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PTC sites need to pay more then a penny per ad

I wish in box dollars and other PTC site were more then just a penny when they are click on. why do I wish the PTC site pay more then a penny I want to make money and I like my time to be pay for to as you know some of the PTC sites make some nice money from us clicking on the ads
for you newbies PTC stand for pay to click sites. Yes the one I have be on like in box dollar click sense do pay out when the person reach pay out. that a good thing about them. what my goal with the paid to click sites? My goal is one to get credit card bills pay for or at least have the paid to click sites give me enough money to make my monthly credit card payments. This will help a lot. My second goal is to use the paid to click money for some kind of on line business opporunty this why I wish the site would pay more. at least the writing sites like litarcay base and my lot pay more then a penny I will be getting money from my lot soon again and I am getting close with literacy base again . Just have to find a way to stay a wake so I can write my post . I do not like falling a sleep on my lap top when I am wiritng a post. That is no fun and might forget what my topic was . by doing the writing sites and pay to click sites and I might be able to get all credit cards pay for this is my goal and at the same time make my credit card pay off . I say this can good if I could do it fast but we know that can not happen unless I write a good story and I am not up to par on writing a very good story that I can sell I rally like doing that .

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