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fruits that people wouldnt dear try. Question would you try a fruit you never seen or hear before??
July 19, 2017

Fruit!  Fruit!

There  many different fruits on this planet that no one every hear of or tasted, some people are scared to try new thing. Like on bizarre food, if it look good try it.  See we human cant resist the temptation on tasting , smelling, seeing ,  or eating new and bizarre food.

My question is  if  you  hear that’s a new fruit that’s no one hear of just arrive at the market would you go buy to try it out? Don’t forget that human weakness curiosity or better yet temptation kick in, there nothing wrong in trying new fruit.

Two days ago my father brought a jack fruit, i was curious how the fruit taste. But my father eat all the jack fruit before I could ask if I can taste it. I really want to taste a dragon fruit, I love the dragon fruit favorite vitamin water. That’s my favorite water i can drink that all day, but im curious on how the dragon fruit really do taste like.

If I travel to different country the first thing i would do is go to the market and simple different food and drink as well.

Like if i were to travel to china i woulycheeld try Lychee. it a red or pink fruit that grow in canton, china. The fruit have a clear sweet fresh inside.  yum!!!.




Yeah I cant forget about this fruit i seen on watching you tube. I would like try  this fruit the mangosteen aka (queen of fruit) in grew in southeast of Asian mangoste

a white color center fresh it cross between sweet and sour.









There many of fruit are just waiting to be tasted.


Also there a fruit that I never heard of before, it called the (chocolate vine fruit).  Yeah i know right, rbe309291301c3da3505c43b48817430aeally a chocolate vine fruit. But it very real indeed in native to  China, Japan and Korea , but you can find this type of fruit  U.S and the  fruit is find in maryland, washington,DC, and pennsylvania.




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    1. I would definatley eat a fruit i never heard of or seen before as long as someone else tried it before me and both of ours was prepared the same exact way.

    2. Different food

    3. Nice post, but i already tested these fruits while i was in Philippines.

    4. Wow…i have never tasted any of this fruit.this is the first time hearing of them…i hope to eat it someday…


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