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Walking in Faith: In Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship are ways that we respond to God’s love and God’s gift of faith. We honour God through prayer, lifting up our hearts ad minds in love. We also honour God through worship, offering words and actions in public praise and thanks. The third commandment reminds us that we have a duty to worship God. So that we have time to worship God, we must avoid unnecessary work on the Lord’s day and be rested in mind and body.


The God whom we worship is, in a sense, a community: the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The liturgy is our work, or action, of worshipping God as a community. But liturgy is God’s work, too. As we offer our response of love and faith to God, God offers us even more. In the liturgy God our Father and Creator acts to save us. Jesus, the Son of God, our Redeemer, acts to offer himself to the Father for us and with us. So liturgy is not only something we do for God, but something God does with and for us.


Prayer and liturgy are languages for communicating with God. Learning how to worship God in prayer and liturgy makes a difference in our lives.


We are never alone when we worship God. Even the unseen parts of God’s creation join in our prayer. The angels, beings of pure Spirit who serve as God’s messengers, praise God continually.


Saints are people who answered God’s call to holiness with their lives, as we are called to do. All saints started out as ordinary people, gifted with God’s grace as we were at Baptism. Saints let the grace of God shine through every moment so they became living signs of God’s love.


We adore and worship God alone. Yet by honouring the saints, we honour God. When we seek God’s help in our prayers, we sometimes ask the saints to intercede for us, or take our prayers to God. Still, it is God alone who answers our prayers. God alone gives us everything that is good.


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    1. Great content, and beautifully written. I do not agree with your statements about the Saints but I am not a Roman Catholic so we are never going to agree. I like your writing style though! This was the first article I read on this site. Thank you!


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