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Rights or no Rights? That Certainly is a Good Question
October 22, 2016
non-violence-Rights or no Rights? That Certainly is a Good Question

Let’s see, just wondering if we have rights, some seem to have no rights at all. I’m hoping that my rights aren’t being violated because I’m “African American” and because I’m a woman. Not sure what’s really going on but there seems to be an increase of “racial injustices.” There’s cyberbullying because some want to vote for a specific Presidential nominee. What’s going on? Social media is being used by politicians to bully others and the social media users are taunting voters. Voters. Amazing! The ones who are free to vote. Have a right to vote. African Americans are familiar with the periods of not having a right to vote. African American History can tell us a lot about our history.

Where’s the authority figures who should be concerned about others being attacked and I’m sure there has to be some awareness regarding the threats that some receive. Social media bullying is getting outrageous. Some celebrities are leaving social media because of continued harassment. Some social media users are harassing celebrities because they simply can’t compete. They’re not only taunting users who have every right to use social media but they’re also trying to set up individuals so that there’s lives be altered. Michael Jackson has a song called, “They Don’t Really Care About us,” absolutely no rights. Have we gone back in time?

African Americans are continuously being treated unfairly. It appears as if slavery is still alive. At least some wish slavery wasn’t abolished. The sad thing is they’re openly demonstrating how racists some are. Attacking others in the presence of law enforcement and lawyers. That’s because there’s no care. Just wanting to control a certain group of people and becoming upset because they’re unable to do. No more water hoses and dogs running up to bite the legs of women, men, and children who are all African American. When in the 50’s and 60’s the word Negro and Blacks were used.

It’s quite amazing that we still have a long way to go. Challenged all every end. There’s a rise in abuse of power. The poor people have to try and harass the same person everyday. Filling up their social media page with insults. Sounds like a dysfunctional society. Suppose we should be so grateful that there is no more use of the water hose. That’s a plus. We should be so blessed to be able to seek information. For so many being able to do so is a huge problem because there was a time when African Americans weren’t allowed to read. Being able to do so allows us to gain knowledge that isn’t welcomed. Knowing too much.

Please don’t let African Americans climb up the ladder. There will be some serious crab mentality going on. The race wars will continue. Even if African American did everything that White Americans wanted African Americans to do. They’ll complain. Finding something to say about what we’re doing or not doing. Never satisfied. Select an African American President and they’re screaming. That’s how some reacted when Obama became President. Oh wait a minuet. What about an African American writer, blogger, and visionary who is harassed because it’s not a White American. Everyday the woman is taunted.

Her Twitter page is filled with bullying posts and the old we want what we want and that’s final. Oh yes, every single day, imagine that! Day in and day out with the same routine. Let’s bully her some more today. So, the saga continues, being African American isn’t easy. The color of our skin creates ignorance. We bleed the same. In fact so many of us have white family members but we’re still black and for some they may say, not going say, the “N” word. They’ll use that word behind closed doors. I’ve seen some be bold enough to use the word on social media and other platforms. Right now they’re mainly sticking to insults, cyberbullying, and ridiculous messages.

Why should we be surprised? Slavery existed and African Americans were treated as if God didn’t create such strength and boldness. So many African Americans survived slavery and told their story. Treated like garbage and how much have things changed. Well, no water hose, we get to eat at the same restaurants, use the same restrooms. There’s still hangings and deaths. I suppose we’ve come along way but have a long way to go.  African Americans can be openly threatened but reverse and there will be an outrage. Equal? Not quite.


I’m Tanikka Paulk and I’m a writer, blogger, visionary. Advocate and the Creator of “The Remarkable Person Project” and Life Experiences VP (Visionary With a Purpose).  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration /Criminal Justice and worked in the Miami Dade County Public School System for many years. As one can clearly see that I’m an African American woman who is constantly being cyberbullied on social media. Twitter and Instagram. I refuse to hand over my work. Doesn’t matter about the race but I Tanikka Paul will not tolerate being cyberbullied, attacked, harassed. “The Injustices That so Many African Americans Face is Real.” Some may stand by and allow such things to occur but believe that I Tanikka will stand up!

Sometimes we have to wonder how much does African American or Black Lives Really Matter? Not even to some who are African American. That’s just how things go. http://www.naacp.org/ NAACP.

http://blacklivesmatter.com/. Our lives matter and we deserve to be treated with respect. It’s Black and African American. Some may prefer to be called black but not all of us look like the color black so some are called African American.

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    1. My dear friend, the root of every evil on earth is injustice we all of us must uproot injustice from all societies of the world. In the eyes of God all men and women apart from cast and colors are the same but in the eyes of political leaders there is a difference because they think white American are superior than African American is polluted thinking of the leaders and their followers in all countries.

      Injustice creates poverty and inferiority complex in human mind and soul and from it springs all types of evils and crimes but its responsible persons are the political leaders. The youths are being lead to the wrong path and their heart are going away from other brothers’ of world’ hearts.

      Injustice is an evil crime and thinking and it creates terrorists in all section who fight for their rights and after passing a joint resolution they are declared terrorists. It is political thinking that leads men to hell and turn earthly heaven into hell.

      No religion teaches such types of crimes and thinking American leaders must think that what they are doing is not according to the Holy Bible Teachings. They violating the basis laws of men declared by God in all the holy books.

      The USA Government think tanks must think over this problem and one day it will wrap the whole world into the fire of racism veil. What be the USA policies about country and men but they cannot snatch anybody’s basis human rights. I wonder international organizations are silent on this because all belong to the European countries as we see in Kashmir USA and other European countries is dual and is against the laws of nature, religion and God.

      The youth must think over this horrible problem so that coming generation could be saved from racism in future.

    2. It is really sad that the Black Americans are still having issues with the U.S. They could not get their voting rights along wit the whites in the U.S. The employment opportunities are less for them. They constitute most of the labor force in the U.S. Surprisingly what a African American worker paid is less than his white counterpart. Again there is a discrimination basing on the gender. Everything is discriminatory only.

      There is no significant improvement in the position even prior to and after Mr. Bush. In each and every election they have become the center of focus during the election campaigns of the contesting candidates.

      Even now Mrs. Hillary has passionately included the issue in her election campaign agenda without looking back how much dirt is left uncleaned in the backyard of her house. Mr. Trump though he is promising some steps he is being overlooked by the blacks on the basis of his background being from a Business Class. At least now the African Americans should realize the value of their vote and choose a right candidate who is outspoken dynamic and more practical in the approach. Nothing can be achieved on the basis of Gender.

    3. You know there is this song that we used to be taught in Sunday school back in the days and it is still being sung in church. The song goes like this Jesus loves th3 little children, all the children of the world red and yellow black or white they are precious in his right Jesus loves the little children of the world. Now if you have ever heard that song somewhere in your life before, then you do realize that we are all children of God no matter how small or big we are. People should stop treating others like they are not worth it. what makes you so superior to another person, is it because you are white or black of cause that does not count and you know it. Let us all li e like one, let us not look at the other person like they are filling our space and that they want to take whatever does not belong to them. I usually say this if at all I live in the states there is definitely a reason as to why am there. It doesn’t mean that if you are white you are the one who has the right to be there, even those others who are there and are white, who says that they are origins from there. We are all migrants from somewhere no one owns anywhere. So stay put and also pray for your brothers and sisters and God will see you through.

    4. I am Black American and I feel we have a right to speak whatever it is that comes to mind. I think we are all equal. We shall overcome like Martin Luther King says we all walk, talk, and speak da same. Jus in different languages, beliefs and different cultures but now it’s time for us to come together as a nation to as one. We are all slowly losing our strength.

    5. If Trump came after Reagan or Bush, the dislocation would not be as terrific as it is today. Further, those of you who live in America are not as sensitive to the racism as those of us who do not. When I go to America I have to be conscious of the colour of my skin at all times. What Trump is doing is making racism ‘Okay Again’ and people who live there have to be very aware that with a known racist as Attorney General … in the words of Animal Farm; all animals are equal, but pigs are more equal than others.’


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