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Who Will Guard Kevin Durant?
June 8, 2017

The Golden State Warriors proved to be too strong basketball team in this planet. These guys are unbeatable. True to what they say when Kevin Durant joined the Warriors. They are Super Team and no team can beat them.

photo credits to pixabay.com

photo credits to pixabay.com

Is there any way Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers can defeat the GSW. As of now, it seems the probability is impossible. Look, the GSW is 15-0. The team is unbeatable since the conference. Note that, no one has beaten them. Even the King James was helpless in doing this, well—at least there is still one game for Cavaliers to do this.

Have any of the basketball analysts and masters have predicted this? Could it be 4-0?  That’s a nightmare. A defending champion will be like a helpless kid that can’t pull even just one win? A team that has the best player of this generation can do nothing to prove his supremacy in the basketball land.

Many thought that the 2 wins of GSW are just because it’s there… home. Here comes the third game and the Cavaliers lost, 118-113. It’s the castle of the king. And Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Tyron Lue are watching the team in the brink of blowout loss.

When Kevin Durant joined the Splash Brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson plus Draymund Green, it was already the explosive team. Durant wanted the championship ring so he left Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder to chase the elusive ring he ever wanted. Seems like his decision is not a bad decision after all. Just one more win and he’s in the gang of the ring bearers of championship.

It cannot be denied he is the key for another championship in this triology. Durant is the player who contributed many for this greatness of Warriors. The question now, who will guard Durant so that Cavaliers will have the moment to chase the trophy.

There is still hope, anyway. Let’s not forget the 3-1 disadvantage of Cavaliers last year and yet they played the game to championship.###

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Festival In The Beach With Lots Of Adventure Activities
May 30, 2017

They call it Fiesta Del Mar or Festival of the Seas.

The small town of Narvacan in the province of Ilocos Sur held a celebration as part of summer festival and they held the activities in the beach. The town has the adventure center they call Narvacan Outdoor Adventure Hub (NOAH) where the tourists and the locals alike can experience outdoor activities like zipline and hiking.

photo is mine

photo is mine

NOAH is located along the beach area of the said town but aside from the serene beauty of the village there is also the mountain where you can hike up to the top and enjoy the overlooking view of the seas and the plains of the place. Below is the resort where you can stay and order your favorite food or snacks.

The Fiesta Del Mar was held from May 26 and 27 but before these dates there are some activities held the 3×3 basketball.

Activities of the two events include the following:

Ma 26—sports like beach volleyball, futsal, marathon, fun fly or paragliding exhibition, wind surfing, sack race and trail fun walk.

May 27—activities that include beach volleyball finals, futsal- 13 years old below, relaygame/obstacle race, continuation of paragliding exhibition, wind surfing, tug of war, mountain bike race, dance drama competition from coastal barangay and lastly the concert of Cueshe band and the party at the beach.

Some of the sports activities are usually played and performed in the villages but there are activities that are not usually held in the province like paragliding and the wind surfing. The trail fun walk is going to the top of the mountain while the mountain bike race is riding through the circumferential of the town.

The weather also cooperating as the sky is cloudy and a not so strong rain also showered the area. Thousands of people came to participate in the said event.

This is the third year Fiesta Del Mar was held through the administration of Mayor Zuriel Zaragoza.###

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A Musing Adventure In Not-So-Explored Ilocos
May 29, 2017

My place, Ilocos, particularly Ilocos Sur got a beauty that not yet so explored by many local tourists and adventurers because it’s not a popular destination in the Philippines. It’s okay, anyway, our luxuriant place is not in a race to be offer to the tourists. Let us enjoy the amazing landscape of the hills and mountains, the green and lush of the bush, trees and forest, the unending flowing of the water in the river, and the coldness of the peak which cannot be feel in other places.

skyline in fog photo is mine

skyline in fog
photo is mine

The joy ride in the circumferential road is just so exhilarating. Exploring the beauty of the surrounding and enjoying the pristine nature. The of us that include Jun and his wife, the driver Willy and me, riding the automatic Mitsubishi  that started from 1pm and commenced in 7pm was just so full of adventure and thrill.

First of the destination is the Skyline of the town of Quirino. The peak that you need to drive through and went up that high highway is one of the stopped we made. It’s so happen the fog of the afternoon is covering the whole area and the rain is falling which make the photo session so hard. Still we sneak some good shot of the place in that cloudy moment.

Then we went down the highway to the Poblacion area of the town. It’s unbelievable that this very remote town, two hours of ride from the national road, will be funded of hundreds of millions of pesos for the betterment of more than 5,000 population of the town.

We stopped again, the bridge, which connecting the two villages. I slipped and almost lost my phone. Then we continue and travel in the cemented road stretched at the top of the hills. You can view the beauty of both sides of the mountains.

The last stopped is the legendary Bessang Pass. The temperature is colder compared to Skyline. The coldness is freezing because it’s also raining. But that didn’t stop us to have some photos. Then we did the most important thing in a cold place, drink a very hot coffee.

The coffee might be so comforting because it warms our trembling body but the most important thing that happen is seeing the beauty of the nature. The fog that numbs my arms is just another good experience and the droplets of rain falling from the pine tree.

One of the best joyride of my life.###

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It’s My Biking Day Today
May 27, 2017

I’m not a pro biker. So when I bike it’s a hobby, not even part of my everyday physical workout routine because it’s running that’s what I doing. Running is my passion, it’s has been for seven years. But once in a while I do biking to break the monotonous of running in the road.

Screenshot_20170527-101555But today is different because I bike through from home to my work station because I told myself that if our boss is absent and let me handle his programs today I will  ride my bike from San Esteban to Candon City. So yesterday I rode my motorcycle which I usually left in the station. And yesterday afternoon, my boss texted me to sit on his program because he will not be able today.

This morning I prepared my morning ritual earlier than I was because I need to come early—because I will not ride a passenger bus which takes only 30 minutes to travel. It would have in the bus because all you need to do is sit and wait till the unloading are is reach.

At 7:30AM I started to pedal my mountain bike. With my backpack at my back and wearing a long sleeve black Nike Sport dri-fit and the short pant I begin my journey going to south. Along the day I got thirsty so I bought plastic bottled water and drink a little.

The route is not easy; three elevated portion of the road and then sloping down.  Plus there are some on-going constructions along the way. I also felt my bag is a little bit heavy because my laptop was there.

In short I made it and the following data is my record.

  • 55 kilometers is my total distance
  • 01:00:03 is my time
  • 394 kcal my workout burned calories
  • 03’25”/km is my average pace 01’51”/km the max pace
  • 88 meters is highest elevation

It was a great Saturday biking day.###

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The Rivalry Continues Between Warriors And Cavaliers
May 26, 2017


Its not only boxing now; it’s not UFC, we are talking about National Basketball Association.

photo  credits to pixabay

photo credits to pixabay

It’s the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Golden State Warriors for the third time. The first meeting was the GSW’s trophy and last year it was Cavs that brought home the glory.

Who will win the third face off? Let the guessing game begin.

The Warriors have their big players who can shoot at short or in long distance. The addition of Kevin Durant who is a great offensive player to the rooster of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson who are used to be called Splash brothers. Then include in the team are Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala.

The Cavaliers has the strongest player of NBA in this time, Lebron James. He who brought the first championship to Cleveland last year is so determined to repeat the history. The team has Kyrie Irving who is big impact to the team and Kevin Love who is so industrious now.

GSW swept the west conference finals, 12-0, who made another history in the NBA and the Cavaliers lost only once. Warriors eliminated the San Antonio Spurs and the Cavs just rested the Boston Celtics.

When it come possible injuries to the players of the team, Love and Irving is vulnerable to injuries as they have been like that in the previous finals and in Warriors its Durant who was sidelined in the conference semis.

Mike Brown who used to coach Cavaliers and James is the head coach of Warriors—he is still unbeatable this finals because his team never been lost yet. Tyronn Lue, for the second time will lead the Cavs to another championship.

Long before the Finals happen, it have been predicted that the Cavs and GSW will again face off in the finals. That sure-to-happen prediction never failed, it will happen this June.

The question now is who will win the Finals. Many are saying it will be in Game 7 again.###

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Fruiting Season Of Some Plants In Our Yard Now
May 26, 2017

It’s fruiting season now. Many trees in the backyard now are bearing fruits. The green, yellow and green colors of the fruits are hanging its deliciousness. What’s so good in growing your own fruit is it’s freshness that you can get. The fresher the fruit the more wellness it can give to our body.

20170526_153447Though it’s not yet in the category of farm but its good enough to grow some of these fruit bearing years in our backyard. Its enough to cater some of these plants and its good to see them flower and bear fruits.

So what are the fruit bearing plants we grow in the backyard?

  1. The native mango is almost in its last days of its season. The fruiting started last February and had the peak last month. The month of May is where the last of fruits are getting ripe. Lots of mangoes are still hanging in your tree. We have harvested few times and I think the remaining will be harvested this month of June.
  2. Dragon Fruit. Unlike the mango, dragonfruit is still in its starting fruiting. This May the flowers are blooming and after 30 days the red and juicy fruit with a white place can be served in the table. Dragonfruit is one of the wonderfruit because its vitamins and minerals packed in its fruit. The fruiting will last until the month of October.
  3. Another wonder fruit because of the health benefits it can give to our body. Though the banana is a yearlong fruiting but the season of raining is also the time when they grow better. And most of its blossoms come out. In the yard, we have the variety we called ‘tundal’.
  4. Last April we harvested few of the first fruits that ripen. Now, the other batch is getting bigger and by the month of July this can be harvested.

Aside from these plants we also have the yearlong fruiting plants like dwarf banana, makopa, guyabano and guavas.

It’s really wonderful to have this fruit bearing plants in the yard.

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What Pets Do We Have In The House?

My kids love pets. I have 5 children and the three youngest are so inclined in taking care of the pets in the house. You can say we have a mini zoo because their numbers are growing. Except the eldest male who is 17 now and eldest female who is 15 years, all the three are fond of caring the pets.

photo is mine

photo is mine

My children; Bojong is 13 years old, Jaeden is 10 years old and Lian, the youngest 7 years old now. The influence could be from my wife who really wanted to have pets in the house.

So what are the pets we have and what are their names.

  1. The dog is not a surprise because only few homes don’t have dogs as pet. Before the other pets came, dogs are already in the rules. The dogs rule the hearts of the family. Our dogs now include the aging Galema who is a pure white hair and not so romantic to us. The other one is Happy—a gray-haired dog that really look. When she was small, she is so serious looking dog.
  2. My wife requested for rabbits and so Balooney and Teego came. Balooney—pure white female rabbit and Teego—an orange male rabbit who is so romantic to Balooney.
  3. The mother is named Phili because she is choosy on her foods. Her baby boy is almost two months old named Nigel. Nigel now the favorite pet in the house. She is pampered not only with milk but also with hugs and kisses.
  4. She is Chichirya or Chichi for short (as I call her).—a baby cat that my son Jaeden brought to home. I don’t where she get the kitten but she is not only well-loved by the kids but also the favorite playmate of our dog Happy.
  5. We have three pigeons now with names Graciel, Nico and Bluebar. The three kids have their own pigeon. And soon it will multiply because I saw an egg in their house.

What so important with my kids is that they are responsible enough to take care of their pets. They feed them, give them water and provided them with love and affection.###

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There Is War In My Country

The writ of habeas corpus in the island of Mindanao was suspended which means the rule of the largest island of the Philippines is under martial law. The commander-in-chief of Armed Forces of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte declared the military rule when the terrorist group known as Maute Group— an extremists and radical group which is believed to be connected with ISIS—swamped the Marawi City and ablaze some of the buildings that include Marawi City jail, Maria Auxiliadora Parish church and Dansalan College.

The Maute group with the reinforcement of Abu Sayyaf caused the terrorism, fear and chaos in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 23, that cause the exodus of the residents to the nearby by provinces like Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro leaving the terror they have experienced during the siege. There was no electricity and no vehicles in the road. The services from the hospital and other establishment were affected.

Numbers were already killed among the military men, terrorist and even civilians in the area. There are also hostages including a priest.

The President who was at Russia cut his trip because of the incident. He then declared the martial law saying it will be very harsh for the said group. The military said they are in control now of the city but learned that there will be reinforcement to come in the city as support to the government forces who are present. These forces include some police officers and military based in other regions.

photo credit to pixabay

photo credit to pixabay

This is the second time the martial law was declared since the time of then President Ferdinand Marcos which during that time put the whole country into the military rule. The president said he is considering to expand the martial law to Visayas region which is expected to last for 60 days.

The Maute group which pledged allegiance to ISIS was said to be responsible in bombing at the President’s hometown 6 months ago.

Different opinions among the people ensued about the necessity and legality of martial law declared by the president.

The war might be in Marawi City which is part of Mindanao but we from northernmost Philippines are affected. Because of this we pray let there be peace in the Philippines.###

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Properly Guiding These Students In Their Early Employment

The government comes up with the program employing the students (senior high school and college students) through the program called Special Program for the Employment of Students or SPES.

photo taken by me

photo taken by me

The qualified students were given the chance during the vacation break from the month of April and May. These students need to work for one month and will be given salaries in minimum salary cap which is in accordance with the law.

The program is through the partnership of Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the local government unit (LGU). Sixty percent of the salaries will be shouldered by the LGU and the 40 percent is by DOLE.  Not only the government sector particularly the LGU’s and national agencies can employed students but also the private business establishments like fastfood chains, supermarkets and grocery stores among others.

The qualified students for SPES should be among the indigent families though frankly this was not being followed because some of the employed are not members of indigent families. For example in the municipality wherein some of the employed are the daughters or sons of the employees of the town. Deserving students should also be within the allowable age which are entering senior high school and graduating in college.

Their salaries is expected to help them in their studies like tuition fees and miscellaneous fees of the school.

When employed these students are expected to work like a normal employees but not in supervisory level. They are usually designate in clerical job, sorting, secretarial or in short work as administrative aid and administrative assistant in the office.

Somehow, in the offices in the government they are usually assigned in different offices hoping it will develop them to become a good worker in the near future. It will improve their skills and education including technical know-how.

It’s so happen this is not happening in all of them because mostly are just sitting in the office because they don’t have the proper know-how in such kind of job. They are lack of education and some of the jobs cannot be trusted on them. Because of this they ended up cleaners, sweepers, garbage collectors if not just sitting in the office all through-out the office hours.

Sometimes, some people are thinking it’s just a waste of time, waste of money from the taxpayers and waste of space in the office.

The purpose of the program could be laudable because it could surely help their parents in high spending in their school. It would have been like that if the employed students are rightful one. Rightful means they are true indigent or poor people  and not just only because their father or mother help the elected mayor in his mayoralty bid. Its payback time and their sons and daughters were employed.

It would also been good if the hired students are competent workers, dependable and has the innovative in his day to day job.

The DOLE should have better program for these students. The overall impact should help the students and their families and not just giving these students money for their mobile phone load’s and data to update their facebook.###

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What, Even The Rosary Is Not Allowed Inside The Car

What the heck about the Anti-Distracted Driving Act or ADDA. Isn’t it that rosary and faith should save us from accident and will not lead us to it? But not in the point of view of Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB)—the Philippine’s transportation regulatory department—because they are making ban on rosary to be put in front of the driver.

photo credit to pixabay.com

photo credit to pixabay.com

In the Philippines, the rosary and other religious icons are customary to be placed in front of the car particularly in the center mirror or rearview where it is hanging. The drivers believed that they are protected from any harm and accidents because the faith will save them from any accidents.

The ADDA now causing much confusion among the drivers. The law just recently signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte to lessen the road accidents because of distractions. The distraction was supposed to concentrate on using mobile phones, gadgets and other electronic devices for geo-map and dashcam. These devices may distract the drivers especially when making calling, texting and searching locations that may lead to vehicular accidents.

But there are some confusion now. As some millennials said it’s overacting or OA now. And in this case it’s prohibiting the hanging of rosary and religious icons inside the car.

Because of these confusing some of the lawmakers like senators are looking for possible temporary suspension of implementation to review the controversial implementing and regulations of ADDA.

I second the thought that rosaries and other religious items cannot cause accidents in the road because it’s the mechanical trouble and driver’s inattentiveness and ignorance including those abusive drivers that can cause the road accidents.

Many people are in favor of the implementation because there are many things that are affected including the devices that may help the drivers—for example is the geo-map that help for navigational purposes of location in one place or the dashcam that can help to resolve the cause of road accidents.

It’s overacting and excessive. The LTFRB should have stick to the original purpose, banning the calling and texting in mobile phones.###

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