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Festival In The Beach With Lots Of Adventure Activities
May 30, 2017

They call it Fiesta Del Mar or Festival of the Seas.

The small town of Narvacan in the province of Ilocos Sur held a celebration as part of summer festival and they held the activities in the beach. The town has the adventure center they call Narvacan Outdoor Adventure Hub (NOAH) where the tourists and the locals alike can experience outdoor activities like zipline and hiking.

photo is mine

photo is mine

NOAH is located along the beach area of the said town but aside from the serene beauty of the village there is also the mountain where you can hike up to the top and enjoy the overlooking view of the seas and the plains of the place. Below is the resort where you can stay and order your favorite food or snacks.

The Fiesta Del Mar was held from May 26 and 27 but before these dates there are some activities held the 3×3 basketball.

Activities of the two events include the following:

Ma 26—sports like beach volleyball, futsal, marathon, fun fly or paragliding exhibition, wind surfing, sack race and trail fun walk.

May 27—activities that include beach volleyball finals, futsal- 13 years old below, relaygame/obstacle race, continuation of paragliding exhibition, wind surfing, tug of war, mountain bike race, dance drama competition from coastal barangay and lastly the concert of Cueshe band and the party at the beach.

Some of the sports activities are usually played and performed in the villages but there are activities that are not usually held in the province like paragliding and the wind surfing. The trail fun walk is going to the top of the mountain while the mountain bike race is riding through the circumferential of the town.

The weather also cooperating as the sky is cloudy and a not so strong rain also showered the area. Thousands of people came to participate in the said event.

This is the third year Fiesta Del Mar was held through the administration of Mayor Zuriel Zaragoza.###

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    1. People in your place would really enjoy participating in such varied activities or simply watching the events. The organizers of the Fiesta del Mar could be so busy and they should be recognized for spearheading such joyful activity.


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