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What makes us uniquely in life

0d746e2490d7df07d9b6257f96b976dcWhat makes us uniquely in life

I choose goodness, integrity and dignity it does not make me weaker.
I understood that goodness is our human instinct, that is one cannot be evil, and if it’s a malicious, such fiendishness act will be accountable by it’s own Karmic forces.

In today’s world, how could we ever comprehend more evidently about the general population who are living appropriate alongside of us? For the most part , these are the people who live like us, who appear like us, however they don’t act or behave like us.

Do we know why there are such a large number of merciless battles against each other, many individuals fight compellingly without any solid reasons. Everyone’s having its own one of a kind, very own unique culture, backdrop and distinctive religions beliefs.

Nevertheless there are so many individuals engaging in a violence, hostile or aggression toward others for the sake of their religion.

These are the ideas of conviction of our present day society:
People will fight for their religion in all causes,
People will die for their religion in all causes,
Yet, unfortunately these people will never learn and practice their religion diligently.

Our Lord Shakyamuni Buddha taught us before, it’s all about the five Kleshas or the five toxic minds.
The five toxins and its key standards are as per the following:
1) Desire
2) Anger, hatred,
3) Ignorance
4) Pride
5) Jealously, envy

These five key standards can be additionally integrated into the three key guideline toxic minds:
1) Ignorance
2) Desire
3) Hatred or anger

How to practice mindfulness and self-reflection ?
How to manage when a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or crisis and emergency?

An authentic and useful mindfulness and reflection techniques do not affect your works and daily life. You don’t need to mastermind time to practice, you can even practice when you are walking. You can take a shot at walking and be aware of the movement onto the foot as the body pushes ahead. You can stroll around at any speed.

Watch your progression and walk gradually and breath in normally. Besides, in reality it can be balanced for strolling around the street, similarly the length of you recall to concentrate in the city lights, different people, and not taking after a machine. This is to evacuate our look and helps you look after core interest.

The practice concentrates on your breaths, breathing in and out tenderly and be mindful. Being mindfulness has helped us to acquire comprehension of how our contemplations interface with. At whatever time, wherever can fundamentally by doing 10 minute reflection and contemplation.

By doing 10 minute reflection and contemplation. Any changes of reality, its inside the methodology of contemplation. This is known as the self reflection. A reflection helps every one of us with understanding our heart, conduct and end up being more prepared and aware of the consistent changes in life.

A reflection, similar to you are taking a gander at the mirror and it mirroring your self, however the mirror itself stay untouchable by any progressions or development. What is touchable is reflecting or looking like of our contemplations .

Take the Dharma as a mirror and investigate yourself, take the Dharma as a scale and measure yourself well before you realize that you are good or evil, otherwise it cannot be distinguished and recognized.
People are selfish arrogance, the eyes see is the shortcomings and inadequacies of others, are their own preferences, they cannot see the benefits of others, but see their own problems.

So constantly accuse others, and do not have the foggiest idea about their own missteps, will not consider each other’s emotions, only consider their own sentiments. In order to practice the mindfulness and reflection meditation, we ought to cultivate these practices daily.

For instance, in the wake of getting up in the morning, you can meditate and reflect for 10 minutes to half an hour. Sit well after the first exhaled out: Inhale, then accompanied by breath, the possibility of the toxic substance minds, such as greed, hatred, ignorance and other negative toxins thoughts from the nostrils exhaled out of the body; this row three times. At that point, unobtrusively stay quiet for some time.

Do not underestimate the more than 10-minute practice, from here to get more settled, will give you an entire day attitude input positive vitality, play a good role in adjusting.

Before going to bed at night, it’s best to meditate for a few minutes. At this time meditation, like through massage to remove the physical fatigue, gently sit for a while, the inner exhaustion and clutter vanish. It can be said that this is a psychological massage that help us to free from stress and anxiety mentally and physically.

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    1. It’s the culture that make us unique: our belief in the Lord, our ways of living, our race and what we think is not the same to other people. We live in our own and that make us different to other people, the way we smile, the way we talk to our language or dialect and the way we praise.

      It’s just so great we don’t live in monotony and boring way of life. Everyday is unique for us. And it’s just so great we are given unique way of living.

    2. Dina said on May 25, 2017

      Very nice of you to share those meditating techniques, first thing in the morning and at night before we go to sleep.

      Though all of us differs from one another because of our cultures and traditions , these meditating techniques is so applicable to everybody. We are all humans and as humans we feel those negative things. And yes, meditating rightly, all those things can be eradicated little by little from our system.

      • Hello there to Dina and Super D,
        Thank you for the feedback and compliments. Yes indeed, we are all different from one another, differences in the way of how we look, culture, faiths, language. But certainly, we are all the children of this precious earth. We belong to the mother earth. Let us pray that we all will be able to live peacefully and harmoniously together.

    3. I like the things you shared. If all the people will think and act good, then there will be no wars, no chaos, no fightings everywhere. It is self-centeredness and greed that rules the minds of negative people.

      • acelawrites
        Thank you for your feedback. Very well said, this is the world we are living and facing with many poison minds people around us. These groups of people have created a chaotic world with full of hatred, angers and envy.

    4. Namaste!


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