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God Knows Exactly When and how
December 10, 2018

god knows when the final hour will come. God knows what the enemies will do. God knows what we’ll say before it’s said. No matter what is perceived God already knows what will occur. I’m able to bypass what’s said because I’ve followed what God has spoken about. “Transformation of the mind.” When there is fear then there will be the actions in which can cause trembling. Jesus has spoken the red words are coming from Jesus Christ and He said that Daughter healed thy self by faith. There is faith and there is also the protection.To believe is what I’m continuing to do. The rages projected towards my path won’t cause my turning.

What is amongst me=Tanikka Paulk hasn’t caused my purpose to fade. There is a need to pray and a desire to do so. God knows and says what the enemies will do. Pray, pray, pray. That’s what I’m continuing to do. On my knees praying, praying with an open Bible when time, praying while there is silence. God said to pray for your enemies. There has to “be” for because of the forming. The enemies will flee. What has and continues to occur God has already spoken about. The mouths in which fools speak I’m able to block out.

There isn’t any defeat. There is so much joyfulness because I’m aware what is set by the Almighty. I’ve been through many storms and have faced uphill battles. There’s the tools to battle and the best way to battle is by spiritually battling. If there was nothing at all then there wouldn’t be any fight. My fight isn’t with the fist but with prayer and keeping the Armor of God on. Words can pierce the heart but when the mind is transformed then the words aren’t effective. “Love always conquers.” (Paulk) What does the haters say when perhaps they’ll said what tehy may regret they’ve said.

Anger could cause chaotic situations but a calming spirit will cause melodies. There isn’t always a need to speak. Proceeding will demonstrate how “effective” a person truly is. When there are the negatives God has supplied the positives. Reacting to every word spoken won’t create solutions which are needed. If enemies want to bring down their competition then they’ll have to come get it. Cowards won’t face but the bravest will climb higher and see their competition fret. There is peace and the peace was told by Jesus Christ. “Peace is who I  They rage, they are afraid, they can’t compete.

God already knew what they would do. Counteract what is spoken by the unwise mouths. Their verbal attacks are thrown away by praying faithfully. What’s said isn’t what is unless what’s said is. God already said that it is so. I’m still living because of the Lord God. He’s provided what some haven’t appreciated. Just think about the actions. Their desire to try to prevent what God has declared and to try to pull great down. Most would probably want to stop but there is way too much determination. “Here I am and I’m at peace.” (Tanikka Paulk).

She Her is myself. If I’m only she then my grammar wouldn’t be fitting. Myself, self, that’s how my purposed walk is. I’ve haven’t invaded another to alongside me=Tanikka Paulk. If they’re trying to sabotage then I’m unwilling to send the invitation. I’m my own friend and I’ve allowed Jesus Christ to become one of my closest friends. The word of God has helped to continue when the foolish speak hatefulness towards me=Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps they too should go to God. “Praying” is what I’m going to continue to do. Prayer certainly is effective.

The ones along are but there isn’t any desire to have a woman beside my path. I’m woman and I’ve been chosen. I’m firm and won’t accept the  disrespect in which God has seen. They already know that I’m powerful mediocre wouldn’t gain their attention. I’m my own person there isn’t any desire to become another. Myself because none have really demonstrated that they’re friends but they’ve demonstrated the enemy qualities. God loves and always will but God also disciplines. God isn’t pleased when His children come up against the anointed and Daughter daughter is anointed.

God and Jesus Christ are my friends. God nor Jesus won’t forsake. If they’ve demonstrated they’re enemies then why would I want to connect? “Don’t want to. Won’t. I Tanikka Paulk don’t need a lot of friends it’s better to be “surrounded by” visionaries then to be surrounded by the foolish minds and hearts. My armor remains on my body. My own body. Hatefulness won’t overpower love. Love conquers what I’ve declared was removed. God and Jesus has described my truth. The nights continue to come after me=Tanikka Paulk meaning that they are behind me=Tanikka Paulk.

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