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A Musing Adventure In Not-So-Explored Ilocos
May 29, 2017

My place, Ilocos, particularly Ilocos Sur got a beauty that not yet so explored by many local tourists and adventurers because it’s not a popular destination in the Philippines. It’s okay, anyway, our luxuriant place is not in a race to be offer to the tourists. Let us enjoy the amazing landscape of the hills and mountains, the green and lush of the bush, trees and forest, the unending flowing of the water in the river, and the coldness of the peak which cannot be feel in other places.

skyline in fog photo is mine

skyline in fog
photo is mine

The joy ride in the circumferential road is just so exhilarating. Exploring the beauty of the surrounding and enjoying the pristine nature. The of us that include Jun and his wife, the driver Willy and me, riding the automatic Mitsubishi  that started from 1pm and commenced in 7pm was just so full of adventure and thrill.

First of the destination is the Skyline of the town of Quirino. The peak that you need to drive through and went up that high highway is one of the stopped we made. It’s so happen the fog of the afternoon is covering the whole area and the rain is falling which make the photo session so hard. Still we sneak some good shot of the place in that cloudy moment.

Then we went down the highway to the Poblacion area of the town. It’s unbelievable that this very remote town, two hours of ride from the national road, will be funded of hundreds of millions of pesos for the betterment of more than 5,000 population of the town.

We stopped again, the bridge, which connecting the two villages. I slipped and almost lost my phone. Then we continue and travel in the cemented road stretched at the top of the hills. You can view the beauty of both sides of the mountains.

The last stopped is the legendary Bessang Pass. The temperature is colder compared to Skyline. The coldness is freezing because it’s also raining. But that didn’t stop us to have some photos. Then we did the most important thing in a cold place, drink a very hot coffee.

The coffee might be so comforting because it warms our trembling body but the most important thing that happen is seeing the beauty of the nature. The fog that numbs my arms is just another good experience and the droplets of rain falling from the pine tree.

One of the best joyride of my life.###

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    1. I like your place too, had been to Quirino and other Ilocos Norte places and I really love those places!


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