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It’s time to be joyful.
February 9, 2017
Jesus wants to give you joy.

                Jesus wants to give you joy.


” …The  joy of the Lord is your strength(Neh 8:10) ”

What is joy?  Some would say being happy.  Happiness can be associated with joy but it goes beyond that. Joy denotes festive gaiety. Sometimes, laughter can be involved with joy. We see an example in Psalms 2:1-4, where the Lord is laughing at his enemies. Why is he laughing? Because he knows the end from the beginning–He wins in the end!

Bearing this in mind, having a relationship with the Lord Jesus is important. When you accept him as Lord and Savior, you can have the joy that only the Lord produces. (*) Your enemies becomes his enemies because you are in covenant with him. Life with its daily struggles is filled with stress and worries. Medically speaking, stress has created many health issues and shortened people’s lives. On the other hand, Medical studies have shown that when you laugh at least 10 minutes a day, your health will improve. (**)

God wants to give you joy from above. The joy that no man can take away from you. Will this mean that I will not have any more problems? No, I would be lying if I told you that you would have it easy for the rest of your life. That is not true. We will have to go through struggles, testings and trials but the good side of this is that God can supply the answers you need. The word tells us that we are more than conquerors. (Rom 8:37)

Man is looking for answers in this life. Many are so overwhelmed with life’s problems that they run to the bottle and drown their sorrows. Others find solace and comfort with drugs. They are looking to escape life’s problems but when one gives his life to the Lord, he will give them a way to escape and have victory in their lives. So, if you find yourself overwhelmed, despair not. God is waiting for you to take the first step. Give yourself to Jesus and watch him give you victory in life. Remember–The Joy of the Lord is your strength. God bless.

Other links—

1- http://www.webmd.com/balance/video/laughter-heals (**)

2-http://wordandgrace.blogspot.com/search?q=sinner (*)




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    1. Indeed,what we feel when We have a deep relationship withGod is joy, not happiness. Joy is something we feel out of things that are not of material aspects. it comes from the nicefeeling we feel that we are safe and secure always when we have God in our lives.

    2. Thanks for your input, Dina. Yes, Joy comes from within but we have to stir it up. Circumstances and situations can steal our joy and weaken our walk with Christ. When that happens, we can cry out to God like David and ask to restore the joy of our Salvation. (Ps 51:12) Joy is our strength and it, also, when properly used, changes our circumstances. Joy is a powerful weapon that the believer has and it drives Satan crazy. Use that joy at all times and watch the Lord move!

    3. Hi Caleb? Nice post about God. There is always joy when God is always on our mind.It should be God to dominate every human mind. To God be the glory.

    4. Well said, Cely. God’s presence can bring joy. Joy is so essential in life because life’s pressures can wear us out and make us sick. When you are joyful, your health improves and you can even change your atmosphere. Joy is deep within the believer heart and it is a fruit. Singing songs to the Lord or even having a hearty laugh can improve your health. In a medical study on cancer, doctors have had patients watch some slap-stick comedies. After hours of watching comedies, the patients had improved. Do not underestimate the power of joy. It is there for the believer to use. God bless.

    5. Yes, it is. We all could use some positive energy these days, what with all the horrible events happening everywhere in this world.

    6. Sometimes we have to be happy for no reason.

    7. Jesus was our strength when we lost our children. He gave us that peace that passes understanding to get us through our grieving.

    8. Amen and Amen and a good reminder for me. I have been pretty sick and you tend to lose touch with the spiritual side of you when you have a temperature and so on, but I can testify that the joy of the Lord really is my strength. Even in the midst of great trouble I let out a HUGE cry of praise whatever I am going through as that then puts the enemy to flight. So nice to find some Christians writing on the site. Keep on the good work.

    9. What we feel is differing from one to one, from woman to man from kid to adult, yea its differing, but we all have joy in a different way and different meaning, some do find joy even in the small things, even if smile. some it doesnt really mean anything to them even if you worked to make them happy day and night. that is really people dont see what life is or about. that was really nice post and it brings great ideas so i wish all a happy day and joy life

    10. There is no place for the words enmity, passion in His dictionary except the Love. He loves each and everybody without any bias. To say he is totally unbiased. He loves both good and bad equally. He loves bad people quickly to calm them down. He loves good people also but takes some time. We should not misunderstand his feelings. He is meant for LOVE only. It will be an unnecessary exercise to trigger many words about his greatness.

    11. God willed that sons and daughters multiply around his only son and in him, be capable of receiving his Spirit and returning to him.
      Every creature comes from God through his son in whom God contemplates his own riches, and on whom he pours his love.


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