anymore. There’s some who some may not “have considered” to such idiots but have proven to be so. What has occurred hasn’t gone unnoticed. Other countries have stated how corrupt the Untied States is. The persons have done themselves an injustice because they’re going to receive their sentencing whether in prison or the type which God the Creator of Mankind dishes out.

It’s not easy being attacked by so many but I’m prepared because I continue to keep on “The Full Armor of God.” No matter how destructive the individuals are God forgives but mankind may take longer to forgive. It’s quite difficult to offer forgiveness when the persons keep projecting the same behavior again and again. How can persons who violate rights, commit identity theft, and cause breeches point any fingers? How? They’re criminals and they’re not welcomed in my devices.

For some they’ve simply have ruined their careers because they’ve chosen to not only come after “The Chosen One” but to commit all sorts of crimes right in front of “law enforcement agencies.: I’ve never even heard of such things occurring before but am aware that there’s a person who received harassment and bullying attacks because of their blessings. Some aren’t just cruel but they’re also mindless. Despite what occurs I’m still going to “Love.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

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THIS is a blog why didn’t i know this

Ok so my husband who has to have his friend instal games onto his computer and has actually though that smashing a computer would help the problem, informed me that this is a blog, and I in typical me fashion had to ask “But I thought blogging was harder?” and my husband bless him decided he was going to try a blog. He could only think of ug-nug and uthel scenes but some of those are actually funny  so i may at a later date be posting them in the future as my husband said i should be the one writing things.

Ug-nug and Uthel are my husbands caveman perspective on married life and just general problems that a cave man would have solved easily with a club and smashing items such as computers, chairs, brooms, balls, baby toys that don’t want to fit together, etc. In another aspect he has some pretty interesting views on the world, and life in general.  Oh and i mustn’t forget the grunting, cave-men grunt a lot its not because they don’t know how to talk its simply they don’t need to talk cause grunting is somehow a “language”. I don’t know so don’t ask.

so just a generalization of things I’m sort of blogging by simply writing about things that happen or are said. nifty but hey that’s why they say everyone has an opinion but as wise people know words are the most important weapon in the human arsenal for the simple fact that words/sounds in general evoke emotion and emotion is more likely to sway a audience than any facts or figures. so for now and i suppose until we lose our freedom of speech which is fast approaching i will give the views of a family who is trying really hard to stay positive in a very hard life but that’s life for everyone we all worry about food or bills. and we all take in the little moments that mean so much.

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Politics is not Only Tricky but can be Damaging

There are some great politicians who really do care about the well being of others. However there are some who have no business being in politics. Not offering any solutions but creating chaos. Some politicians seem to think that their positions mean that treating others unfairly is justified. They’re so wrong. There’s no reason why any politician should treat citizens unfairly. No politician should violate the rights of people. Any “politician” who constantly causes a disservice shouldn’t be in office. It appears as if a lot of corruption surrounds politics.

There are some willing to do the right thing. Some go beyond their call of duty. There are some who continuously show their gratitude towards others. It’s really unfortunate that so many aren’t doing what they’ve been voted in to do. There are some who simply should try other careers. Not all politicians are people friendly. There are some who are quite corrupt and will continue to do what they’re doing unless there’s a reason not to. “Politics” isn’t always peachy. There are some who seem to have taken the positions in order to become powerful.

Perhaps some politicians aren’t considering that it’s citizens who vote the politicians in. They’re quite vengeful some are. Not considering the voters and causing all sorts of madness. Perhaps there’s some politicians who are so competitive that they’ll do what it takes to compete. Some can destroy a whole nation. Too many people are victimized by politics and politicians. Some not aware of their “rights” and continue to be victimized. So many may be afraid to stand up to politicians.

Politicians Violating Rights

Unfortunately there’s a lot of politicians who are bullies and not concerned about the rights of voters or anyone else for that matter. They’re actually sabotaging society and in the long run will suffer a decline for their actions. There’s way too many people who refuse to stand up against the injustices which continue to occur. Politics is no game. Although there are some politicians who seem to be playing games. There has to be seriousness in politics. Some politicians are over “healthcare” and why would any politician want to play around with healthcare?

Some may believe they’re in no position to stand up to the bullies. Any person who is in charge of a country should be stable and use good judgement. “Some don’t seem to be appreciative” of voters who go out and vote the politicians in. There are Senators who feel as if they’re justified in mistreating citizens. There is no reason any person should be mistreated but especially from politicians. So many complain but refuse to do anything about what they’ve had to face.

There needs to be a change. There needs to be more caring politicians. If there is a continuous decline in politics then the country will suffer greatly. There seems to be a breakdown in communication and in other areas. Politicians have even resulted to debates which involve bullying the ones running against the other. What a sad way to continue to do business because business is certainly involved in politics. There will continue to be a decline and “citizens could decide to stop voting” of course not all will but every vote counts.

“Politicians Should be Fair and try to Understand all People. Voters are the Ones who Vote the Politicians in.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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Who’s Going To Win The French Presidential Election On May 7, 2017?
April 24, 2017

Will it be Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen who is going to be the next French President? These two presidential candidates will have a run-off election this coming May 7, 2017.

Almost 96% of the votes cast last Sunday were already counted and it is very clear that Emmanuel Macron has garnered almost 23.9% of the total votes cast, while Marine Le Pen has garnered a total of 21.4% of the casted votes.

That’s the precise reason why there will be run-off election this coming May 7, 2017 in order to decide which between these two candidates will be the next President of France.

Emmanuel Macron And Marine Le Pen A Study In Contrast

   Whoever between these two candidates who will come out as the real winner will for sure have lasting impact on the political landscape of France, of Europe, the European Union and the world in general.

France together with Germany are the two strongest members and supporters of the European Union or the EU in mainland Europe. The continuing membership or non-membership of France in the European Union will have a deep and wide impact on the survival of the European Union as an organization.

Emmanuel Macron is said to be a centrist politician. Being a centrist politician, he is said to be pro-European and is in favor of the total deregulation or liberalization of the whole French economy. He is also a believer and proponent for a multi-billion dollar public investment program.

On the other hand, the candidate and politician Marine Le Pen is said to be far-right in orientation. She calls for the shake-up and review of France relationship with the European Union or EU, she also believes in anti-immigrant policy by decreasing the number of immigrant. She is in favor of the closure of the so-called extremist mosques.

In terms of profession, Emmanuel Macron is a banker. While on the other hand Marine Le Pen is a lawyer.

There is a saying that during the first round of voting, the French voters uses its emotion, while during the second voting, the French voters uses its head.

May 7, 2017 Run-off Election

   For sure the presidential election on May 7, 2017 will be a neck and neck fight between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. This will not only be a clash of the personality between these two politicians but so many things are at stake here.

But this will also be a battle between two opposing political beliefs and principles: Centrist and the Far-Right politics.

Both political parties where Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen belongs to will do its best to mobilize all of its forces, supporters and resources in order to win the May 7, 2017 presidential election.

It is also certain that from the looks of it and that from all indications, the coming political fight between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will be a very closely contested fight indeed.

Let us wait and see for the moment whose going to appear to be the ultimate winner: Macron or Le Pen?

May the best man or woman win!

Image source: http://www.india.com/news/world/french-presidential-elections-2017-emmanuel-macron-takes-early-lead-marine-le-pen-trails-both-likely-to-clear-first-round-2060067/





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Don’t Allow the Injustices to Linger on

There’s a lot of injustices which need our attention. So many don’t seem to be in tuned with wanting  to solve the major problems which continue to disrupt society. Not one, not two , not three can solve the matters. There has to be an agreement to try and tackle at least some of “the injustices” which are extremely concerning. Doesn’t appear as if society will become any stronger without the leaders wanting to see to the injustices. The problems won’t go away on their own.

Society is broken and in order to see a better society. There has to be some willing to try and face some of the issues. “The whole country is continuing to decline.” There’s so many issues and way too many people pretend as if the issues aren’t a big problem. It’s unfortunate that there’s so many hotheads within the United States. The ones who continue to cause havoc for others. Not even concerned about the economical disconnections. The behaviors have driven society into the mud.

The misconduct by authority as well as citizens continues. Why do so many become out of control? Little to no consequences. There’s a lot of underhanded behaviors. Way too many people breaking the law and a whole lot of abuse of power. The dysfunctional behaviors will drive the country into a war zone. “The leadership” isn’t up to par and the wrong individuals are taking over matters which aren’t even their concern. No authority but ceasing what shouldn’t be stopped at all.

Continuing to create a more dysfunctional society. Causing the economy to decline further. Just think of how many have received “unfair treatment” and the treatment includes income loss. Persons aren’t considering that their decisions will not only hurt society but the individuals who continue to try and disconnect others from what they’ve earned. Not too many brain heads. A lot of childish behavior which will lead the Nation into the muddy waters.

Who is in charge of taking care of injustices? The individuals who are certainly aren’t doing a good job. The ones who are in political positions should at least make some attempts to create a better Nation. Certainly would help with doing business with other countries. As long as the country is ran like a game then the declines will continue. There’s no concern or at least doesn’t appear to be any “concerns” when it comes to creating a strong society. Right now it appears as if the country is weak.

Some who continue to intervene in matters which causes further issues. There has to be some interventions. If not then we’ll continue to see a more troubled society. Citizens just continuing to do whatever. Of course there’s at least some “information” stating about freedom but perhaps it all depends on who the persons are. Some are allowed to get away with more. That’s why we’re facing so many challenges.

“The Injustices Won’t Just go Away. The Leaders Must be Willing to Make Attempts to Tackle Some of the Injustices.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

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Does Russia see dead gassed children and do they care. instead they think of how bad america is for hitting at Syrian killers for a criminal act of assassinating innocent children.
April 9, 2017

France says it is still seeking a United Nations Security Council resolution on Syria and that negotiations are a priority over possible military action, even if President Trump has a ‘rush of blood to the head’ and declares war. The country’s foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault’s comments came as a UN vote on investigating a suspected sarin gas attack in rebel-held Khan Sheikhun, Syria, was last night put on hold by Britain, France and the US – so the countries could ‘negotiate’ with Russia first.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin finally condemned the gas attack, calling it a ‘monstrous crime’, while still deflecting blame from its ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, saying that Syrian jets hit a rebel arms depot holding ‘toxic substances’ that were being placed in bombs. The Truth had to be said and secretly organised by Putin .

A Kremlin spokesman, however, told AP that Russia’s support for Assad is ‘not unconditional’.

At least 86 people, including 20 children, died in Tuesday’s attack on a rebel-held town in Idlib province. Dozens more were left gasping for air, convulsing and foaming at the mouth.

A UN vote on investigating a suspected Sarin gas attack in Syria has been put on hold by Britain, France and the US – so they can ‘negotiate’ with Russia first.

Abdul-Hamid Alyousef, 29, holds his twin babies who were killed during a suspected chemical weapons attack, in Khan Sheikhoun town, in the northern province of Idlib. He said he wanted the world to see their faces

‘France is still seeking to talk with its partners on the Security Council, especially the permanent members, and Russia in particular,’ Ayrault told CNews television.

Asked whether France could join any possible US military action on Syria, following widespread condemnation of a suspected Syrian government poison gas attack on civilians this week, Ayrault replied that France’s priority remained seeking a diplomatic resolution to the conflict. This possibility is far than an illusion

‘The first stage is to get a resolution vote and above all to re-start peace negotiations in Geneva. It is not to go in ourselves, under the pretext that the U.S. President may have a rush of blood to the head, and get onto a war footing,’ said Ayrault. France has come to some very foolish ideas which will only bring down more killing in the war torn country. Action should be done and not halted.

Moscow said that the United States has no objective data on ‘monstrous crime’ in Syria after the White House accused Assad’s forces of carrying out the chemical attack.

‘We consider a much more measured approach necessary and do not think it is possible to surrender oneself to hasty conclusions about what happened in Syria in the Idlib province,’ Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

‘It was really a threatening development of events, very dangerous and a monstrous crime,’ he said, referring to the incident. But Russia does not understand the value of dead innocent children.

‘No one could have any realistic, verified information. Any data that the American side or our colleagues in other countries could have cannot be based on objective materials or evidence.’

The Kremlin has provided military backing to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad (pictured, today), whose forces have been blamed for the bombing

The UK, France and America have held off calling a vote at the UN Security Council on a resolution demanding an investigation of the suspected attack to allow time for talks with Russia.

The Kremlin has provided military backing to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, whose forces have been blamed for the bombing.

The Kremlin says differences with Washington over the use of chemical weapons in Syria are unlikely to worsen US-Russia relations.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned the West on Thursday against rushing to blame Syrian President Bashar Assad for the attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in northern Syria or else they will call for war.gas

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Refrain From the Sins of The Fathers It Hinders Procreation.

Genocide in Rwanda
The sins of the fathers refer to the breaking of religious or moral laws especially through willful acts of wickedness. Such act becomes an offence against God and man. There are sins of the fathers in the past and even now those who are still on them attract curses not only to themselves, but on their unborn children flowing from their loins.
A curse is a direct calling on God to send evil to some persons or thing deserving punishment. A curse is also “a profane oath” said by an injured victim to a villain-a wicked character or scoundrel. A curse refers also to “an evil that seems to come in answer to the act of wickedness meted to a person or persons especially from the stronger person to a weaker person”.
A lineage curse is “an inherited curse from a father or mother down their lineage, example from a man to his grandchildren and great grand children etc.The children of the villain (the wicked man or woman) continues to have unpleasant experiences in the family life and passage, as a result of retribution, which is a deserved punishment for evil done.
A generational curse is also an inherited curse manifesting as unpleasant experiences extended from a villain-father or mother to his or her children over the years. A generation is 30years.A generational curse appears within succeeding people of the same parents in 30years time and continuously.
The sins of the fathers are clearly spelt in the Ten Commandments handed over to Moses by God. It is a warning to the Israelites and the entire world to desist from the anger of God which falls upon sinful act meted by villains against God and man. To get the passage clearly, let us check this issue in the second book of the Bible Exodus: “Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;”(Exodus 20:5) From the quoted passage, God warns against idolatry and apostacy.See (Exodus 20:4)” Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth”.

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A women of present generation
March 18, 2017

The woman, whose status & role traditionally was well defined almost fixed in the society, is now experiencing far reaching changes.

woman in modern times is entering into certain new fields that were unknown to woman’s sphere of role sets. They are activating participating in social, economic, and political activities.

The women of present generation have generally received higher education than a women of their preceding generation.

There have been far reaching consequences in economic status of their families.

Modern women are inclined towards the social issues, & trying hard to improve the social status of women at large.

Increased awareness & education has inspired women to come out of four walls of home.

Many woman actively supported & participated in the nationalist movement & secured eminent positions & offices in administration & public life in free India.

Traditionally Indian women exist because of family & for a family.

Like their man counterpart, women are also fond of attending social functions & value her social life quite a lot. Previously, men folk used to discourage women from leaving their households for attending social functions

Now spread of education, especially that of women, & with that changing social attitudes of educated women have changed order.

modern woman has started caring for her health, & figure, and cultural needs and interest also, academic pursuits, social also intercourse, religious activities recreational needs,

Woman as wife enjoyed ideally a status almost equally to that of her husband & performed both social as well as biological functions.

Even today, Indian girls are still brought up models portraying selflessness, self denial, & sacrifice.

And desire for mutual affection & love is beginning to appear in their conception of their relationship with their husbands.

The husband wife relationship has become more equalitarian in character & much more companionable. More freedom of choice in marriage is thus an accompaniment to change in form of the family.

An Education of women has not only helped them to become aware of political problems, but they are gradually becoming active participants in political life.

Some are enrolling themselves as members of political parties, an attending party meetings, conventions,carrying out political programs.

Some women are attaining influential political stature of their own & have become instrumental in shaping the public opinion for betterment of women’s conditions in society.

Most women, even educated, regard marriage as matter of parental choice.

Many young girls of middle and upper classes are educated with view to marriage rather than to careers. Again, many girls enter into a careers apparently not to because they want them, because there is nothing else to done until their parents find them husbands.

Educated women are just on threshold of transition from tradition to modernity.

The women themselves desire that their status & position in society should rise higher.

Though proper climate for such change is still wanting, yet there have been many structural & statutory innovations for improvement of their position. Traditional status & role sets of women are breaking up and new role sets based on achievement, independence & equality are gradually coming up.

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The Difference between 3rd and 4th World Nations
March 14, 2017

The term ‘Third World’ is used when dealing with nations which are not European or North American, nor part of the ex-Soviet block, i.e. Russia, China, Ukraine, etc.

The term is usually pasted on poorer nations in Africa or South America or Asia.   So that if one says; “Third World” one is thinking of poverty of non-development, etc.

The term ‘Fourth World’ is just coming into being.   It is not merely the failed state, it is the failing state.  It is the nation which is suffocated by its own corruption and corrupt bureaucracy.   A nation, often a Kakistocracy, where the worst people are in power.

Many small nations took Independence and were not ready for it.   They did not have a useful infra-structure nor comprehension of the infra-structure and often formulated policies where were short sighted, if not designed to insure that specific sectors of the nation benefited and other sectors were kept in poverty.

Some tried to implement fairly good policies but were overthrown or underthrown by America with the blanket of ‘communism’.

Those governments which did not fall due to American intervention were blockaded, (either officially or unofficially) and many attacks were made surreptitiously striving to make it seem that ‘the people’ of the country were ‘against’ the policies of their government when it was only bought and paid for lackeys who, out of their own greed, prejudice, or ambitions were against the policies.

Most fourth world nations have enormous bureaucracies, costing more than half the Gross National Product.

To streamline government would be to fire at least one third of those who do virtually nothing, close various Ministry Departments which have little value.   This could only be accomplished if the country was invaded by another, for to dare to close a Department and unemploy persons who are getting salaries for doing nothing, would lead to a defeat in the polls.

To get anything done in a kakistocracy is cumbersome.   Everything must go through ‘channels’.

For example, most schools have gates which are too narrow to permit the entry of a fire truck.  To knock down the walls holding the gate and enlarge the passage seems knee jerk.  In a 4th World Country, flying to the moon on a broomstick is easier.

Everything has to be done according to labourous processes crawling up the hierarchy, until finally reaching the ‘decision’ level.   Meanwhile schools burn down because the gate is too small and those ‘in charge’ of the school, be they the Principal or the Board, can not knock down that wall.

As time passes the country becomes more bogged down in its self-created protocols and the country becomes poorer and things cease to function.

In Jamaica, for example, in the 1970s one could expect decent medical care.   In 2000, not even a broken leg can be properly dealt with.

Although there may be good doctors who could, and often do leave for other nations, the few competent nurses that are graduated virtually leave with their diplomas and go to the airports.   The ‘what’s left’ are not qualified to empty bed pans in a first world nation.

The cleaning staff would be fired if you hired one of them to clean your house, because they are lazy and filthy, which is why there are so many infections.   In short, being on the battlefield in Syria and getting to a military emergency medical unit is far safer than going into a local hospital.

This is because of the years of neglect, of hiring unnecessary squads of people by the Ministry of Health who couldn’t care less, and  being more concerned about parking than patients.

A third world nation may be poor but can rise out of poverty.  A fourth world nation can not.

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