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Prayer Removes the Troubles That Thee Face
December 17, 2018

There will be troubles but there are many positive ways to manage troubles. Problems arise but there’s meditation and the power of prayer. Praying has helped in so many ways. I’ve discovered just how much prayer is of benefit to the world. There is more than hope, more than gratefulness, there is prayer. God said to pray to pray for the enemies because they’re trying to get inside of your head. My mind is focused on the positives. Where they’ve said that I’ve failed God has proven that I’ve excelled. The gift of life oh what joyfulness.

Although there are many trying to disrupt what I’ve been purposed to accomplish. I’m continuing to move forward in scripture there’s backwards Biblical stories but the truth is written. “What will the tools create for thee and what will the tools create for the people?” No matter what storms roll in there is always victory. God said, “Love Conquers and conquers all.” Am I to defeat myself? No. The disruptive come behind me. They’ve decided that they would try to challenge me. Mercy is to thee.

My findings have shown what they’ve probably didn’t expect. What’s to come. Just have to wait and see what tomorrow will hold. Although I’ve voiced my beliefs there is still the ones unwilling to accept. I’m continuing to pray for the ones. So many have tried to go ahead of me but they’ve demonstrated that they’re coming behind me. When I’ve powered up the technology there is the waiting to see how they’re able to cause a rift. Glory! Although I’ve added so many there are still the complaints so therefore there is prayer my confidence remains within.

Movement occurs and shall be. “There seems to be some misunderstandings perhaps some unclear notion of what I’m willing to accept God has guided me thus far.” (Tanikka Paulk). Yes me is thee the word has said so. My spiritual needs have been provided. I’ve fallen on my knees and spoken to God and Jesus Christ. God said what the world will consist of. There will be so much to bare but God truly does care. There is the ability to cast are cares upon the Lord. God is Lord and God is a spirit the Father of Jesus Christ.

There are more than steps moving in the right direction. There is more than spoken words. There are goals, spiritually and abundantly, there is still hope and my faith hasn’t left me. I’ve been crossed many times but Thank God my mind is still in tact. There are many words spoken some good and some quite disrespectful but I’m still carrying on. There is so much proof of what I’ve said and there is documented evidence of where I’m to head. I’m grateful to be a friend. “I have a friend in Jesus.” (Tanikka Paulk).

My Poetic Dedication to Prayer

Prayer pray praying

When the rain drops fall on my window pane there will always be glorified names

I’ve prayed for so many and keeping the faith

There are many prayer which some have felt that they’ve been unheard

There is still time to go to the word

Prayers day in and day out

The many prayers about

Glory, glory, glory!

My prayers have been answered and some still to come

Victory because Tanikka (Tanikka Paulk) has done more than won

Poem written by: Tanikka Paulk

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