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That’s What Advocating is About

Advocates should be firm with their advocating. There are many reasons why advocating should occur. Yes, there appears to be injustices which need immediate attention. “To advocate is to find solutions and to fight for rights whether it involves one person or a group. Advocating is so important.” By: Tanikka Paulk. can advocating become stressful? Yes, depending on what needs to be advocated, there could be individuals unwilling to cooperate with advocates.

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There are many advocates having to deal with some unruly individuals but continue to advocate. Unfortunately there are some refusing to understand how advocating works. There seems to be a disconnection and there seems to the inability to understand why advocating should occur. The injustices continue to occur and there has to be persons willing to take a stand. “My advocacy continues despite what so many are trying to prevent.” (Tanikka Paulk).

I’ve been advocating for many years and advocating can be such a joy. There can be misunderstandings while advocating. There certainly has to be some patience because there will be some unwilling to cooperate. Some advocates will have to speak with individuals incarcerated or at risk of incarceration. There are many ways to advocate but there should be a passion for advocacy. Helping others shouldn’t be stressful. Yes, there has to be effective ways to deal with the emotions so many seem to have, there seems to be lacking.

There are many great leaders continuing to be apart of the advocacy march. There are some unwilling to hide their ability to advocate and then there are some refusing to advocate at all. Yes, there is competition through advocacy, there are some advocating just to receive recognition. There’s a purpose and how each person chooses to advocate is of their own choice. There should be more advocates willing to connect with the public. There should be more willing to create solutions. “Advocacy is occurring and should continue to occur no matter how difficult the journey becomes.’ (Tanikka Paulk).

There are so many areas in which need advocating. Advocating for the youth needs attention. There has to be more willing to stand up for the rights of others. So many make advocating difficult for advocates. There are some unwilling to allow the “advocacy” to occur because they’re afraid of what will be revealed. Some advocates could lose their cool when having to deal with disorderly People. The best thing to do is to find ways to deal with the disagreeable.

‘Oh yes indeed I’m continuing to advocate that’s what Tanikka Paulk is doing.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Many Approaches to Leadership

Leadership shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many leaders but the strongest leader will produce the most. “How does one deal with unruly groups of People and still be an effective leader?” There certainly has to be patience involved. Some have faced some of the toughest challenges the main reason why some choose to become disorderly is because they’re trying to get their way. No leader should have to babysit any person. It seems as though there are more dictators than there are leaders. When it’s time to administer the consequences what will the leader do?

There are some having difficulties accepting the position or positions in which a leader was chosen to fulfill. Perhaps some are wanting to be in the same position and refuse to settle down because they’re thinking that they’ll scare off the leader. “An effective leader will proceed despite persons becoming angry. There will need t be decisions made regarding dealing with individuals.” (Tanikka Paulk) Perhaps ignoring will help but some will need to incur the necessary discipline in order to advance to the next levels. “If any leader expects to be productive then the leader will need to remove what’s decreasing productivity.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

Yes, it appears as though some leaders will have to deal with adult babies. Some behaving as though they’re needing some breastfeeding. When they’re trying to discourage there should be thoughts of advancement. Surrounding self around the visionaries will help. Perhaps there are many lacking confidence or they’re feeling inadequate. There should be focus on the important areas but there will need to be some directing. It’s important to have a voice. To speak on subjects in which will help lower the rate of persons being disorderly.

  1. Be expressive and be stern.
  2. No meaning is no. Adults should know how to behave.
  3. Take action if necessary.
  4. Utilize courage. Yes there should and must be courageous leaders.
  5. Disconnect refuse to accept the disorderly behavior.

There are leaders who have chosen to step down because of the many challenges. There are some willing to test the effectiveness of a leader. They’ll test to see if the leader is fit for the position. “The individuals unwilling to respect the position or positions could become problematic but there are solutions to dealing with such behaviors.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Some probably need to be rehabilitated. Their actions could prove to cause walls to crumble. That’s why it’s necessary to take actions so that the persons don’t cause declines. If they’re refusing to accept then the leader should proceed and team up with the cooperative ones.

There is joyfulness when making progress. “Every person should be approached in a way in which there will be prospering.” (Tanikka Paulk). Some may feel as though they’re underachievers but the leaders aren’t suppose to hold their hands and bottle feed the individuals. There are some wanting power and will try to cause the leader to fall. Be careful when dealing with some of the individuals. There could be some mental issues and perhaps suggesting that the persons find help will be of great benefit.

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The Process of Unification and Further Developments

There is the continued discoveries related to “unification.” There should be efforts to continue to place together what some aren’t understanding as “Grouped Unifying.” There’s the selected, the chosen, and the administered. There are some unwilling to accept There are some unwilling to accept that the process towards building a more unified class of society is necessary. Yes there will be some continuing to try and invade what is surely going to occur. They’re unaware of the many efforts projected in order to establish the most excellence. The persons allowed to proceed on the journey are certainly gifted individuals. They’re confident enough to allow what can create more stability.

The ones trying to hinder the process towards unification aren’t doing themselves any favors. They’re placing themselves in troubled waters. “The ability to continue to seek and discover the necessary avenues is truly a blessing.” By: Tanikka Paulk. No matter how many times the individuals try to cause disruption there will be movements occurring. Why? God has already ordained it to be so. That’s right. What they’ve tried to do hasn’t brought the solutions they’ve been “searching” for. The unifying needs to occur and the ones who were on the journey before aren’t receiving their invitation to continue to travel because of the efforts to sabotage.

I’ve tried to remain patient and I’ve learned to deal with such beings properly. Yes, there were times when it appeared as if there would be a blowing of the roof top. God has allowed that there be continuation of the process towards unification and amen to that. The competitors aren’t providing their own glory. They’re continuing to think that trying to disconnect the “building up” will allow their accomplishments to flourish. There will continue to be movements in the direction which will offer the best methods possible. Some may not agree with what is to take place.

There are many intimidated by what has occurred and shall occur. They’re not in tuned with the spiritual level and perhaps the reason why is that some aren’t “spiritually” connected. Their focus seems to be more on disconnecting instead or connecting and reconnecting. If they’re trying to sabotage then they shouldn’t be invited. When there was a decision to add the individuals they’ve chosen to cause disruptions and disorder so therefore there is no need to ask the persons along.

There shall be focus on the areas which will pull together the greats. There are more than one and the determined ones will demonstrate that they’re “qualified” to continue on this=tanikka paulk that=tanikka paulk journey. What the competition will do no person has control over. The best thing to do is to proceed confidently. The materials available to assist with further developments are provided for People. There’s more where some eyes haven;t looked. “Where will be the dropping off?” (Tanikka Paulk> There are so many wanting to know.

this is also that=Tanikka Paulk

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The Best and Most Effective Ways to Deal With Problems

Every person will have to go through some form of adversity. No person will be without problems. There will be occasions when a problem may seem to linger on and on. There seems to be more problems committed by individuals trying to prevent what should occur. So how does one deal with so many problems at once? The best way to deal with the matters is to break down the problems in which are occurring. No matter how in depth a problem becomes there are effective solutions. One must seek the proper “solutions” and try to avoid too many stresses. Trying to deal with so many problems at once could cause a decline within a person’s health.

The Best Ways to Deal With the Problems at Hand

  1. Take the necessary breaks in order to gather thoughts.
  2. Think before trying to dissect the problems.
  3. Ask for assistance if needed.
  4. Rest in between dealing with the matters. Rest will allow a person to think more effectively.
  5. Believe that there are solutions even when it appears as though they’re far away.

Some are having difficulties dealing with the adversities. That’s why it’s best that there are periods when there’s pondering on the “positives.” If there is too much focus on the problems then insanity could occur. In order to avoid becoming fatigued while trying to find the proper solutions one would need to obtain proper rest and focus on other areas until the solutions are presented. There are so many continuing to think that they’re some fort of super hero, some refusing to rest while trying to find the best solutions to their problems, there should be positive thinking occurring.

Having to deal with so many problems can certainly cause fatigue. Sometimes persons create their own problems by refusing “to understand.” To have the ability to think properly is a blessing. It can be difficult to do so if the mind is focused on when the problems will be solved. There will be time needed in order to gain the solutions which can help with further movement. There should be focus on the areas in which can incur prosperity.

Some are skilled when dealing with numerous problems. There are some refusing to allow the problems to be solved because they’re refusing to be patient. There are ways to obtain peacefulness but there must be a decision to allow solitude to enter. Just listening to sounds of birds chirping can help create some peacefulness. Thinking, accepting, and finding are what’s needed to solve the problems. If one “just” allow the effectiveness to occur then they’ll find that living is better enjoyed.

Yes, it could be difficult to focus on certain matters due to incurring so many problems at one time. That’s why it’s best that there is enjoyment occurring so that the stress levels aren’t elevated. Some are still learning how to deal with certain problems. There are some continuing to worry about their problems. It’s better to refrain from worrying so that health issues won’t occur. “One” way to assist with solving the matters is to pray, Perhaps all won’t believe in prayer but reading what God says has helped in someway. “I’m a believer and will continue to pray and will continue to find the best ways to solve the problems.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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I’m Seeking the Proper Solutions

What is it that I”m seeking? Right now I’m seeking the solutions in which will be greatly beneficial to society and across the globe. How long will such solutions become effective? Hopefully in a timely manner. The progress could be a long one. Hopefully there will be more help along the way so that the solutions can occur. There certainly needs to be “proper solutions” so that individuals can live comfortably. There’s hope yet. There will certainly need to be patience. The journey so far has been a very complicated one. Yes, there’s been setbacks, but there seems to be some form of movement now.

Headed Somewhere 

Oh yes indeed headed somewhere despite what some may have perceived. There are brand new discoveries. What will occur in the next few months? There could be a lot “of progress” and there may appear to be less in some instances. No matter how long the process takes there will continue to be hopefulness at least where I’m concerned. Some could become antsy and want rapid solutions but they’ll have to put their patient hats on. “Where are so many headed?” (Tanikka Paulk). They’ll probably unsure.

Just hold on and allow the movements to occur. There are lots of People wanting to witness the best solutions so that there will be more stability. “Becoming stabilized is certainly a good thing.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The economy can certainly use a boast. The departments could use some growth. I’m seeking higher grounds in order to create what is needed so that society experiences better living and the entire Nation. “There will be including of other countries at a later date.” By: Tanikka Paulk. It is here doing what needs to be done.

How many are ready for the changes? There needs to be positive changes occurring. There will be changes whether there’s preparations or not. To grow more is amazing. I’m continuing to put fourth the actions and hopefully there will be more joining in so that there’s more conquering. Even if one starts to create the changes at least there’s some actions taking place. Having help certainly is better than none at all. “Society” has been riddled with all sorts of injustices and there needs to be some focus on eliminating the injustices.

To be realistic there probably won’t be removals of all the injustices but at least some removals will help create a more positive society. The ones pushing instead of pulling up aren’t being very beneficial. There needs to be helpers willing to be apart of growth. In time there will be the “necessary” changes and hopefully there will be more positivity. Eventually arriving at the destination will occur. For some trying to get there will take many years. “The process shall be completed just remaining hopeful.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“My Hope and Dreams are to Achieve What can Create a More Stabilized Globe.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“Around the World Worldwide” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Oh my Dry Eyes Tanikka Paulk Eyes
March 16, 2018

Oh my gosh my eyes are so dry. The Sjorgens can be unsettling. There’s so much to deal with when dealing with auto immune conditions. So many are dealing with the aches, pains, and inflammation related to auto immune conditions. Although the conditions are uncomfortable there is hope yet. There are ways to relieve the pain and inflammation so that’s a good thing. So many probably don’t understand just how the conditions can cause a person to be hospitalized or to just sit alone. Although there are the uncomfortable pains I’m continuing to do what’s needed.

Doctors continue to study conditions such as Lupus and other auto immune conditions. So my eyes experience soreness, redness, irritation and pain. Yes, there’s blurred vision when the inflammation enters and some aren’t understanding that persons diagnosed with such conditions could feel as though there should some alone time. Meaning that there will times when the person doesn’t feel like being bothered. That’s right. No person experiencing the pain will want to be agitated

The dry eyes could cause the vision to become distorted. So therefore there could be some slowness. That’s why it’s important to spend less time on the computer. Taking breaks are necessary. Allowing the eyes to rest will help. Obtaining proper rest will also help. There should be methods used to alleviate the pain and inflammation. Doctors should focus on relieving the pain and also keeping the eyes from getting dry. The dryness can sometimes cause ulcers on the eyes.

My eyes are my eyes and I’m continuing to become a bit sore. I’m finding ways to relieve some of the inflammation. The conditions could cause patients to experience lowered vision ability. It’s difficult to experience the un-comfort but there is still hopefulness with auto immune conditions. “My doctors have done an excellent job and are continuing to make efforts to help keep my sight in tact.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There should be material read regarding auto immune conditions. There certainly is lack of understanding when it comes to auto immune conditions.

T”he Eyes of Mine” (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Battle Between the Uncooperative Persons
February 26, 2018

How does some deal with persons being so disagreeable? Some may lose their cool when dealing with persons being so uncooperative. There seems to be no reasoning with individuals choosing to be difficult. There will be difficulties when pursuing a dream, passion, ideas but there seems to be disconnections when it comes to building. There are way too many unfocused. There seems to be so many refusing to accept whatever the person or person in “leadership” has to offer.  When attempting to access what is good there seems to be persons continuing to believe that they’re in a position to hinder what needs to occur.

There should be gladness when building. Building can create the best results. There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning with certain individuals. There are some wanting what they want and refuse to allow the processes to occur. “Thinking about establishing greater objectives and to continue with a purpose can result in what will create a more designed country.” By: Tanikka Paulk. To be exposed to persons unwilling to accept can certainly cause delays. It’s better to just proceed and at least make some attempts to communicate with the  persons. They’re not trying to achieve what needs to be achieved.

The purpose should continue so that the economy can become more stabilized. They’re focusing on the wrong things. There should be helping hands trying to accomplish goals which will result in qualities. Too many continue to sabotage and they should be considering what progression really means. To be apart of growth is so glorious. There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning with the persons. Although there are some disagreeing there will be continuous actions towards prosperity. “To prosper is good and why are so many refusing to accept the excelling?” Tanikka Paulk

Time isn’t standing still. Time continues to be apart of movements. The journey must continue in order to incur the necessities. There needs to be more cooperation within a Nation but unfortunately there seems to be the crowd refusing to back down. There needs to be space between the dysfunctions causing a tear down. What are they going to do when the buck stops? Causing setbacks won’t help any person pursue what’s necessary. There are actions occurring which offers the right directions. Stopping the dreams won’t help the persons in anyway.

What are they going to do when there the assistance ceases? How can any person assist when there is so much chaos? If they’re willing to allow the processes to occur then they’ll notice that there will be better results. Yes, it’s quite tiring when so many folks are trying to cause setbacks. Understanding can help persons deal with the many changes. Refusing to accept the person or persons chosen for leadership isn’t the best tactic. There will be actions continuing to occur no matter how many are unsettled by the discoveries. “Continuing.” (Tanikka Paulk).


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Businesses That Knows What to do

There are some businesses which display proper tactics when conducting business and there are some businesses who are so unethical. The unethical businesses will not flourish because they’re not using the proper tactics in order to assist with business elevation. The ones who continue t”o conduct business” in such a manner will notice that there will continuously be a decline within their business. Some businesses may think that they’re getting away with using such tactics but they’re being monitored in someway.

The BBB should be contacted when a business “continues” to offer deceptive methods in order to get over on customers, business partners, and others. Some business owners may think that they’re too smart for the consumers and will try to find ways to get over on the consumers but eventually they’ll suffer a decline. No business can rise up when they’re conducting unethical practices. There should be complaints when a business continues to treat their customers poorly.

Some may be afraid to make reports because they’re afraid of what will occur after the reporting. No person should allow any business to continue to project mistreatment. Of course there’s so many which try to do so just to see how far they’re able to go. Customers “must fight against such injustices.” Not allowing such injustices to continue can help other customers and businesses as well. Too many allow misbehavior and deceptiveness to continue and when they’re allowing these things. They’re placing the business and brand at risk.

We all should pay attention to how business owners are conducting their business. If they’re not willing to treat customers right then they’re not concerned about People  and “The People” and they’re doing an injustice to all businesses. Some may not know “the proper ways to conduct business” but not knowing isn’t an issue to treat consumers unfairly. There are a lot of business owners who continue to bully their customers and potential customers. Some have noticed that the businesses which continue to behave in such a manner end up becoming apart of the failed business category.

There are a lot of business owners who feel the need to harass other business owners in order to try and excel over their competition. Not a good approach at all. The end result can be a bleak one. Not producing what is needed to advance is a mistake. Businesses “need to grow” in order to create a stronger economy. We all should feel the need to prosper and be apart of advancement. The competitors are out to destroy a business. Not thinking that the growth can assist more people than anyone can imagine. “Business Owners are making a Mistake Treating so Many Unfairly. Costly Mistakes Continue to Occur.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Decision to Compromise Could Mean Peacefulness
October 20, 2017

Although we may not always want to give in, to decide to compromise, sometimes it’s difficult to due so depending on the situation. There are many reasons why some refuse “to compromise.” If compromising will cause more complications then perhaps it may not be best to settle.  If compromising will incur some settling down then perhaps doing so is best. Not all the time though. Some will try to take advantage when compromising occurs. There certainly has to be boundaries set. There are some who are willing to step over individuals who constantly compromise.

In order to generate some “peace” there will need to be some modifications. Compromising doesn’t mean that any person is being a pushover. If compromising will make a difference within an environment then doing so should occur. There are some who may be set in their ways and may refuse to compromise no matter what the solutions are. Too many have faced a lot of misuse when compromising. There are some who are willing to be reasonable when compromises occur. Not all will but at least there’s some headway if some decide to do so.

Too many find themselves being victimized for over compromising. Meaning they’re not setting any boundaries at all. Every person should choose to set “boundaries” if not then individuals will certainly try to take advantage. When we’re being taken advantage of then we’ll become frustrated not only with the persons who are taking advantage but with ourselves. So many refuse to compromise because of the reasons supplied here but there are other reasons.

Rarely would any want to admit to being wrong and that could be a reason why some may choose to not compromise. I’ve “discovered” that there’s a lot of people who will test to see how far they’re able to go. The ones who continuously do so may not receive any compromising at all. Even the ones who have made numerous mistakes may deserve to receive some compromising. Depends on the person of course. There are some who figure out that they’ve stepped the boundaries.

We should at least speak up about what we’re willing and not willing to tolerate. Tolerating too much can build stress. There should be thoughts of coming up with better “solutions” so that peacefulness can occur. It’s difficult to obtain peacefulness when there’s a lot of drama taking place. There has to be better ways to make sure that environments aren’t riddled with a lot of chaos. “To compromise doesn’t mean weakness in fact doing so may demonstrate strength. ” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Many Questions and a Response is Possible

Some may wonder exactly what some are up to. There may be many questions asked and if they’re worth answering then a response could possibly be generated. Too many aren’t understanding just how to go about being productive. “Some may ask just where I’m going and some may ask What You you Plan on Doing?” Well let’s see now. There’s plans to get away all of the madness. There are plans to achieve more. There’s plans to continue to fight for justice. Eventually there will be breakthroughs which are certainly needed. In time all  of the matters will be rectified. I’m not going to just lay down and allow what has occurred to be thrown out. No not at all. You is still on her journey. That’s right.

Oh yes. There are so many who continue to try to perhaps annoy but also there are some who are just so out of touch that they’ll continue to try and cause a decline or what they may assume is one but are really causing their own decline. So on the journey I’ve noticed that there are some who claim to be highly successful but do not behave as such. Just observe what some are willing to do in order to beat their competition. Some have encountered a lot of injustices and although it may appear as if there are none available to assist with limiting the injustices. There are some who are willing to uphold the law and are willing to create a better society.

Perhaps there will be one of the most innovating discoveries in the future. There will be further progress that’s for sure. Imagine having to prove an identity all of the time. What’s for a person certainly is. Here’s the thing if there is no need for a response then there is no need. No response means either the person will move on or they’ll wait for one which may never be received because of their con games. So I’m moving forward and have discovered how much more strength I’ve gained. It’s been a challenges having to deal with the difficulties but there’s a reason why my calling came about.

There is a plan to navigate to a new destination. Perhaps that’s why so many are presenting so many challenges. There has been many lies told. A lot of people have tried to weigh my progress down. There are many reasons why I’ve been chosen and the callings occur before birth. There are some who need to be called out and some who will receive what is due. They’ve taken away but Job also lost plenty and received more than he had before. I’m not concerned with the worldly antics. There is still a better w3ay for me= (tanikka Paulk).

Alright! Yes I’m alright and doing just lovely. There may be lots of game playing but I’m not into the games. I’ve made connections to individuals and agencies in which should assist and eventually will when all of the attention is focused on the agencies and persons. Some are continuing to sabotage their own careers and that’s their decision. Although there are so many trying to remove my joy. I’m not removing the joy. Doesn’t matter who’s behind the evilness. Still going and God the Creator of Heaven and Earth is the reason.

The ones who continue to try and take my name and taint it. They’re not considering what God has said and He promised that there will be reaping. Some are already reaping while others will receive their reaping at a later date. The ones who are busy trying to make sure that others aren’t apart of growth will notice how much trouble will enter their lives. There is no time to be bothered with the foolishness. Fools can’t be trained and will never try to understand what is occurring. Fools cause havoc and try to9 destroy and the ones who will rise are the ones who remain in the “Word of God.”

My journey isn’t for all. Some continue to travel to travel the journey and they have no business trying to invade on my path. That’s why some are being blocked. There may be knocks at the door but for some there is no need to answer. There may be many questions and for some there is no need to9 give a response. Not responding to foolishness. Not trying to add more stress into my life. No matter what is said or shown some will continue to believe what they want to believe.

My life is just that. No person has the right to try to dictate my life. There is no reason why so many should be invading in what I’m trying to achieve. The progress will continue whether they like it or not. The words that continue to flow about can either be taken in or not. There’s a lot that I’m not bothering listening to. There are some are refusing to respond to because of what they’re trying to do. The ones who deserve and appreciate the assistance can receive my help the others can receive a hand.

Still trying to move upwards. I’ve been writing for a long time and will continue to do so as long as I’m able. Although some have tried to claim my work. They’re having so many difficulties doing what it is they’ve set out to do. All sorts of tactics may be projected but the weapons shall not prosper. When some are trying to take away what God has ordained. They’ll find that more and more problems will rise up in their lives. Some may continue to risk their freedom.

You you are the same person. The question is ‘What’s new With you? I’m still Continuing on Despite What They’re Trying to do.

Image Belongs to (tanikka Paulk)”





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