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Witnessing is sharing love, kind words, turning from wrong, being compassionate and living out forgiveness
cross-66700_1280 Faith-Stand Firm in the BattleThe protection from evil is the “Armor of God.” Image Credit: Pixabay.com

God means you to be a light set where the world can see it clearly-not a hidden flame behind closed doors, with curtains drawn. Being a light isn’t always easy-people see everything you do, and they don’t always like it. Don’t let the critics stop you. Your works were ordained to glorify God, not to make people comfortable. Be you and shine today.

Many of us have a hard time sharing our faith. So when we hear Paul’s encouragement to Philemon, our hearts lift, knowing we aren’t the only ones who struggle. The challenge of witnessing to others is worth it. The salvation of others and our own appreciation of our Lord is reason to share his love.

Your words are a vital part of your witness. Speak to an unbeliever ungraciously, and chances are good that she will never forget it. But study and grow in the word; then speak wisely and generously to others, and God can use your words to win them to his kingdom. People respond well to kindness and flavourful speech. Use your words as witness of God today.

No condemnation. What a wonderful thought for sinners. Forgiven, we know the comfort of having heaven as our ultimate destination. No argument okays sin. The joy of our freedom must lead us to turn from all wrong. Our Lord gives the strength to grow in him.

Tit-for-tat retribution for evil is not a principle of our compassionate God. We understand this if we’ve received his undeserved salvation. With such a gift, God has opened our hearts to treating our enemies as he has treated us. If we refuse to count up each wrong and repay it with harshness, lost souls may understand God’s compassionate salvation. By doing right, even when we receive wrong in return, we become powerful witnesses.

Because all christians are forgiven sinners, not perfect people, the need for forgiveness does not stop at the church door. So Paul calls us to live out compassion not only to the world but within our congregations, as well. As we set aside anger and other harsh attitudes, we live out the forgiveness all believers have received. This is a better way to share his love.

In the workplace, meekness isn’t often seen as a positive thing. “Looking out for number one” is the theory of many who tout assertiveness as the way to get the most out of life. But God doesn’t say that ultimately, those who follow him faithfully and show their belief to the world will not be the “nice guys” who “finish last,” but the inheritors of this earth. God has mapped out a plot of earth for you.

You do not really work for your boss. Yes, you report to the one whom your company hired in that position, but ultimately, you do everything for God, not a man or woman. So even if your boss isn’t great to work for, remind yourself that you are accountable to Jesus. No matter who has the position above yours, your Lord is always in charge of your future.

Whether we work at a computer or on a factory production line, those of us who work with our hands shouldn’t feel unimportant. Manual labour is serious business in God’s sight. Christians who quietly, faithfully go about their business day by day make an important contribution, bearing God’s message to a wide range of people. What a testimony our lives become when we live our best selves.

Let your work be effective. Don’t make sure the boss knows every good thing you do. Seek God’s favour, and he will see to it that your work really gets the job done, whether you’re caring for a child, arguing a legal case, or waiting on a customer. Our Lord makes his people productive for him as they serve others in his name.

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