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Oh my Dry Eyes Tanikka Paulk Eyes
March 16, 2018

Oh my gosh my eyes are so dry. The Sjorgens can be unsettling. There’s so much to deal with when dealing with auto immune conditions. So many are dealing with the aches, pains, and inflammation related to auto immune conditions. Although the conditions are uncomfortable there is hope yet. There are ways to relieve the pain and inflammation so that’s a good thing. So many probably don’t understand just how the conditions can cause a person to be hospitalized or to just sit alone. Although there are the uncomfortable pains I’m continuing to do what’s needed.

Doctors continue to study conditions such as Lupus and other auto immune conditions. So my eyes experience soreness, redness, irritation and pain. Yes, there’s blurred vision when the inflammation enters and some aren’t understanding that persons diagnosed with such conditions could feel as though there should some alone time. Meaning that there will times when the person doesn’t feel like being bothered. That’s right. No person experiencing the pain will want to be agitated

The dry eyes could cause the vision to become distorted. So therefore there could be some slowness. That’s why it’s important to spend less time on the computer. Taking breaks are necessary. Allowing the eyes to rest will help. Obtaining proper rest will also help. There should be methods used to alleviate the pain and inflammation. Doctors should focus on relieving the pain and also keeping the eyes from getting dry. The dryness can sometimes cause ulcers on the eyes.

My eyes are my eyes and I’m continuing to become a bit sore. I’m finding ways to relieve some of the inflammation. The conditions could cause patients to experience lowered vision ability. It’s difficult to experience the un-comfort but there is still hopefulness with auto immune conditions. “My doctors have done an excellent job and are continuing to make efforts to help keep my sight in tact.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There should be material read regarding auto immune conditions. There certainly is lack of understanding when it comes to auto immune conditions.

T”he Eyes of Mine” (Tanikka Paulk)

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