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Why you should eat better foods!
March 23, 2018

I used to eat like a pig. My food choice would be when I went to the market to buy 8 or 10 different types of TV dinners, two 24 packs of B&K soda pops,I would also like Honey buns ,little Debbie cakes,and other types of junk. Every time I would get home from work I would throw a TV dinner inside the microwave, and go into my room and turn on the TV and get myself settled down for some shows. After radiating my food and  jamming it down my throat,I would then go out and smoke. Then I would open up the Honey buns, and nutty bars and spurge. I would notice how tired I would get quickly after I would eat ,and I also would wonder why I had hard time to focus on things like conversations with people,or just doing simple task. It was early on that I started to learn about the GMOs in foods ,and the toxic chemicals they put into foods ,plus how preservatives are fake source of nutrients. I was seeing a patter of bad health on both sides of my family, like high blood pressure issues,or others that had to shot insulin. My grandmother used to say to me that you don’t realize what good health you have until it is gone. As I got older I started to put down the smoking,I then slowly would ease off the soda ,and I would get off the dollar menu at McDonald’s. I was starting to get more concerned about my healthy,because I didn’t won’t to be getting put on insulin, or having health issues to where I would lose my energy and strength! So I started learning about eating healthy and how to grow my own garden. As I quit drinking soda ,and left the fast food joints behind,I started to feel so much more focused and I had more energy. Plus I haven’t been to the doctor in over seven years!! I want to in courage people who might read this article to really take a lot at the foods they eat and, and learn about GMOs ,and start making a effort to eat more healthy. Besides those doctor visit add up to cost a lot of money! Please share with me your point of view on this article. I would love to hear some feed back on this .

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