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There’s a lot to Discover but Patience is Necessary

There will be a time when discovering will occur. Some of what’s discovered may be surprising and some may not. One may never know what they’ll find but the Bible states what a “you” will need to do and that is to seek and you shall find. I’ve discovered some information and other mysteries which will need further observation. Hopefully soon enough all the matters will be taken care of and of course with the discoveries comes “blessings.” Sometimes we’ll have to go through a whole lot before we’ll receive what is called ‘abundance.” Some may not be patient enough to receive the abundance, prosperity, and breakthroughs.

When we become patient then we’ll notice that what is meant to be received will be received. Yes, it’s quite difficult to have to encounter so much adversity but going through the trials will be worth the wait. Some may not be able to tell what could have occurred if they had been patient and there are some due to actions aren’t here to tell what could have been received. To be able to discover is truly a blessing. Not all will want to see others on the path of discovery because there may be fear of what some may “achieve.”

To seek isn’t always easy and seeking can be very time consuming. No matter how difficult the path may seem if one is determined enough then they’ll reach their “destination.” For some they’re not willing to travel outside of the box. There will be some who would rather allow others to discover and then want to receive what’s discovered and it’s up to the persons whether to supply. The Bible does state that we all should be cheerful givers. However doesn’t mean that we should allow any person to take advantage.

In due time there will be the prosperity some have hoped for. One may never know when their blessings may arrive. There’s certainly a lot to face. There will be some who will become quite difficult because they too may want to receive what another receives. Sometimes our blessings are held back because of the persons who are our environment. Our meaning each individual who is in the same “position.” Our is a general term. Not meaning every person who uses our. Doesn’t mean that one person’s abundance belongs to another. It’s up to the persons whether to grant the blessings received.

No person should try to take away what is received although so many try to do so. There are so many who are out to gain and may not be concerned about the blessings others are “deserving” of. It’s better to just wait and allow the receivers to give. If the persons are meant to receive then that’s what will occur. Some become greedy and will try to harass the very ones who are continuing to discover and they’ll end up missing out on their blessings. Greed is one of the deadliest sins.

To Seek and Search

Searching can take sometime and sometimes there may need to be others to assist with the discovering. Not all persons will be able to discover on their own. There is nothing wrong with needing some assistance while on the path. Of course there shouldn’t be fatigue experienced if so then it’s time to take a break and sometimes there may need to be extended breaks. That’s why resting is so “important.” There will need to be comfort. It’s difficult to concentrate on any area when there is fatigue.

Some may want to know what’s occurring at all times. No need for every person to know what’s is being discovered. There are some who should be involved when the discovering is taking place. The persons will know if they’re the ones. There will be “confirmations” of such. Do not become dismayed when there is disappointment. Some of what is found may not be for the person who’s discovering. There will be some who will become very deceptive because they’re needing to obtain whatever it is the person or persons are set to obtain.

No matter what’s said the discoveries should continue. Some may not need to receive attention because they’re disruptive and may slow down the process. The ones who are in the position to assist can sometimes help to settle the problem makers down. No need to place a lot of pressure but if any person “continues” to insist on forcing their way on the path then there will need to be some form of assistance in order to prevent losing the blessings which are suppose to be received.

Some won’t understand why they’re not able to be involved and if they’re unwilling to try and understand then there may be a lot of problems but will need to be solved in order to be more productive. It’s rather sad when some refuse to stay in place and not become invasive when breakthroughs are near. If there is any to be given to the persons then they’ll have to be patient and not hound the ones who are trying to discover. Once the blessings are received then the blessings can be allocated properly. Not all will be able to receive but helping some is better than helping none at all.

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