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traffic exchange do they work or not

Traffic exchange do they work? I can not not say no or yes why ? I have never use them but now I am trying to learn them why because I have a web site business oprountiy that kind of MLM and if I can get people there to see the video I can start making money with this I been paying $10.00 a month and I do like the web site. a lot of good plus on it , It does have a word press program that I am still trying to learn plus ten personal emails. If this traffic exchange can bring me the right people for my web site and my paid to click sites then I have the money I need to live a ok life and get my own apartment as of right now I can not afford a apartment in my area. I can not even get my food cart open why ? It been raining since march 2017 I even think the fish are getting tired of the rain. My goal is to have on line income pay my bills and help raise money so I can buy income apartment where I am getting the rent tin stead of me paying rent I think this is the best way to retire yes it still work but it a way to all ways have money coming in. I been reading a book call rich dad poor day very good book it talk about reat estate that can make you money not flipping home but a way to make money with renting them out . So as of this time I am making a plan so when the time comes I can buy what I am looking for then put in to action what I learn form the rich dad poor dad book.OK that it for now.

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    1. That’s a nice income-generating idea. Good luck on your plans!

    2. cely said on May 30, 2017

      You still encourage yourself to write despite this site is dead, none is paid in the April redemption.Maybe you are hoping to get a payment. There is a rumor this site is for sale.

      • thanks for the info. I did get paid in april from this site but I
        think that was from march writing.

      • Hi I am very close to the $10.00 cash out if I do not get paid’
        I take my post to other writing site that I have written down
        some were, I save most of the post I wrote on here on flash drive
        memoery stick, all I have to do is change some of the stories
        so there not the same on the LB site, since there no way to delete it
        on here

    3. That is better, me too. I saved all my blogs. I redeemed yesterday despite n pay for the month April redemption.So sad, the site lacks capital..

      • yes I just redeemed a few week ago , No more post from
        me unlessI get paid.
        starting to look for other pay writing site


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