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Learning how to find peace within yourself!

Its a hard and challenge full world we live in. We have have many difficult times in our life’s as we take on each day. Its hard sometimes to find peace when we are always busy running around going back n forth from work to home ,and dealing with paying bills or shopping around for more food or clothes. Sometimes its good to stop and take a few minutes or more between our running around and find a part ,or a lake side view near by,and pull off to the side and reflect on your day. In order for me to show love and kindness to others in my life ,rather its my neighbors, or coworkers, and family, then I must be able to have it. Just being about to find that one pit stop during the day for a few minutes, or more is a very good way to learn how to regain your thoughts and refocus on your mind. Its a good habit to get into taking time out each day. When I started taking time out each day to reflect on my day ,or situation, it gave me opportunities to rethink on how to handle problems that I am faced with ,rather it be problems with my job,family, or my neighbors. I learned how to weigh out problems, and to think about how I need to react to them in a positive way .I think some of the biggest problems with our society is the fact that people don’t take those time outs when they are going threw stresses and the tension that life brings on. I have noticed for me when I can learn how to find peace when I take time out to refocus, I handle problems better ,and my reactions to others is more mature and respectful. I hope that who ever reads this article can reply with there opinions and share with me how they find peace ,and if they take time out during the day ,and try to reflect on there day .

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