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How the Defeat the Devil

The attacks how many are prepared to withstand the attacks? The devil lurks trying to gather as many souls as he can in order to try and overpower God. The devil is unable to defeat God. Lucifer was condemned to hell and roams the earth with his demons trying to attack the minds in which he believes is close or closer to God the Father of Jesus Christ. So many have had to face spiritual warfare. The tactics used are to cause the mind to weaken and then to cause the body to become immobilized. “The way to overcome the attacks is to pray and keep the Full Armor of God on at all times.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The Devil has Workers Which are Called Demons

The devil isn’t strong he is actually weak. Satan needs to have demons working in order to assist with taking down the souls of God’s children. The devil will find the weaknesses in order to overpower the minds of God’s children. Individuals should go into constant prayer and implement the “Word of God.” There are battles to overpower the battle is won by using the tools given by God. The demonic spirits will try to alter perceptions in order to try and win the minds, souls, and bodies of mankind. “I’m determined to keep my mind and will continue to remain prayerful.”  (Tanikka Paulk). Amen! 

Love is a tool to use in order to conquer the world’s attacks. Yes, mankind is poisoned and will allow themselves to be used. The devil uses individuals whom he has perceived to be weak. Satan tried to learn how the individuals operate in order to use tactics to break down the mind. “Prayer,” worship, and meditation on the Lord God the Father will help to defeat Satan. The devil also uses words he continues to try and alter the line of thinking. The thoughts are important keeping the mind active will assist with lowering the mind weakness risks.

The demons are constantly working and watching God’s children. Any person can be used. That’s why it’s very important to read the word and to understand. I’ve faced so many attacks. A lot of illnesses are caused by the devil. Satan wants to cause confusion in order to claim whatever it is he wants to obtain. So many have fallen and believed the tricks in which the devil uses in order to defeat the world. Clapping the hands and stomping praising will confuse the devil he wants to see weakness and will try to find the weaknesses in order to overpower minds.

Continue to pray and have faith. Anointed persons will be attacked by Satan. There has to be strength gained. Men are used and God perceives the men as wicked men. The time is running out meaning the devil doesn’t have much time. Satan roams the earth trying to cause disruptions. Some have been tricked by the devil. I remember how my grandmother Evangelist Geraldine Taylor would praise God when the attacks arrived. My grandmother was a very strong woman and would often praise God. In order to build a closer relationship with God there will need to be the spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ.

Becoming more spiritually connected will help with defeating the devil. The way to conquer the demonic attacks is to “love.” “Love conquers love is very powerful.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many without love unable to love self and to love others so therefore they are easily used by the devil. There must be awareness and the ability to understand. Satan has claimed many minds he has taken down bodies. God will allow but if there is a relationship with God meaning the building of spiritual connections with the Father of Jesus Christ then there will be less frets. The constant prayers will help alleviate worrying.

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    1. The devil is weak and powerless. What we need to over come him is the power of God the holy spirit and the his word.
      And continuing prayer

    2. Many of us blame the devil for everything that is negative in our life without looking within ourselves to see where we have gone wrong. But truely speaking the devil we always look out for is within us. our attitude to things with relation to our character sometimes leads to the devil attitudes that comes our way. We do things knowingly or unknowingly and blame it on unseen force we call the devil when things did not go as expected. if we need to defect the devil then we need to look into ourselves.


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