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I Only Live To Love You- This Song Makes Me Fall In Love Again

I Only Live To Love You- This Song Makes Me Fall In Love Again

By erlymags ( @cely/ @lovern )

The first time I hear this song, my heart was awaken from a very deep refusal to love again. Because in the past I had been a victim of a false love, that is why, I told myself not to fall in love again, but when one day while dining at a fast food center a ver lovely song was played and fortunately I was able to write down the lyrics of the song, yet, at first, I never knew the singer/ composer of the song. I decided to know them through Goggle search and much to my joy for the lyrics I jotted down are all correct hehehehe.
The singer of the song “I Only Live To Love You” Is Cilla Black.

“I Only Live To Love You “

I only live to love you
Love you until forever
Day after day, year after year
For always we will journey together.

I only live to love you
Walk with my dreams beside you
Smile after smile, tear after tear
In shadow or in sunshine my love will guide you.

When there are clouds above
If I have you to love
Why do I care
When you are there?
For when you came my way
There was no yesterday
Only tomorrow with you…

Here is my hand to lead you
Here are my arms that need you
I only live, live for your love
For my love will be your love now and forever.

The lyrics of this song have changed my decision in life. From that day on, I told myself why not give another try. Not all men are liars. There are many good and only few them that hurt. I like the line “For always we will journey together, very nice, so meaningful and it this line touches the deepest chamber of my heart. All of us know how love is felt and how hurt is felt if love is broken. There are only few liars so why should I generalize all men’s approach of love.

The other line that stirs my emotion is when the singer says , “In shadows or in sunshine my love will guide you. Wow, the best line so promising and life fulfilling. This all we like to happen in our love life to have someone with us for better or for worse, for not all the time that life is covered with clouds of tears, but there are so many time life is uncovered with sunshine. Love is truly beautiful. Foremost, the last line indicates substantial impact of love to human lives according to the support of the last line of the song which stated that: “There was no yesterday, only tomorrow with you .” What a promising line that almost breaks the silence of my lonely heart. I told myself to give my life another chance to fall in love again.

I am so much thankful to the composer of the song “I Only Live To Love You” , and it’s very lovely singer with a voice that awakens all souls from a very deep sleep Cilla Black.

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My love for you is the best of me; a random letter/poem

I wish you could see the love I feel and not what you may how much you may fell I do,
My love for you is much stronger then you even can describe; My love you for never a thought.
If I was ask by you why not?
I am going to say the things that make me know I love you.
1. We I love at you I got to remember to breath; even after 6 years
2. The thoughts I get when I see a girls smile and it is not at me( ohhhhhhhhhh YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I AM THINK ABOUT THAT!) 😉
3. The pain I feel when you fall out of you wheelchair is real to me.
4. My thoughts always seem to return to you even if my thoughts are random.
5. My effort in putting my all in us is All my effort
I thought all my life came to how you even can tell you love a person? Not some one you knew forever but someone you met in the world and have a connection.
I have done so many crazy things and all of them were just because I love with everything in me.
Love is putting everything and never expecting nothing. Love is pain and tears,but together. Love is the fear of not having them their when you wake up.
Love is that in any moment if need be I would protect you at all cost.
Love to me is that before we met I never cried at the said sappy parts of most movies, after….. well I cry like a baby and I do not even mind because you are right there.
Love is me feeling only safe if you are there with me ; even though we know I am no wimp
Love is feeling alone unless you are with me.

Have you encountered the conflict of mind and heart

Do you have encountered the conflict of mind and heart? If so, perhaps, say that it’s a real headache, right? Which one should listen? What to do? How will not get lost in web of feelings? It is often said that the mind and heart do not agree, so how such feelings could be explained? In general, such a phenomenon exist?

Everyone feels differently the mind and heart’s involvement in mutual relations. Some people tend to think more rationally and analyze, others are more emotional and more often take decisions based on heart voice. However, in both cases, it cannot be said that it is relying on only the mind or heart only. Human emotions and mind interact closely, it is not surprising that in making decisions we are dealing with various objections.

At the friendship beginning, the man is overwhelmed by a very strong emotional experiences, which are sometimes difficult to identify. When a person falls in love, feelings overpower the mind. It even can be explained biologically. The body at the time of falling in love, excludes a larger amount of hormones that stimulate our body and we feel like uplifted. It is a useful evolutionary sense. However, after some time feelings get calmer. Here turns on the mind. Man consciously begin to analyze the love object. He starts compare it with his own self-created image of his ideal partner. And if at the moment there a lot of inconsistencies, is taken to question whether it is worthwhile to maintain the relationship.

When you meet your true person, the question of what to listen not occur because both the mind and the heart says “yes.” This would be the best option – the heart and the mind looks in one direction. If, however, you have a lot of internal contradictions, it is important to learn to listen to your heart, but keep in mind to work with the mind also. Then there a balance between what we feel and what we think.


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What can You Say Yes or No?
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hink about this for a minute: Why might you ever be with somebody who is not eager to be with you?

There’s a hazy area in dating many individuals get hung up on — a hazy area where sentiments are questionable or one individual has more grounded emotions than the other. This hazy area causes genuine, substantial issues. As a man, a gigantic question is regularly whether to be steady and keep seeking after a lady notwithstanding when she appears to be tepid or hot/chilly on your advances. For ladies, a typical question is the thing that to do with men who make their emotions vague.

“She said she’s not intrigued, but rather regardless she plays with me, so what do I have to do to get her?”

“All things considered, I know she loves me, yet she didn’t get back to me a weekend ago, what would it be advisable for me to do?”

“He treats me well when he’s around, yet he’s barely around. What does that mean?”

Most dating guidance exists to “illuminate” this hazy area for individuals. Say this line. Content her this. Call him this multiple occassions. Wear that.

A lot of it gets exceedingly logical, to the point where a few men and ladies really invest more energy examining practices than really, you know, carrying on.

Dissatisfaction with this hazy area additionally drives many individuals to superfluous control, show and diversion playing. This is the place you get leads about making men pay for this many dates before you can wind up plainly personal. Or, on the other hand how men need to move from fascination stage to solace stage by qualifying three times before they’re permitted to initiate an acceleration stepping stool.

These things may appear to be cunning and energizing to a few people who are stuck or disappointed. In any case, this dating exhortation overlooks the main issue. In case you’re in the hazy area in any case, you’ve effectively lost.

Give me a chance to ask again: Why might you ever be eager to be with somebody who is not eager to be with you? On the off chance that they’re not content with you now, what makes you think they’ll be upbeat to be with you later? Why do you try to persuade somebody to date you when they try to persuade you?

What does that say in regards to you? That you trust you have to persuade individuals to be with you?

You wouldn’t purchase a canine that nibbles all of you the time. What’s more, you wouldn’t be companions with somebody who routinely discard you. You wouldn’t work a vocation that doesn’t pay you. At that point why the damnation would you say you are attempting to make a sweetheart out of a lady who wouldn’t like to date you? Where’s your sense of pride?

The business visionary Derek Sivers once composed a blog entry where he stated, “In case I’m not saying ‘Damnation Better believe it!’ to something, then I say no.” It served him well in the business world and now I’d jump at the chance to apply it to the dating scene. Furthermore, in light of the fact that I’m to a greater extent an obscene butt hole than Derek is, I’ll dedicate mine The Law of “Fuck Yes or No.”

The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” states that when you need to get required with another person, in whatever limit, they should rouse you to state “Fuck Yes” with the end goal for you to continue with them.

The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” likewise expresses that when you need to get required with another person, in whatever limit, THEY should react with a “Fuck Yes” with the end goal for you to continue with them.

As should be obvious, The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” suggests that both sides must be energetic about the possibility of each other’s organization. Why? Since alluring, non-destitute, high self-esteem individuals don’t have time for individuals their identity not eager to be with and who are not eager to be with them.

This may sound somewhat hopeful to a few. Be that as it may, The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” has numerous substantial advantages on your dating life:

Never again be led on by individuals who aren’t that into you. End the greater part of the migraines. End the wishing and trusting. End the failure and outrage that unavoidably takes after. Begin honing dignity. Turned into the rejector, not the rejected.

No longer seek after individuals you are so-so on for personality purposes. We’ve all been there. We were so-so about someone, however we obliged it since nothing better was around. Furthermore, we as a whole have a couple we’d get a kick out of the chance to reclaim. No more.

Assent issues are in a flash settled. On the off chance that somebody is playing diversions with you, playing hard to get, or compelling you into accomplishing something you’re uncertain about, your answer is currently simple. Or, on the other hand as I frequently jump at the chance to state with respect to dating, “On the off chance that you need to ask, then that is your answer.”

Set up solid individual limits and implement them. Keeping up solid limits makes one more certain and alluring, as well as jam one’s rational soundness over the long haul.

Continuously know where you remain with the other individual. Since you’re currently authorizing so much time and vitality from individuals you’re not that into, and individuals who are not that into you, you now get yourself ceaselessly in connections where individuals’ aims are clear and eager. Sweet!

The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” is appropriate to dating, sex, connections, even kinships. You may have literally nothing in the same way as that barkeep. In any case, they’re hot and are occupied with getting down. Is it a “Fuck Yes!” for sex? It is? At that point diversion on.

Wrapped up in that sweet person who treats you so well, aside from goes weeks without calling you and abruptly vanishes after a few beverages and a series of the flat polka? Been thinking about whether he truly enjoys you? Do his reasons of being so bustling all the time appear genuine? It doesn’t seem like the appropriate response is a “Fuck yes.” Then it’s a great opportunity to proceed onward.

Making out with a young lady at your home and each time you go to take her shirt off she swats your hands away? That is not a “Fuck Yes,” my companion, in this way, it’s a no and you shouldn’t weight her. The best sex is “Fuck Yes” sex — i.e., both individuals are yelling “Fuck Yes” as they bounce between the sheets together. In the event that she’s not bouncing, then there’s no fucking.

(Imply Fellas: This is an incredible time to ask the young lady for what reason she’s not happy, and what she’s searching for from you. That, without anyone else — you know, treating her like a human and sympathizing with her — regularly explains this “issue.”)

Need to date that lady you met a weekend ago yet she continues overlooking your writings and calls? Not certain what to state or do, particularly since she appeared to be so upbeat to go out with you when you at first met her? Indeed, old buddy, this is clearly not a “Fuck Yes.” Subsequently, it is a “No.” Erase her number and proceed onward.

Fuck Yes or No applies to connections too. My better half works with a person who got hitched in light of the fact that “it appeared like the best thing to do.” after four years, he was undermining his significant other each possibility he got. The marriage was not a Fuck Yes for him, in this way it ought to have been a No.

Now and again The Law of Fuck Yes or No will apply diversely on various levels. You might be a “Fuck Yes” for companionship with somebody, however somewhat eager to engage in sexual relations with them. Hence, it’s a no. You might be a “Fuck Yes” on slamming somebody’s brains out, however a positive “No” on really investing any energy with them. Apply the law to your basic leadership as it suits your present needs.

Fuck Yes or No doesn’t really mean you must fall in knee-wobbling all consuming, instant adoration. It doesn’t mean you have be totally persuaded that somebody is appropriate for you. You can be “Fuck Yes” about becoming more acquainted with somebody better. You can be “Fuck Yes” about observing somebody again on the grounds that you believe there’s something there. You can be “Fuck Yes” about giving things a couple of months to work out and check whether you can settle the issues in the relationship.

The fact of the matter is: both you and the other individual should be fuck yes about something, else you’re simply squandering your time.

Cheerful lady sitting leg over leg in field tossing leaves into the air

A typical Fuck Yes reaction from a lady. Blooms what not.

In any case, the genuine excellence of The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” is that it disentangles the issues you can have in your dating life. While applying the Law of “Fuck Yes or No,” there are truly just two issues one can have.

The primary issue is individuals who never feel a “Fuck Yes” for anyone they meet. On the off chance that you are tepid on completely everybody you meet, then either your socioeconomics are misguided, or you experience the ill effects of an absence of helplessness and are securing yourself by staying detached and unenthused by those around you.

Keep in mind, you must search for something cool in everybody you meet; it’s not their business to show you. This is life, not a fucking deals tradition. Figuring out how to acknowledge individuals you meet is an aptitude you develop. So get on it. This doesn’t mean you need to begin to look all starry eyed at everybody who takes toward you. It just means you have to assume liability for your capacity to associate with the general population you are meeting.

The second issue is individuals who never meet other people who feel a “Fuck Yes” for them. On the off chance that the majority of the general population you seek after give you a gentle reaction, or by and large dismissals, then it’s a great opportunity to concentrate on enhancing yourself. Ask yourself, what is it about yourself that would move others to state “Fuck Yes” about you? On the off chance that the appropriate response is not self-evident, then you get the chance to work. Incorporate yourself with a man others would state “Fuck Yes” to.

Furthermore, this is a definitive dating exhortation lesson — man, lady, gay, straight, trans, fuzzy, whatever — the main genuine dating counsel is self change. Everything else is a diversion, a worthless fight in the hazy area, a drawn out self image trip. Since, yes, with the correct devices and execution, you might have the capacity to con some person into laying down with you, dating you, notwithstanding wedding you. In any case, you will have won the fight by yielding the war, the war of long haul joy.

“You Know You’re In Love When YouCan’t Fall Asleep Because Reality Is Finally Better Than Your Dreams.” – Dr. Seuss
April 25, 2017

Definitely Correct and everyone absolutely approves this quote of Dr. Seuss. Being human, it is normal to fall in love to our opposite sex though this time members of the LGBT also claim despite they are humans but their heart too, beats for love not to their opposite sex but to the same sex. We cannot argue with them nor could we twist the fact that there are gays and lesbians in the world. What is important is they happiness they feel. Happiness and harmony in a relationship is so important and a must for that is what we long to have a better feeling, no war, no chaos, no argument, no fight, no raising of voices and no betraying, only love. To feel that you are also in love is a great gift one can have for not all feel the true love only admiration, attraction or lust. There are men after only of the physical attributes of the women not from the heart and those who based everything from their heart; they truly know how love beats and how the feeling goes when love strikes the heart. The feeling is immeasurable and you are willing to sacrifice and even die for it for the sake of love.

Courting a girl takes time and when time comes that she accepts your feeling, both of you would like to dance in happiness. Yes, true when there is positive result to courtship, we cannot avoid to jump to glorify the glorious feeling, to sing to express the happy mood and to dance to show how happy you are in that moment. The eyes glow in wonder and awe. There is always reason to wake up the next day and reason to sleep late, LOL. You do not like to disappoint your sweetheart if text you and no reply at all. That is why before you enter into a relationship. Make sure you are ready for that. It is also not easy to fall in love right away. You have to develop the feeling first. Each boy or girl undergoes steps to let the love grow in the heart. Love can wait so never be in a hurry for it is not easy to stumble down because of disappointments. You will be disappointed if late to realize that what you feel is not love only pity or admiration. Others do it in pretension loving someone for the sake of experience. What is the girl or boy is serious in their feeling? Your conscience will surely hit you with blames.

During courtship process, you cannot immediately say “I love you.” It is simply because we can always express these words to anyone, to parents, to brothers, sisters and friends. This time, we always hear people say “love you friend.” Hehehe, so watch your tongue it may slip without break. Usually teenagers practice courting a girl and if they are busted, they just laugh for they just practice how to court a lady. That thing does not bring you to perfect intention because you are just playing your emotion. What it will be done to your sister, you will surely say karma to you. Also, love is not a toy and game after being bored to it you just forget your feeling. That happens actually of there is no love. If you are in love, you feel afraid that the girl or boy may not having the same feeling as yours, you feel restless and insecure. It is necessary for the boy during courtship to befriend the girl first, make her trust you fully and know you better in attitude and the way you acre yourself too meaning do not give your 100% love to the girl so with the girl to the boy. I always hear my father telling me before when he was still alive to give only our 50/50 feeling to our love of life for when we are cheated, it will be very hard to ease the pain of loneliness and injury caused by dishonesty. Our father is so right for it really happens to me and to my sister love broken so with our heart broken in two.

It is normal for us humans to fall in love and when time comes that we feel it, we are the luckiest for not all feel the real love. Yes, the author of this quote is so right in saying that we know we are in love if we cannot fall asleep. I experienced it too in my life the first time my heart beats for love to my neighbor hehehe. I was 14 years old that time. We always played together and our favorite play was “hide and seek.” Then one day in my young age, I realized I fall in love to Liling. He was 1 year older than me. He too felt the same way I did. Then one day he told me he liked and he loved me, LOL. I was shocked though my heart told me I loved him too. I was so restless and spent sleepless nights after Liling confessed to me his feeling. I was always hoping sun not to set for it takes many hours to wait for the next day to come and be each other again. His parents learned about Lilings’ courtship to me and our young ages were the reason not to feel love. His parents sold their properties and left our place leaving me sick of not seeing him again after they transferred to other place.

That is a proof that it is really true that when we are in love, we cannot sleep right away. We keep on imagining the face of our beloved. Our mind keeps on searching his sweet smiles and the warm touch of our hand, so sweet and cool feeling. Our mind keeps on thinking about the one we love and how love beats for love seems a mysterious thing. The feeling is so hard to explain only the feeling knows and the mind abides. Despite how love works in a mysterious way, there are also people in a relationship or already married continue hurting through cheating their love? It is so hard to explain for there might be personal reasons hard for them to share.

” It is better to have love and lost than never to have love at all.” Sorry to forget the author of this famous quote,Lols.

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I am alone because that is how I love to be
April 24, 2017

Why is it so that people feel lonely even though there are more people in the world than ever before! I think we as people are lonelier than ever because we are not willing to disclose our internal world with each other. On the other hand, maybe we are trying to keep our problems within ourselves rather than sharing them with our friends and relatives or with our neighbors.

Are you one of them whom sadness makes sad because one has no friends or company? I think some people like this situation because they like to be alone as their choice and find nothing wrong in that. I think all of us face that situation of loneliness sometimes but we seldom feel what loneliness actually is just because some of us grew that way or some of us are really introvert who love it that way.

I remember a song by Beatles at this point having the words “face in a jar by the door” in this reference which I thought meant is about hiding our emotions. In my views the jar here symbolizes that we do not show our true nature to the world, but put a mask on our face.

But don’t you think if we chose to live lonely in a crowd that is entirely our own choice perhaps. I am using my 15 minutes motorbike ride each way for jogging and running but not spending a minute for real conversation with my immediate neighbors. But that is not entirely my fault my neighbor is behaving the same way too.

I feel if you live such a life where you feel not uncomfortable or it is nothing unusual for you to feel lonely or if it is not tough then it’s perfectly alright for you to live that way. But if you are unhappy to go out and live in company of others just because you are facing bullies or living a discriminated life then it’s something altogether different.

I know some of us are lonely but not alone maybe we have learned ways to enjoy our own company. The going is tough, real tough dear friends so I try to keep in touch with as many as possible or you can say that I am just trying to cope with the world.

So Kenneth Eade HOA Wire: A Courtroom Drama Novel writer was not wrong when he said, “We are all alone in this world; even in a crowd” is fine with us? Probably yes but we ourselves are responsible for this situation.

I never thought that I was fine being alone but I don’t think people love mingling up anymore. They avoid talking to each other because they are too short on time.  That’s not my choice but I have no choice but to say, ‘I am alone because that is how I love to be’.  I also think there is no reason people should feel lonely unless there are reasons that contribute to loneliness.

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The First Time Can Never Forget

Some of us are so sentimental for having the first in our lives. It can never forget to have new things and treasured them all throughout existence. For a newborn to have all the new things can bring back the old memories. They might not see how crazy the parents of giving new things are documented through photos or videos. It is a definite keepsake and be seen the child as they grow older.


For our little niece, my sister started to give her a sweet cake for the first day of every month. Her birthdate is on the first of July 2011. The family tradition of giving her a cake started on the following month and continued until she had her first year existence in this world. These are taken in photos for the little niece knows how she was loved by her parents and the family members.


At present, she is 5 years old and continues to have sweet cake every first day of the month. It has been a tradition to rekindle when she was born. Time flies so fast and she is about to enter primary school. She just graduated in a Daycare school with honors. The family pampered her with love and continued to support her. She will always be the baby in the family.


In time, she would be able to understand the deepest gratitude of the family for having her. We also felt so blessed that she is a grown up girl with full of love. All the first time for her was tried to provide. As they said, family can sacrifice things to give all the best for their child. It is what she experiencing right now. All the new things are still available and waiting for the kid to experience. This is what we need to know by taking the responsibility seriously as a good parent for the child.


Image Credit: Shavkat



Love is not a coincidence.
April 17, 2017

Love is a special relationship between two people, giving a feeling of fullness of life. The reason for this is a positive experience, certainly modifying the personality. Love matures the man, teaches patience, loyalty, encourages not envying but enjoying each other’s success, develops the ability to hear each other and listen. The belief, that other person loves us and makes efforts for us, and in the face of difficulties will support and help us, let us to feel less anxiety in everyday life, helps to aggressively pursue our goals and even more to love ourselves. Moreover, in life when all other things being equal, people who love and who feel themselves loved, psychological health of them is better.

Love can last a lifetime, because it is not the lottery, it is a conscious choice of both partners to be together and make efforts for each other. If this everyday and the work requiring many efforts both partners will perform in good faith, the love will likely not ends and the family will not break off. Love is like a wonderful journey – the more we travel, the more we experience, the more we learn and cherish our beloved, because he becomes a part of us. Falling in love is the beginning of this beautiful trip.

This, unlike true love, is uncontrolled state of feelings, when we idealize our chosen one, and in our opinion anyone who thinks otherwise not understands anything. Falling in love is some kind of challenge for our body, as hormone of happiness increases dramatically. It is absolutely  normal that falling in love can not last forever.

It is said that falling in love takes up to three years. After that, either man realizes that his choice was wrong, or begins to feel affection to his beloved. Thus, the saying that love lasts three years, however, is not accurate, because after three years the love just begins. Love is much quieter than falling in love, but also much more mature and deeper.

A claim that a mature love can be only in mature age, probably can be accepted only partly. Mature age alone does not guarantee a successful relationship, although, of course, older people have more life experience, more constructively solve their conflicts, are less guided by emotions. All of these things strengthen relationships. On the other hand, there are many young people who are very successful at resolving conflicts, in their relations are not impulsive, have an approach that better to solve problems rather than run away from them.

The fading love is love that is left to its own devices, when the both of couple do not cherish and do not try to save their love. To love means to respect, to care, make efforts for each other, to be faithful. If, for whatever reason, anyone decided to the contrary, then it means decided not to love anymore. And one very important thing: “I” has to become less important than “we” in the love relationship. Where it is vice versa, this couple’s relationship microclimate is unsuitable to unfold the love.

Love is not a coincidence, it is two people’ daily efforts to build a beautiful relationship. If there is mood of both sides to save the love, everyone will find the strength to forgive, to dare apologize, respect, will be faithful and will take care of beloved. Love is supported by confidence in each other, proximity, open conversations, not being afraid to avowal being wrong, efforts to change inappropriate behavior to more appropriate. Nurturing warm and spiritual relationship, it is important to see the meaning, create a relation of love, where we would feel happy not only ourselves, but would be also responsible for our beloved happiness.


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Loving Oneself Can Always Be the Reason to Live
April 16, 2017

Some people are having a hard time in reflecting themselves as a person. It is a question why some people can’t appreciate the word value. Into some extent, they value things that are tangible such as money, properties, pieces of jewelry, etc. On the other hand, some people value a person that is so important to them.  The unlucky people can never felt aspirations in life and accepted as the member of the society.

If a person can only make people realize the value of a human existence. To tell you frankly, others was not valued as a person along the journey of their existence. I can’t explain why they cannot value a person as to be a son, brother, lover and friend. Is there something wrong? All I know, we are part of this world to be loved and treasured. Some of us can perceive the world so beautiful to live to the fullest.

Most of us wanted to spread unconditional love to those people attached to us. With to no avail, the love that we are hoping for cannot be easily attained. We cannot lose hope. We can be sure that we will be perceived as somebody who can offer love. Love is really a powerful world to seek happiness. It makes your world too colorful to live with a worth of being a person. No questions ask. It is a matter of being loved and share love without inhibition. That’s the only thing some people are craving for.  Even if the world will be rolled to any directions, still people need to learn how to be independent and try to decide for oneself. If not, then what’s the use of our existence.

Loving oneself can be attainable if a person word hard of it. It should always be unconditional and not be limited. The value of a person can be ideal if knows how to death with directly and not to let other people feel it genuinely as like reborn again.

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Over protected kids: A change in method of child upbringing
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Every child is a precious asset of his parents. From the moment he is born the parents start with their duty as a caretaker and carry this responsibility till their last breath.

But the level of this responsibility has shown a considerable variation over time. In older times when people opted for multiple kids, they carried a somewhat casual attitude towards their children. With this I do not mean to say that they lacked in love for their children but when compare to protection and protectiveness for their children they were not as intense as the present generation parents.

With the advent of nuclear families with usually 1-2 kids at the max, the level of attention each child is getting has increased manifolds. These days giving birth to a child is no less than winning a battle and the so called reward of the battle becomes the most precious entity for the parents. They are looked after and taken care in every aspect that is possible from food to health, education to extracurricular activities. Each and every thing is looked after properly as well as precisely.

The adverse effect of this kind of upbringing is that it is making the present day kids over protected and over dependent on their parents. They take too long to start living an independent life. For each and small thing they are becoming dependent on their parents and look forward to their parents to come up with a solution.

It is high time for the parents to realize that their extra concern is doing no good to their children. This will all lead to harmful effects for the child in the long run. He will surely face a tough time in fighting the battle of life. Kids who are over guided usually end up with low self confidence and low self esteem. They fail to develop the belief in their own “self” and everytime keep looking for some guidance or support.

Like every other human being the kids also need their space. Leave them alone for short time and let them explore their surroundings on their own. Allow them to analyze things through their own view point and refrain from imposing your view point on them every now and then. Let them widen their horizons of imagination and make them aware of their capabilities.

Guidance at every point is important but parents should understand that there is a major difference between guidance and over protection. A line needs to be drawn in between the two and parents should be aware that crossing that line more often will be lethal for their beloved child.
There is no doubt that it is only “You” who have protected and prepare your child but correct methodology is really important. It is the way will carve out your future generation.