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Progress and the Effective Methods are to Continue

When it seems as though there’s little progress there’s more than sights realize. Effectiveness has and will continue to occur. The “additions” are supplied because the additions are needed and are expected to produce. Similar to job descriptions persons must adhere to their duties. “Soon the many recommendations will be supplied proactively.” (Tanikka Paulk). The disruptions have served as lessons. The invited are the ones willing to be apart of movement.

I’ve been declared to seek. Confirmed. “To seek and you shall find.” So many aren’t quite understanding exactly what the seek really means. You are to find what is designed to be found it”s apart of you. You you are on your documentation documentations. So many have denied that unwilling to allow that to proceed steadily but glory to God she is protected. God said so in scripture. ” “Although situations may seem as though there’s minimum prosperity there’s abundance unseen to their visions.” (Tanikka Paulk)

The toughest critics have tried to sabotage the progress but she is really, really, really needed. Instead of focusing on the word replacement the focus is on the word placement. My contributions have provided excelling. Allowing the “law” along is apart of the effectiveness process. Ones I haven’t invited seemed to invited themselves and no matter what’s said or directed towards me=Tanikka Paulk God has allowed by continuing. Amen!

The actions caused some form of setbacks but the right track has faced the adversities. They tried to push me=Tanikka paulk backwards but I’ve moved “upwards” and still have some movements. An example of the effectiveness is “advocating.” Advocacy will correct the injustices. “She=her is a peaceful fighting advocate.” (Tanikka Paulk). Designed, declared, ordained. The voices which yell profanities wanting to cease the vision to stop a visionary aren’t effective.

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The past takeover was allowed. Observed and my findings include the individuals as foes. Although so many have tried to remove my presence my movement was already declared. None are able to overpower God. God the Father of Jesus Christ. My determination is one of the reasons why I’m still on my pathway. The disruptions have increased my motivation to reach my desired destination. “The somewhere is now. Readiness to accomplish more. What was taken will be restored. Indeed.

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What is it That I Know?
November 27, 2018

I’ve incurred loads of information in fact I’m called “information.” There’s the sensitive information in which some are anxious to get a hold of. There’s personal information which some have retrieved perhaps they’re unaware that they’ve committed identity theft. I’m aware that the invasive ones have opened up gates in which they’ll have difficulties leaving. There is no where to run or hide. I know that I’ve been victimized. There is so much that I’m aware of. How much are they aware of?

Due to the actions doesn’t appear as though there are too many using their senses. Their actions have caused what some may perceive to be trapped. There was no invitation to enter so therefore there has to be the consequences. Most would probably lose their minds having to deal with criminals. If individuals are apart of breaches then they are committing crimes. “I’m built to build upwards and include the best of the best.” by: Tanikka Paulk. Laws are broken but there is the enforcement.

The rules have been omitted by some but there is the chosen which can enforce the rules. She her is a “Ruler.” Some have denied the fact that she her is “Boss.” The unsettling thoughts is that they’ve believed that they can cause havoc and there are no consequences. They’ve seen their match. Almost as if I’m a fighter in the ring waiting to meet up with my opponent. “I’m skilled at dealing with high pressure matters and will always be victorious.”  (Tanikka Paulk).Always!

My position will incur what some have called haters. I’m in no way concerned about what they think of me=Tanikka Paulk. My focus is on adhering to the objectives and goals in which need to be achieved. Disorder isn’t on my agenda. When there is brokenness I’m aware of how to fix the situations. Order will occur coming from the just. I’m able to project a smile and continue “to proceed confidently” to the next levels. Us is along on my journey and I’m so thrilled. There is more of Us.

Most of Us wear uniforms and there are some in business suits. Then there are the ones hidden because they’re called “Undercover Police.” Let’s not forget the IRS which so many are intimidated by. The “Laws of the Land.” The need to receive what some aren’t entitled to have has driven some mad. In order to reach further distances I’ve had to block some of the rudeness. My courage has allowed the advancement and there is still more climbing to do. The disruptions hasn’t stopped my mission.

Continuing is what I’m planning on doing. That rises and will continue to do so because I’m a believer of “good deeds.” How many recognize others? It appears there aren’t too many. “When an angry mob tries to ruin goodness there will be the reaping.” BY Tanikka Paulk. Stern when there is a need to obtain what is necessary in order to create a more stabilized society. Countries should unite but there has to be the rebuilding. What have they caused? They’ve incurred consequences.

The mission to seek and find. To develop what some have been afraid to reach to. I’ve addressed how some aren’t invited to be along. They’ve tried to work hard at sabotaging. My rights were and are violated but I’m in advocacy mode. They’ve haven’t seen what “Tanikka Paulk” can do. You can, you will, YOU conquer. I’m for mankind and a firm believer that the unity of man and woman is what shall be. At least that’s my belief. I’m a firm believer in what God has spoken about. “Their Eyes Continue to Watch Me!” (Tanikka Paulk).

She Her is admired and There is Love Obviously. No matter how many haters there are there are the admirers.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Tupac Shakur

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How to Deal With Unfair Treatment
October 13, 2017

Unfortunately there are so many who have been victimized and are continuously being treated unfairly. For some they may not know where to turn. It’s so unfortunate that there is so much corruption here on earth. In order to overcome “the unfair treatment” there has to be an understanding what exactly is unfair. Why are so many willing to continuous be unfair to certain individuals. Of course should any be surprised? Slavery did occur and African Americans certainly were and continue to be treated unfairly.

For some the unfair treatment may be puzzling because there are some willing to assist the very ones who dish out the unfair treatment. There has to come a time when doing so has to cease because there are so many who will take advantage, Yes it can be frustrating dealing with groups of people who are so disorderly. Taking a stand is very important, no person should tolerate being treated unfairly, there has to be some spoken words and actions occurring. Too many refuse to take “a stand” because they’re afraid of the backlash.

There are some who refuse to be silent when it comes to the injustices. There’s certainly a lot of injustices to respond to. The ones who are in a position to fight against the many injustices seem to have slowed down. There has to be courage when going up going “up” against so many. A person has to be willing to advocate firmly. Some refuse to stand up even if they’re being victimized each day. Why are so many so out of control? Perhaps there’s way too many who want to be tle leader but aren’t qualified.

The best thing to do is take some time out and think about the proper “solutions.” Consider what areas need the most attention. If there’s no immediate solution then it’s better to go on to the next set of injustices and try to create some solutions. Don’t ever allow the individuals to have their way because they’ll continue such behavior. Being firm must take place in order to stop and prevent some of the incidents. Some are willing to listen and others will want to give the person or persons a difficult time.

For so many they’ve experienced being harassed, bashed, and continuously attacked. There are some who are so use to treated others unfairly that they’ll refused to stop. Of course the reason why so many continue is because they’ve haven’t faced their deserved consequences. If there’s no rules and there’s no punishments supplied then the crowd will continue to be outrageous. There has to be a voice or voices willing to speak out. There’s so many who are so use to being bullies that they may think that their actions are normal. “Don’t Tolerate the Injustices. Be Courageous.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“I’m an Advocate and Consider Myself to be an Activist as Well. Have Participated in Rallies and Marches and Will Continue to Take a Stand.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Politics is not Only Tricky but can be Damaging

There are some great politicians who really do care about the well being of others. However there are some who have no business being in politics. Not offering any solutions but creating chaos. Some politicians seem to think that their positions mean that treating others unfairly is justified. They’re so wrong. There’s no reason why any politician should treat citizens unfairly. No politician should violate the rights of people. Any “politician” who constantly causes a disservice shouldn’t be in office. It appears as if a lot of corruption surrounds politics.

There are some willing to do the right thing. Some go beyond their call of duty. There are some who continuously show their gratitude towards others. It’s really unfortunate that so many aren’t doing what they’ve been voted in to do. There are some who simply should try other careers. Not all politicians are people friendly. There are some who are quite corrupt and will continue to do what they’re doing unless there’s a reason not to. “Politics” isn’t always peachy. There are some who seem to have taken the positions in order to become powerful.

Perhaps some politicians aren’t considering that it’s citizens who vote the politicians in. They’re quite vengeful some are. Not considering the voters and causing all sorts of madness. Perhaps there’s some politicians who are so competitive that they’ll do what it takes to compete. Some can destroy a whole nation. Too many people are victimized by politics and politicians. Some not aware of their “rights” and continue to be victimized. So many may be afraid to stand up to politicians.

Politicians Violating Rights

Unfortunately there’s a lot of politicians who are bullies and not concerned about the rights of voters or anyone else for that matter. They’re actually sabotaging society and in the long run will suffer a decline for their actions. There’s way too many people who refuse to stand up against the injustices which continue to occur. Politics is no game. Although there are some politicians who seem to be playing games. There has to be seriousness in politics. Some politicians are over “healthcare” and why would any politician want to play around with healthcare?

Some may believe they’re in no position to stand up to the bullies. Any person who is in charge of a country should be stable and use good judgement. “Some don’t seem to be appreciative” of voters who go out and vote the politicians in. There are Senators who feel as if they’re justified in mistreating citizens. There is no reason any person should be mistreated but especially from politicians. So many complain but refuse to do anything about what they’ve had to face.

There needs to be a change. There needs to be more caring politicians. If there is a continuous decline in politics then the country will suffer greatly. There seems to be a breakdown in communication and in other areas. Politicians have even resulted to debates which involve bullying the ones running against the other. What a sad way to continue to do business because business is certainly involved in politics. There will continue to be a decline and “citizens could decide to stop voting” of course not all will but every vote counts.

“Politicians Should be Fair and try to Understand all People. Voters are the Ones who Vote the Politicians in.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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We’re in a Very Unfair World

Unfairness is certainly something so many are unable to get away from. There are some who are treated differently because of their “gifts.” We’re all aware of unfair treatment all one has to do is take a look at how slaves were treated. Individuals who were treated inhumane. Some tossed out like garbage and look at how Jesus Christ was treated so who am I? Well the treatment received as generated some thoughts of where a lot of minds are headed. No matter how many think they’re causing mistreatment, unfairness, and violating my rights. There is a reason why I’m still here.

I’m always being looked after and I’ve certainly been through a lot in my lifetime. Some become filled with joy when they know they’re mistreating others. “Some not concerned with unfair treatment.” There are some so in tuned with trying to taint a person’s name, ruin their dreams, stop a vision that they’re causing their own heartache. In the long run their actions will be served the proper consequences. No slave, not willing to be controlled, and certainly won’t go down without a fight.

Yes, it’s so unsettling to discover how so many are behaving crabs. Some not even concerned about their own elevation but are willing to make sure others do not prosper in someway. Some of the individuals in pursuit to cause a fall for me= Tanikka Paulk are so broken up the individuals need Jesus Christ and without  Jesus there is no way to get to His Father. The unfairness is in no way a means to stop my “progress.” To cause a cease in my vision. If some aren’t happy within then perhaps the individuals should figure out why.

I’m chosen for a reason. My position may have caused a lot to become irritated but before my birth there was a destiny chosen for me=Tanikka Paulk. No amount of heckling or words thrown at me=Tanikka Paulk to want to stop. Some have projected threats and still I’m continuing on. There are so many who have joined forces which can be considered evilness in order to try and stop “the movement.” I’m still here and there’s a reason for my placement.

There are some who continuously have their rights violated. Some are mistreated behind closed doors. There’s a lot of adult bullying and a lot of people engaging in activities which can not only harm others but harm the ones who are engaging in the activities. Some are so insecure and that’s why they’ll try to stop others from elevating. Some are aware that they’re not being fair and as soon as a person stands up they’ll become angry. No person should allow mistreatment. Slavery should’ve occurred and so many don’t want to speak about slavery because they don’t won’t to be reminded of “the injustice.”

A lot of injustices. So many aren’t “strong enough to take a stand.” Where’s the courage and the bravery? Seems to be lost. Too many are willing to follow individuals who will lead the persons to hell not sending the individuals but because of their own doing there is a possibility for a residence in hell. A lot of very disconnected people. Too many who want to control others and want to be their slave master. Not mine.

“Too Strong to not Take a Stand and Willing to Stand Form” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Advocating and the Injustices Which Plaque Society

Advocates don’t have an easy job. There will be lots of times when they’ll have to go up against a lot of individuals who refuse to understand a single word. There’s certainly a lot of injustices taking place and some aren’t ready to tackle any of the injustices. Allowing injustices to linger on is a bad idea. The issues won’t go away on their own. The injustices need attention and when there’s a lot there will be troubles all around. Some may believe their line of thinking is correct. Not “willing to find” any solutions but would rather create more problems which not too many want to deal with.

Sometimes advocates will need to advocate for themselves. They’ll have to go up against some very difficult people. If there’s a desire to “find solutions” then advocates, activists will continue to move towards finding solutions, there may be a lot of pressure at times but they’re seeking solutions. Having to deal with a lot of people who may not be on the same page is quite difficult. To have to come in contact with some who refuse to recognize that we’re in a crisis. There’s a lot of people who want to control every aspect of a person’s life but should be more focused on creating a more stable society.

Not everyone will want to hear what some advocates have to say. Some may try to make every move difficult and doing so isn’t the right thing to do. There should be thoughts of trying to put together instead of ripping apart. It’s unfortunate that there’s so many issues continuing to grow. Way too many are out of control. Not wanting to see growth which doesn’t make sense. “More growth will help society.” If there’s a continuing decline then all will suffer.

Not too many are willing to stand up. Some are either afraid or not wanting to deal with certain matters. There’s no reason that so many should be so disorderly. Creating havoc and causing declines. There should be building up and not tearing down. Of course the issues will continue as long as there’s the envy. Speaking up should occur. “There has to be some who are brave enough to speak out.” All fear should be removed when it’s time to stand up.

If there’ no “standing up” going on then there will continue to be a lot of disconnections and wars. There will be more fighting one another instead of trying to piece together the broken human beings. The fights., the disagreements, the dysfunctional behaviors. So many will continue to slip into a hole because of their mentality. Injustices should be analyzed. There are a lot of people depending on strong leadership but doesn’t appear as if the too many leaders are willing to tackle the issues which really “need solutions.”

Some may not agree with the way some advocate and that’s alright. Not every person will be in agreement. Just because some won’t agree doesn’t mean that advocates should stop advocating. It can be draining when dealing with a lot of people who refuse to be accepting. No matter what’s said there should continue to be communications which will eventually incur solutions.

“Strong Leadership is Important” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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“There’s no Solutions When More Problems are Created. Some Decisions to Agree to Disagree in Good Standing Will Help.” BY:

Tanikka Paulk

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Don’t Allow the Injustices to Linger on

There’s a lot of injustices which need our attention. So many don’t seem to be in tuned with wanting  to solve the major problems which continue to disrupt society. Not one, not two , not three can solve the matters. There has to be an agreement to try and tackle at least some of “the injustices” which are extremely concerning. Doesn’t appear as if society will become any stronger without the leaders wanting to see to the injustices. The problems won’t go away on their own.

Society is broken and in order to see a better society. There has to be some willing to try and face some of the issues. “The whole country is continuing to decline.” There’s so many issues and way too many people pretend as if the issues aren’t a big problem. It’s unfortunate that there’s so many hotheads within the United States. The ones who continue to cause havoc for others. Not even concerned about the economical disconnections. The behaviors have driven society into the mud.

The misconduct by authority as well as citizens continues. Why do so many become out of control? Little to no consequences. There’s a lot of underhanded behaviors. Way too many people breaking the law and a whole lot of abuse of power. The dysfunctional behaviors will drive the country into a war zone. “The leadership” isn’t up to par and the wrong individuals are taking over matters which aren’t even their concern. No authority but ceasing what shouldn’t be stopped at all.

Continuing to create a more dysfunctional society. Causing the economy to decline further. Just think of how many have received “unfair treatment” and the treatment includes income loss. Persons aren’t considering that their decisions will not only hurt society but the individuals who continue to try and disconnect others from what they’ve earned. Not too many brain heads. A lot of childish behavior which will lead the Nation into the muddy waters.

Who is in charge of taking care of injustices? The individuals who are certainly aren’t doing a good job. The ones who are in political positions should at least make some attempts to create a better Nation. Certainly would help with doing business with other countries. As long as the country is ran like a game then the declines will continue. There’s no concern or at least doesn’t appear to be any “concerns” when it comes to creating a strong society. Right now it appears as if the country is weak.

Some who continue to intervene in matters which causes further issues. There has to be some interventions. If not then we’ll continue to see a more troubled society. Citizens just continuing to do whatever. Of course there’s at least some “information” stating about freedom but perhaps it all depends on who the persons are. Some are allowed to get away with more. That’s why we’re facing so many challenges.

“The Injustices Won’t Just go Away. The Leaders Must be Willing to Make Attempts to Tackle Some of the Injustices.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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Insult and Attack a Hand
February 13, 2017

How many people would want to help a group of people who are always insulting others? Not too many probably will. Seems a bit insane to try and bash the very ones who may insist in some way but that’s where we are today. Instead of people asking for some help. They’ll throw out insults. Probably discouraging others from assisting. Really continues insults are considered bullying.

If a person’s information is used then they’re the person is the one being bullied. If their personal information was tampered with then they’re a victim of identity theft. Most likely the very people who committed such crimes are the ones seeking help. Bully in order “to gain” control and get the person or persons to do whatever they want the individuals to do.

Of course anyone would probably not want to assist any group of people who continuously insult and attack the person who is just trying to move along. They’ll go beyond the insults and attacks. Let’s not get into the racism. Where biting the tongue seems to become harder to do. The best thing to do is to stay clear of the toxins. Not respond in most cases and move ahead with whatever adds value.

It’s unfortunate when others are trying to improve in some way and are constantly being disrupted. Shouldn’t everyone want to get ahead? Making progress is good for everyone. There will always be some who want to keep others down. What does it say about a person or persons when they’re always insulting others who are trying to do better? One could conclude the individuals are insecure and childish.

It’s better to just assist the ones who appreciate and who refrain from going on the attack. Whatever group of people chooses to refrain from the insults should be the ones being assisted in some way. Helping others should never become stressful. If they’re on the attack then the person should just move along and help the ones who aren’t hateful.

Using bashing words to try and incur slavery. Fighting the hand and expecting better results. Makes sense huh? Maybe to the ones who continue to be insulting. For the ones being bullied there’s no fun in being bullied. Perhaps the group of people are hoping the attacks would just get the person to stop trying “to improve.” That’s what most will do if the person is moving along. The whole crab mentality phrase will always be around. Well until mankind is here.

“Continuing to tolerate the injustices will not generate an end to the injustices.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Moving Along”

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When Will it get Easier for African Americans
February 12, 2017
Overseer Artayou Carrier whipped me. I was two months in bed sore from the whipping. My master come after I was whipped; he discharged the overseer. The very words of poor Peter, taken as he sat for his picture. Baton Rouge, La., April 2, 1863. (War Dept.) NARA FILE #: 165-JT-230 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 109

African Americans continue to face racism and discrimination. Being forced to under the control of another race or races. Having basic needs taking away. Rights being violated. Being harassed and attacked because of not wanting to become a slave or puppet. When will the injustices cease? Why are African Americans the most hated race on earth? Perhaps a lot of what takes place has to do with a need to feel superior. To be in power but “not using the correct methods” to deserve the positions held.

No race should be forced into slavery. Rights taking away for some and some may be afraid to “take a stand against the injustices” taking place. Dr. King went through the struggle of trying to fight for the rights of African Americans and White Americans and yet still was assassinated. What do White Americans want? Do and still be chastised don’t and still be chastised.

What are White people seeking? Help and still be harassed. Don’t help and still be attacked. What do white people really want? Fighting up against the desire to have control and power over a group of people. The best way to deal with these situations is to pray and go to “God the Creator of Mankind and Jesus Christ.” To go into prayer. Trying to reason with individuals who already have established their need to control a group of people won’t be effective.

African Americans had their freedom taken away, were unable to read, received scraps of food. We’re beaten and then expected to work out in the cotton field. Were hung and bitten by dogs and sprayed with water hoses. Burned alive. Today is the day in which modern slavery is occurring. To have to deal with individuals who refuse to allow a group of people to live their “lives” is an injustice in itself.

How do we Handle the Matters

Refuse to accept the treatment. “Stand Firm.” What’s taking away will be replaced because God promised He would provide the needs. Never accept being forced into something to do something in which there’s discomfort. There can’t be comfort in being forced into slavery. Being treated with disrespect and abused. The abuse is when they’re constantly harassing and agitating others.

if they’re unwilling to “treat African Americans with the respect deserved” then we’re not going to give in. African Americans will have to start assisting one another and refusing to make purchases which do not help in anyway. Can’t continue to be treated like slaves. If other African Americans are trying to hold back their people then they’re doing a disservice and will also face consequences.

The song “We Shall Overcome” is embedded in my mind. When? How long do African Americans have to suffer the injustices? So we’re still going through and although many of us wasn’t born when the civil rights movement occurred. The assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. History is there to teach African Americans exactly what the struggle was like.

“Too Many Injustices are Taking Place to Remain Silent.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Rights or no Rights? That Certainly is a Good Question
October 22, 2016
non-violence-Rights or no Rights? That Certainly is a Good Question

Let’s see, just wondering if we have rights, some seem to have no rights at all. I’m hoping that my rights aren’t being violated because I’m “African American” and because I’m a woman. Not sure what’s really going on but there seems to be an increase of “racial injustices.” There’s cyberbullying because some want to vote for a specific Presidential nominee. What’s going on? Social media is being used by politicians to bully others and the social media users are taunting voters. Voters. Amazing! The ones who are free to vote. Have a right to vote. African Americans are familiar with the periods of not having a right to vote. African American History can tell us a lot about our history.

Where’s the authority figures who should be concerned about others being attacked and I’m sure there has to be some awareness regarding the threats that some receive. Social media bullying is getting outrageous. Some celebrities are leaving social media because of continued harassment. Some social media users are harassing celebrities because they simply can’t compete. They’re not only taunting users who have every right to use social media but they’re also trying to set up individuals so that there’s lives be altered. Michael Jackson has a song called, “They Don’t Really Care About us,” absolutely no rights. Have we gone back in time?

African Americans are continuously being treated unfairly. It appears as if slavery is still alive. At least some wish slavery wasn’t abolished. The sad thing is they’re openly demonstrating how racists some are. Attacking others in the presence of law enforcement and lawyers. That’s because there’s no care. Just wanting to control a certain group of people and becoming upset because they’re unable to do. No more water hoses and dogs running up to bite the legs of women, men, and children who are all African American. When in the 50’s and 60’s the word Negro and Blacks were used.

It’s quite amazing that we still have a long way to go. Challenged all every end. There’s a rise in abuse of power. The poor people have to try and harass the same person everyday. Filling up their social media page with insults. Sounds like a dysfunctional society. Suppose we should be so grateful that there is no more use of the water hose. That’s a plus. We should be so blessed to be able to seek information. For so many being able to do so is a huge problem because there was a time when African Americans weren’t allowed to read. Being able to do so allows us to gain knowledge that isn’t welcomed. Knowing too much.

Please don’t let African Americans climb up the ladder. There will be some serious crab mentality going on. The race wars will continue. Even if African American did everything that White Americans wanted African Americans to do. They’ll complain. Finding something to say about what we’re doing or not doing. Never satisfied. Select an African American President and they’re screaming. That’s how some reacted when Obama became President. Oh wait a minuet. What about an African American writer, blogger, and visionary who is harassed because it’s not a White American. Everyday the woman is taunted.

Her Twitter page is filled with bullying posts and the old we want what we want and that’s final. Oh yes, every single day, imagine that! Day in and day out with the same routine. Let’s bully her some more today. So, the saga continues, being African American isn’t easy. The color of our skin creates ignorance. We bleed the same. In fact so many of us have white family members but we’re still black and for some they may say, not going say, the “N” word. They’ll use that word behind closed doors. I’ve seen some be bold enough to use the word on social media and other platforms. Right now they’re mainly sticking to insults, cyberbullying, and ridiculous messages.

Why should we be surprised? Slavery existed and African Americans were treated as if God didn’t create such strength and boldness. So many African Americans survived slavery and told their story. Treated like garbage and how much have things changed. Well, no water hose, we get to eat at the same restaurants, use the same restrooms. There’s still hangings and deaths. I suppose we’ve come along way but have a long way to go.  African Americans can be openly threatened but reverse and there will be an outrage. Equal? Not quite.


I’m Tanikka Paulk and I’m a writer, blogger, visionary. Advocate and the Creator of “The Remarkable Person Project” and Life Experiences VP (Visionary With a Purpose).  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration /Criminal Justice and worked in the Miami Dade County Public School System for many years. As one can clearly see that I’m an African American woman who is constantly being cyberbullied on social media. Twitter and Instagram. I refuse to hand over my work. Doesn’t matter about the race but I Tanikka Paul will not tolerate being cyberbullied, attacked, harassed. “The Injustices That so Many African Americans Face is Real.” Some may stand by and allow such things to occur but believe that I Tanikka will stand up!

Sometimes we have to wonder how much does African American or Black Lives Really Matter? Not even to some who are African American. That’s just how things go. http://www.naacp.org/ NAACP.

http://blacklivesmatter.com/. Our lives matter and we deserve to be treated with respect. It’s Black and African American. Some may prefer to be called black but not all of us look like the color black so some are called African American.

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