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Proceed and Keep the Confidence

It may be difficult to understand why so many may want to stop what can help a lot of people. Growing the economy is very important and individuals should want to see others “excel.” The doors that are opened for some are ways to open more doors for others perhaps some aren’t considering this when trying to disconnect others from business ventures and other means that can help incur a more stable economy. No matter how many are trying to create a disconnection the persons who are on the venture, journey, who are living their purpose should continue and although doing so can be quite difficult at times. There shouldn’t be any doubt whether to proceed or not.

There will be some who will try to intimidate others so that they’ll simply give up. Not wanting some to shine could be the reason. For some it’s the competition. Wanting to be the center of the shine at all times so therefore they’re trying to find ways to slow the process down or to stop what’s taking place altogether. The key is to remain confident and do whatever needs to be done to make sure there’s progress. The resistance is why so many choose to not live a dream or to allow their vision “to prosper. ”

If there’s determination then there will be progress. The interruptions will arise but it’s up the persons who are on the journey whether they’re willing to allow others to stop the flow. There should be success and every person has a right to go after the success, to produce success, and to live successfully. Some may not start early an outstanding finish. The ones who are shining the most will receive the most resistance. Some fear seeing others get ahead. No matter what others are feeling about the progress. There should be “continuous progress.”

Everyday “there’s an opportunity to grow” in someway as long as we’re here. No matter how angry the crowd becomes there shouldn’t be any reason to stop. If there’s setbacks, there should be ways in place to rise up again, no stopping. Getting to the finish line is very important. Although there may be a setback or two. The setbacks do not equal failure. No matter what others may say. Do not believe in failure. Believe in being productive and progressing further.

Rise above the criticism. The critics will surely have their say and some want to see a cease in the movement. There are some who will give constructive criticism and some who simply are hating. Not all want to see a decline. Some actually want to see others rise up in order to assist some who are having difficulties doing so. Certainly can use more successful people in the world. The ones who believe in “stronger economies” and who believe in not only themselves but others as well.

Being confident is extremely important. Let no person take away the confidence. Yes, there are some who will be extremely cruel, but “understand” they’re dealing with issues that have nothing to do with the persons who are trying to rise up. Every group should want to see their people do better and become more successful. There should be some helping going on but never become overworked or consumed with the stress in which so many may try to produce because of needs or desires.

Be focused on getting from one point to another. Making a positive difference can help so many. No person should be expected to help every person. Not possible to do so. Helping some is good and continuing to do more is a plus. Eventually where a person truly wants to go will occur if they’re determined enough. There can be progress in any day. There has to be “confidence” and beliefs that one is deserving to incur their desired success level.

Some may start to believe what the critics are saying. There should be encouragement and a lot of times we’re having to encourage ourselves. Do not become dismayed by what so many will have to say. Some will be challenging to see if a person is really “determined” and really want to make it to the top. If a person is really desiring to grow then they’ll do what needs to be done to do so. No matter how many times some may try to stop the dream of vision. They’ll rise above the madness.

Keep believing and remain hopeful. The doubters will doubt what is taking place because so many have to see the end result. It’s hard for some to imagine a dream when the dream isn’t complete. Visionaries should remain encouraged and when a setback occurs “continue on.” There are so many ways to bounce back. Fight for the vision do not allow any person to stop the vision from occurring. There’s a lot to go through but in time all will come together.

“Be Determined, Remain Confident, and Keep on Moving. There’s a Reason for the Journey.” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

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