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Insult and Attack a Hand
February 13, 2017

How many people would want to help a group of people who are always insulting others? Not too many probably will. Seems a bit insane to try and bash the very ones who may insist in some way but that’s where we are today. Instead of people asking for some help. They’ll throw out insults. Probably discouraging others from assisting. Really continues insults are considered bullying.

If a person’s information is used then they’re the person is the one being bullied. If their personal information was tampered with then they’re a victim of identity theft. Most likely the very people who committed such crimes are the ones seeking help. Bully in order “to gain” control and get the person or persons to do whatever they want the individuals to do.

Of course anyone would probably not want to assist any group of people who continuously insult and attack the person who is just trying to move along. They’ll go beyond the insults and attacks. Let’s not get into the racism. Where biting the tongue seems to become harder to do. The best thing to do is to stay clear of the toxins. Not respond in most cases and move ahead with whatever adds value.

It’s unfortunate when others are trying to improve in some way and are constantly being disrupted. Shouldn’t everyone want to get ahead? Making progress is good for everyone. There will always be some who want to keep others down. What does it say about a person or persons when they’re always insulting others who are trying to do better? One could conclude the individuals are insecure and childish.

It’s better to just assist the ones who appreciate and who refrain from going on the attack. Whatever group of people chooses to refrain from the insults should be the ones being assisted in some way. Helping others should never become stressful. If they’re on the attack then the person should just move along and help the ones who aren’t hateful.

Using bashing words to try and incur slavery. Fighting the hand and expecting better results. Makes sense huh? Maybe to the ones who continue to be insulting. For the ones being bullied there’s no fun in being bullied. Perhaps the group of people are hoping the attacks would just get the person to stop trying “to improve.” That’s what most will do if the person is moving along. The whole crab mentality phrase will always be around. Well until mankind is here.

“Continuing to tolerate the injustices will not generate an end to the injustices.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Moving Along”

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    1. The greatest injustice is to tolerate the injustice itself. How long one should tolerate? Is there any limit for that? May or may not be. There is no hard and fast rule for this tolerance. But one should remember that the other is weak just because he is tolerating. The more one tolerates there is more danger for revolt. One should understand that before taking the course of insulting others.

    2. Bullying is now being deliberated to have a stiffer penalty.

      For those kids that were bullied, the parents are called and together with the parents of the bully, a talk is being done.

      At least, through that talk, the parents of the bully will know what their son or daughter is doing at school and maybe counseling to the bully and the parents can be done, because somehow the bully has some underlying personal problem be it in the family or to his being.

      Schools should really be vigilant on bullying because those bullied becomes the helpless victims that sometimes lead to their suicides.


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