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The dreadful Mondays vs the wonderful weekends!

Its Monday the first day of the week and its back to work. That’s means getting up early to go hop into morning commute bumper to bumper traffic. Then as soon as you get to work you get to clock in and watch the clock laugh at you as you a wait in anticipation for lunch break. Even though you get five to ten minute breaks in between. It still is not enough time. Then you have to rush to eat your lunch to clock back in on time. Then as the 5:00 time frame comes around everyone gets excited to get into there cars to go get into some more bumper to bumper five o’clock rush hour. For most folks I am describing what it is like for people who have a job that they are not happy with. Its only wensday that seems to be the hump day of the week that people feel a little since of ease when it comes. The weekends are the best days of the week because most get paid ,and get to rest ,or spend time doing chores around the house. Its also a bigger pain on weekdays if you have to work them too. Even though you get paid overtime to work weekends, uncle Sam loves to double dip into that as well. The more you make the shady IRS takes! If you come across this article here ,please share with us your opinion on what you think of Mondays. I really think that most that read this will agree that Mondays are the most dreadful day out of all the days of the week. Please leave your comments down below and share. If you don’t find Mondays to be the most dreadful day of the week, please share and tell what day or days are the most dreadful to you. Also share with me what are your favorite days of the week. I know some folks are retired from work ,and others might just have that Job that they enjoy everyday to work.

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