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There Is War In My Country

The writ of habeas corpus in the island of Mindanao was suspended which means the rule of the largest island of the Philippines is under martial law. The commander-in-chief of Armed Forces of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte declared the military rule when the terrorist group known as Maute Group— an extremists and radical group which is believed to be connected with ISIS—swamped the Marawi City and ablaze some of the buildings that include Marawi City jail, Maria Auxiliadora Parish church and Dansalan College.

The Maute group with the reinforcement of Abu Sayyaf caused the terrorism, fear and chaos in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 23, that cause the exodus of the residents to the nearby by provinces like Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro leaving the terror they have experienced during the siege. There was no electricity and no vehicles in the road. The services from the hospital and other establishment were affected.

Numbers were already killed among the military men, terrorist and even civilians in the area. There are also hostages including a priest.

The President who was at Russia cut his trip because of the incident. He then declared the martial law saying it will be very harsh for the said group. The military said they are in control now of the city but learned that there will be reinforcement to come in the city as support to the government forces who are present. These forces include some police officers and military based in other regions.

photo credit to pixabay

photo credit to pixabay

This is the second time the martial law was declared since the time of then President Ferdinand Marcos which during that time put the whole country into the military rule. The president said he is considering to expand the martial law to Visayas region which is expected to last for 60 days.

The Maute group which pledged allegiance to ISIS was said to be responsible in bombing at the President’s hometown 6 months ago.

Different opinions among the people ensued about the necessity and legality of martial law declared by the president.

The war might be in Marawi City which is part of Mindanao but we from northernmost Philippines are affected. Because of this we pray let there be peace in the Philippines.###

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    1. cely said on May 25, 2017

      We have to be extra careful this time.

    2. Dina said on May 25, 2017

      I pray that the Martial Law declared in Marawi will turn out for the good of the place. For me, it is needed.

      We cannot let those terrorists reign. We need to arrest their terrorism and I hope the armed forces will win against those groups.

      I hope and pray that peace will reign again and pray also that those soldiers be safe from the fighting.

    3. The problem of terrorism is increasing all over the world. Some religious organizations have promoted it. Now it’s time to eradicate them from the world. All countries should come together to resolve this problem.

    4. Whether there is Martial Law or none, the government should do it’s best to eradicate the terrorists. I pity the affected civilians!

    5. The Philippines has been through some hardships.It seems that history repeats itself. In World War II, The Japanese invaded the island and caused atrocities, destroying villages and other unspeakable horrors. Now we have ISIS, who are doing the same. The world need to take this example from our friends in the Philippians–Terrorism is real and needs to be stopped. Today it is them, tomorrow it might be in your back yard. Let’s pray for the Philippians and believe for protection and God’s grace for that beloved land.


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