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It’s the Greatness Which so Many Attack
October 14, 2017

We all should remember that no person will continuous be on attack if there’s no greatness involved. Individuals will not try to stop mediocre not at all. It’s the potential that causes so many to try an destroy persons. The very ones who are on “a mission” to excel are the ones who face the most hardships. Any person who continue to shine will draw attention from the envious. No matter how many times the attacks are projected the key is to continue on and remain strong.

Some may feel that attacking visionaries will incur what they’re looking for but so many continue to find out that they’ll receive some harsh punishments because they’re attacking persons who are “Called by God”. God the Father of Jesus Christ. Too many are “focused” on areas which can not improve society or countries. When so many are against movements then we’ll find a breakdown in systems which can help so many. It’s difficult of course for the persons who seek advancement.

The ones who are out destroy will find that they’ll have to face what could have been avoided had they left the person or persons alone. What shall be shall be. What some don’t understand is that the person who has been chosen for the position was chosen for a reason. If it takes armies of individuals to try and cause a take down then that’s indication of the person’s “position.” The strength that is within the person is too grand so therefore so many will try to black or prevent excelling because of their own insecurities.

No matter what’s said no person should feel intimidated. Rem,ember that bullies are disturbed and if they’re out to destroy then they’re sick within. Their minds are focused on wanting to see a decline instead of considering the outcomes. When coming up against certain individuals they’ll find that what they’re cherish most can be taken away. Too many believe that trying to wipe certain individuals out will help the persons who are trying to do so be “the lead.”

They’re way of thinking isn’t healthy nor is their way of thinking prosperous. No matter how much wealth the individuals have, there’s no happiness, if there was then they (meaning any group of people) wouldn’t have time to try and bring a person down. So many are focused on trying to pull down instead of up! We’ll find out who the real foes and friends are when the “journey continues.” The ones who may try to destroy are also the ones who will need the person or persons they’re trying to destroy.

All we have to do is read what’s in the Bible and find out that the very problems faced are within the Bible. The most anointed are the most attacked. The persons who lost so much end up gaining more. So when they’re trying to destroy think blessings. Soon enough the “breakthroughs” will occur. No person can be above God. God the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Perhaps some do so do to ignorance. Not willing to allow others to climb higher because of fear.

If any person wants to pursue “what is great” then they’re able to do so. It’s the way we think a lot of times that will cause a slowdown or stop what should occur. There should be individuals willing to make society better, to help communities grow, and to accomplish what so many have been afraid to accomplish. If we take a look at what Job experience then we’ll notice that it’s the strength and faith that has helped Job overcome what Satan was trying to cause. Job not only overcame bit Job was “blessed” with more than He has before.

When they’re constantly on attack then they’re intimidated. There’s a reason why so many will try to bring the vision down. Some may not like where the person is headed or are too distorted to realize that certain individuals reaching the top can help so many which really needs to occur. In due time they’ll realize that their actions aren’t worth what they’ll have to go through. “Keep Coming up Against the Anointed and Face the Severe Consequences.” By: (Tanikka Paulk) My Journey Isn’t Everyone’s Journey. Most Travel Alone Until Their Destination.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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There’s a lot to Discover but Patience is Necessary

There will be a time when discovering will occur. Some of what’s discovered may be surprising and some may not. One may never know what they’ll find but the Bible states what a “you” will need to do and that is to seek and you shall find. I’ve discovered some information and other mysteries which will need further observation. Hopefully soon enough all the matters will be taken care of and of course with the discoveries comes “blessings.” Sometimes we’ll have to go through a whole lot before we’ll receive what is called ‘abundance.” Some may not be patient enough to receive the abundance, prosperity, and breakthroughs.

When we become patient then we’ll notice that what is meant to be received will be received. Yes, it’s quite difficult to have to encounter so much adversity but going through the trials will be worth the wait. Some may not be able to tell what could have occurred if they had been patient and there are some due to actions aren’t here to tell what could have been received. To be able to discover is truly a blessing. Not all will want to see others on the path of discovery because there may be fear of what some may “achieve.”

To seek isn’t always easy and seeking can be very time consuming. No matter how difficult the path may seem if one is determined enough then they’ll reach their “destination.” For some they’re not willing to travel outside of the box. There will be some who would rather allow others to discover and then want to receive what’s discovered and it’s up to the persons whether to supply. The Bible does state that we all should be cheerful givers. However doesn’t mean that we should allow any person to take advantage.

In due time there will be the prosperity some have hoped for. One may never know when their blessings may arrive. There’s certainly a lot to face. There will be some who will become quite difficult because they too may want to receive what another receives. Sometimes our blessings are held back because of the persons who are our environment. Our meaning each individual who is in the same “position.” Our is a general term. Not meaning every person who uses our. Doesn’t mean that one person’s abundance belongs to another. It’s up to the persons whether to grant the blessings received.

No person should try to take away what is received although so many try to do so. There are so many who are out to gain and may not be concerned about the blessings others are “deserving” of. It’s better to just wait and allow the receivers to give. If the persons are meant to receive then that’s what will occur. Some become greedy and will try to harass the very ones who are continuing to discover and they’ll end up missing out on their blessings. Greed is one of the deadliest sins.

To Seek and Search

Searching can take sometime and sometimes there may need to be others to assist with the discovering. Not all persons will be able to discover on their own. There is nothing wrong with needing some assistance while on the path. Of course there shouldn’t be fatigue experienced if so then it’s time to take a break and sometimes there may need to be extended breaks. That’s why resting is so “important.” There will need to be comfort. It’s difficult to concentrate on any area when there is fatigue.

Some may want to know what’s occurring at all times. No need for every person to know what’s is being discovered. There are some who should be involved when the discovering is taking place. The persons will know if they’re the ones. There will be “confirmations” of such. Do not become dismayed when there is disappointment. Some of what is found may not be for the person who’s discovering. There will be some who will become very deceptive because they’re needing to obtain whatever it is the person or persons are set to obtain.

No matter what’s said the discoveries should continue. Some may not need to receive attention because they’re disruptive and may slow down the process. The ones who are in the position to assist can sometimes help to settle the problem makers down. No need to place a lot of pressure but if any person “continues” to insist on forcing their way on the path then there will need to be some form of assistance in order to prevent losing the blessings which are suppose to be received.

Some won’t understand why they’re not able to be involved and if they’re unwilling to try and understand then there may be a lot of problems but will need to be solved in order to be more productive. It’s rather sad when some refuse to stay in place and not become invasive when breakthroughs are near. If there is any to be given to the persons then they’ll have to be patient and not hound the ones who are trying to discover. Once the blessings are received then the blessings can be allocated properly. Not all will be able to receive but helping some is better than helping none at all.

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How to Stay Focused When Dealing Annoyances

Yes there’s a lot of annoying “situations” which one may have to deal with. In order to continue to stay on the right track one would need to block out the annoying things which will add no value. If there’s lots of focus on what others are doing then there will be little progress. There are a lot of people who will annoy others to either gain their attention or to simply cause disruptions. n order to be apart of growth a person would need to decide whether the actions of others are of importance. No matter what some may do there will always be some who continue the most annoying antics.

Perhaps their actions are based off the need for attention. There shall not be any if they’re refusing to cease their behavior. Can any person imagine being annoyed and bothered every single day? There are some who face the most difficult people. The ones which cause the eye brows to “raise” when hearing their name. There’s no productivity when being consumed with the foolish ways of others. Some may never develop maturity and if there’s too much or even a little attention on the persons then they can drive a person insane.

In order to remain not only productive to keep sane there needs to be some outlets. There needs to be some activities which can “generate” peace and which are enjoyed. Too many people are more in tuned with trying to hinder person’s growth instead of trying to elevate themselves. Yes, it’s unfortunate when so many try to cause disruptions for others, not even considering how their actions can actually generate more problems for the troublemakers.

Some may not want to live in peace or at least that’s how some seem to behave. Never trying to engage in any positivity. If there’s plans for “prosperity” then there should be movement. Even if a day is filled with little productivity. Some productivity is certainly better than none at all. Life is filled with all sorts of mishaps and it can be difficult to deal with the problems which so many may have. It’s as if some are unable to cope with their own lives. There’s a lot of struggling and not just speaking about financial struggles.

Some are mentally struggling. In a prison within the mind. Barely functional and it’s obvious by their actions. Not willing to take anytime to allow the mind to heal from whatever has caused the mind to become so distorted. Some are going through what they’re going through because of their own deeds. Not admitting to the wrong they’ve projected towards others. Continuing to suffer a decline. There are a lot who are more in tuned with every move a person makes and because they’re not wanting to see “progress” occur. The individuals will become disruptive.

No matter how many decide to engage in such foolishness. The persons who want to achieve more and move in another direction should continue on their path and believe that eventually there will be great rewards for their efforts. No matter where a person lands. There will always be difficult people. It’s how we’re dealing with such individuals that matters. Some may be very difficult to understand and there may be thoughts of not wanting to be around such individuals. “Just prosper on and focus on the areas of importance.” by:  Tanikka Paulk

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Disagreements but Many Achievements Despite the Conditions

There will certainly be adversity some may face extreme adversities. Some not knowing when all of the trouble will let up. Eventually there will be some “solutions” and although it may appear as if the troubles will last always. no trouble will last always. Some may not agree with what is and will continue to take place. There is a battle and for some trying to get through the storms is extremely difficult. Life is difficult, it was promised that we’ll all go through troubles, there’s so many ways to deal with the storms.

The key is to never consider giving up. No matter how many appear to be against another. There will always be support and in some cases there will be a supportive team. There may be a lot against a person but through determination there will be victory. “There will be new discoveries.” The challenges could be set forth because of  strength building. No matter what’s done there will always be some who are in disagreement. In order to achieve more through the adversities at hand. There will be some time to gather thoughts.

It can be difficult having to deal with a lot of disagreeable people but there are ways to manage. There are ways to incur achievements although at times doing so could be difficult. It can also be difficult to have sound discussions when some are unwilling to accept or understand what’s taking place. “Communication” is still important however there may be times when silence needs to occur when the disagreeable people are out of control.

For so many they’ve given up because they’ve felt as if there was no headway. There shouldn’t be any ceasing going on. There is a possibility of incurring many :achievements through patience” and finding effective solutions. Of course having to deal with a lot of chaos can be quite unsettling and if the focus is on the chaotic environment then little achieving will take place. There’s a lot to be discovered and so many have simply given up on trying to discover what can create a more stable society.

No matter what’s done or said there will always be some who refuse to agree for whatever reasons. Some may become difficulty because they’re not wanting to accept that certain “avenues” are to be followed. For some it’s a matter of wanting to control others and that’s why so many disagreements may occur. There’s a lot instability and in order to create a more functional society there will need to be more individuals willing to make the necessary changes in order to do so. There will be some who may disagree at first but will agree once there is more understanding.

A person should continue with advancement even when difficulties arise. There should be times when there is complete thoughts occurring. The removals of all negatives and “thoughts” of producing greater. Too many are caught up with not wanting to be wrong and go against the very ones who can assist with building. There can be achievements through others. There is growth when growth is allowed. To disagree is something which will occur but to not even try to understand can cause a decrease.

“There’s Solutions but There has to be a Desire to Find the Solutions.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Advocating and the Injustices Which Plaque Society

Advocates don’t have an easy job. There will be lots of times when they’ll have to go up against a lot of individuals who refuse to understand a single word. There’s certainly a lot of injustices taking place and some aren’t ready to tackle any of the injustices. Allowing injustices to linger on is a bad idea. The issues won’t go away on their own. The injustices need attention and when there’s a lot there will be troubles all around. Some may believe their line of thinking is correct. Not “willing to find” any solutions but would rather create more problems which not too many want to deal with.

Sometimes advocates will need to advocate for themselves. They’ll have to go up against some very difficult people. If there’s a desire to “find solutions” then advocates, activists will continue to move towards finding solutions, there may be a lot of pressure at times but they’re seeking solutions. Having to deal with a lot of people who may not be on the same page is quite difficult. To have to come in contact with some who refuse to recognize that we’re in a crisis. There’s a lot of people who want to control every aspect of a person’s life but should be more focused on creating a more stable society.

Not everyone will want to hear what some advocates have to say. Some may try to make every move difficult and doing so isn’t the right thing to do. There should be thoughts of trying to put together instead of ripping apart. It’s unfortunate that there’s so many issues continuing to grow. Way too many are out of control. Not wanting to see growth which doesn’t make sense. “More growth will help society.” If there’s a continuing decline then all will suffer.

Not too many are willing to stand up. Some are either afraid or not wanting to deal with certain matters. There’s no reason that so many should be so disorderly. Creating havoc and causing declines. There should be building up and not tearing down. Of course the issues will continue as long as there’s the envy. Speaking up should occur. “There has to be some who are brave enough to speak out.” All fear should be removed when it’s time to stand up.

If there’ no “standing up” going on then there will continue to be a lot of disconnections and wars. There will be more fighting one another instead of trying to piece together the broken human beings. The fights., the disagreements, the dysfunctional behaviors. So many will continue to slip into a hole because of their mentality. Injustices should be analyzed. There are a lot of people depending on strong leadership but doesn’t appear as if the too many leaders are willing to tackle the issues which really “need solutions.”

Some may not agree with the way some advocate and that’s alright. Not every person will be in agreement. Just because some won’t agree doesn’t mean that advocates should stop advocating. It can be draining when dealing with a lot of people who refuse to be accepting. No matter what’s said there should continue to be communications which will eventually incur solutions.

“Strong Leadership is Important” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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“There’s no Solutions When More Problems are Created. Some Decisions to Agree to Disagree in Good Standing Will Help.” BY:

Tanikka Paulk

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Going About Matters the Wrong way can Produce Trouble

When we’re not handling certain situations properly we’ll find that we’ll produce more problems. The approach may not be correct and the individuals involved may “continue to develop” misunderstandings. Some would rather do what’s wrong than right. We’ll make mistakes and stumble but there are some who will always try to destroy. Sometimes the destruction is unintentional but what we’re facing are way too many people trying to cause commotion.

The day of compassion is gone. There’s more corruption and so many becoming desperate. Doing whatever it takes to create falls. Not trying to solve problems but create problems. Not helping but causing others to go through things which there’s no need. There’s a lot of information which shows how mankind is war filled. Very destructive. Loving dramatic experiences. “Saying” just about anything in order to gain. Not using fairness just creating problems.

Perhaps there will be “solutions” if individuals choose to handle matters correctly. Another way to create more problems is to continuously be invasive. Minding others business and not our own. Trying to create disconnections instead of connecting individuals with the right people. The corruption problem is ridiculous. There’s a lot who don’t have truth in their body.

Evidence and proof are what “will determine” if it’s so. Some aren’t concerned about what the proof says. They’ll be in denial. So deceptive. Not caring how they’ll making matters worse. The war that’s continuing to develop won’t stop unless individuals choose to stop being so destructive. Like vultures or wolves. Always on the prowl. Hunting for their next prey. Not thinking about the consequences. Whatever pops in their minds that’s what they’ll go with.

A lot of injustices. No one seems to want to tackle any just create more injustices. Harming not only others but themselves. Attacking others and not realizing who they’re attacking. To discover later they were all wrong. Won’t admit being wrong just continuing to find ways to destroy whatever is to come to another. Enemies and friends becoming foes. Listening to others instead of seeking the truth.

There certainly is a lot of evil with the world. Are “situations” going to get better? Not if others aren’t willing to make living better. Some are creating their own problems. So enough will find out they’re actions were unnecessary. Battling for no reason or for ridiculous reasons. Coming up against one another instead of projecting love. Preying on others and not even aware why. Not finding out what’s real and what’s false.

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In Time all Matters Will be Rectified
February 21, 2017

Just be patient and watch how all of the situations which create a lot of pressure and stress mend. That’s right! The complications which arise will not continue on. There’s “solutions” to problems some lasting a long time while others are resolved right away. Some problems which arise are our own doing and others are created to cause more movement or to cause enough stress to give in or up. Whatever the reasons are there’s many ways to solve problems.

We’re not always wanting to deal with certain situations some are so complex and just thinking about the issues can generate a headache. Having to deal with all sorts of personalities and the most difficult people can be a strain. In life there will be all sorts of challenges arising. In order to get through all of the adversity. “The mindset has to change.” Taking breaks to ease any pressure which arise. Allowing some time to not think about all of the issues will help keep sane. Some disruptions occur due to misunderstandings.

Some matters will rectify themselves and not need a whole lot of attention. Some occurrences will need immediate attention. In some situations we’ll need a hand. A person who truly understands what it’s like to deal with a lot of matters at one time. We’re all “equipped” to deal with a lot at one time but even when doing so there must be periods of rest. The person or persons who are there whether near or far can assist with the challenges in some way.

Everyone needs at least one “support system.” When it appears as if everything is caving in. Take some time to and take a step back. In time the matters will be solved. Perhaps more would even assist with trying to solve the matters. If enough people go through the same or similar challenges then they’ll want to help solving the matters. Especially if there’s a lot of pressure. There will be times when one problem will arise and another and so on. Just piling up.

The world is filled with a lot of events which some are quite devastating. Sometimes we’ll feel as if we want to run away but running away from a problem won’t make a problem go away. Perhaps taking some time to solve each problem one at a time. Not stressing but finding the best solutions. There’s some problems which will require professionals to deal with and that’s when we’re able to step back and allow the professionals to do what needs to be done.

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Not Every Situation Deserves Attention
November 27, 2016
Not Every Situation Deserves Attention

There’s no need to address everything. Somethings don’t need attention. For instance if a group of people are behaving disorderly and projecting hatefulness and insults then we can choose to ignore. Giving attention sometimes will only make matters worse. More problems are generated that way. It’s better to place focus elsewhere so that we’re whole. Some situations will only create mind weakness and if there’s way of avoiding such things then we should. Some people may want to gain some attention and we’re certainly under no obligation to give away unnecessary attention.

If we focus on the importance then more “growth” will occur. By not doing so. More problems can be created and there goes our stress level. If there’s absolutely no benefits in the situation. Then why bother? Benefits such as growth, lessons, or abundance. If the surrounding add nothing but stress and there’s no benefits whatsoever then we really need to be bothered with such environments. There could be great rewards within some circumstances so we’ll deal with the mess.

If there’s some worth there then perhaps paying some attention is quite beneficial. If there’s nothing but trouble and there doesn’t appear to be any elevating at all then we should certainly focus on environments where change can occur. “Positive changes” that is. Sometimes more stress is added because we’re trying to deal with every situation that comes our way. Not something we should be doing. We’re unable to solve every problem and some problems aren’t made for certain individuals to solve.

Even when some people try really hard to gain attention. If they’re efforts will produce havoc in our lives then perhaps we should avoid the individuals. Life is tough at times and if we can avoid adding extra stress then we certainly should avoid doing so. Some environments will take a long time to generate changes. It’s best to take some time and allow peace in. Imagine never being able to generate any peace because of focusing on worldly problems on a constant basis.

There’s no need to stress out because some refuse to calm down. If some situations need attention then we’ll figure out which ones need attention. We’ll figure out which ones need immediate attention. It’s not easy dealing with stressful environments but there’s a way. We certainly don’t need to stay in a dysfunctional environment too long. Give attention when needed and none when it’s not necessary.

Time is wasted when we’re paying attention to things that will never add any value to living. Time moves quickly and once wasted. We’re unable to get the time back. Of course we should use time wisely. That’s why it’s important to focus on situations that matter. Generate peace by not focusing on situations that can be solved by others or perhaps should be solved by others. “Life is to be enjoyed and not filled with everyday stresses.”

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