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It’s My Biking Day Today
May 27, 2017

I’m not a pro biker. So when I bike it’s a hobby, not even part of my everyday physical workout routine because it’s running that’s what I doing. Running is my passion, it’s has been for seven years. But once in a while I do biking to break the monotonous of running in the road.

Screenshot_20170527-101555But today is different because I bike through from home to my work station because I told myself that if our boss is absent and let me handle his programs today I will  ride my bike from San Esteban to Candon City. So yesterday I rode my motorcycle which I usually left in the station. And yesterday afternoon, my boss texted me to sit on his program because he will not be able today.

This morning I prepared my morning ritual earlier than I was because I need to come early—because I will not ride a passenger bus which takes only 30 minutes to travel. It would have in the bus because all you need to do is sit and wait till the unloading are is reach.

At 7:30AM I started to pedal my mountain bike. With my backpack at my back and wearing a long sleeve black Nike Sport dri-fit and the short pant I begin my journey going to south. Along the day I got thirsty so I bought plastic bottled water and drink a little.

The route is not easy; three elevated portion of the road and then sloping down.  Plus there are some on-going constructions along the way. I also felt my bag is a little bit heavy because my laptop was there.

In short I made it and the following data is my record.

  • 55 kilometers is my total distance
  • 01:00:03 is my time
  • 394 kcal my workout burned calories
  • 03’25”/km is my average pace 01’51”/km the max pace
  • 88 meters is highest elevation

It was a great Saturday biking day.###

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    1. Dina said on May 28, 2017

      I used to bike when I was in my high school until college. But when I was already working , i didn’t anymore.

      But once I am biking, I feel so light and carefree. And I was actually lighter by then.

      So, does biking made you have your ideal weight?

      My male officemate got fat so he turned into biking. Now, he is almost back to his former slim built.

      He joined a biking group and they would bike long distances and have even went to our hometown. He was really into biking long before he got fat. However, he got lazy and didn’t bike anymore, and that made him fat.

      So he is back to biking and he said that he would never be lazy biking again.

    2. Wow! That’s a great achievement; you biked for 55 kilometers, and carrying that heavy backpack. Just be careful on the road.


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