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13 ways I make money online

So this is going to be a quick list of the ways I make some extra money online.  I won’t like and pretend to make £1000s because I don’t but I am part of the make £10 a day challenge on Moneysavingexpert.com and I usually make it which amounts to around £300 a month.

  1. Swagbucks – this one probably won’t be a new one to anyway it’s a paid to do site where you can answer surveys, polls, and complete tasks for cash. I like this one because you can download a few video players on your mobile and leave them running for extra swagbucks. Depending on the time you are willing to put in you can make around $30-$50 a month on here I usually only make around $5-$10.
  2. Receipt Hog – By no means a bit money spinner, this one pays in point for snapping pictures if your receipts. When you get to 1000 points you can cash out for a £3 amazon voucher. You can get one a month.
  3. Spare5 – This one is a bit more fun that some of the other paid to do tasks as you are actually completing micro jobs and they can be quite interesting. Earrings vary as the work does.
  4. One pulse – This is one of my favourite phone apps it’s a slow started but stick with it. You answer short multiple choice quizzes for points or money. Do the ones that are just for points as well as it helps you level up and then you get paid more for the paid ones. Once you are at a good level people earn around £5 a week on this one. I am only at about £5 every 3 weeks at the moment.
  5. Attapoll – Another app where you answer surveys for cash. Slow so far I haven’t reached payout but others I know make about £5 a month on here.
  6. Enlightenly – Phone app where you answer questions for points. Slow but once you reach £2.50 you get a £2.50 bonus and then once you reach another £2.50 you get a £7.50 bonus so definitely worth hanging on for that but it might take a few months.
  7. – New app great so far. You get between 10p and £1 per quiz and they put the money straight in your paypal after each one, no minimum pay out it’s fabulous. I’ve only had it a week and made about £2.50 so far.
  8. Panelapp – Phone app that earns you points by tracking your location. You can earn extra points by answering surveys about why you were at certain locations. Slow earning but you don’t have to do anything so worth it. Payout is about £2-£4 a month.
  9. Rabadaba – Social media app where your likes are converted to points 1,000,000 points is £10 – I haven’t reached pay out yet and I think they site might be on it’s way down so hold fire on this one.
  10. Wowapp – Like waatsapp but you get paid to use it. Very small amounts would only be worth it if you have lots of friends on it. I haven’t reached payout yet.
  11. MintVine – Like Swagbucks, surveys, offers, and tasks for money.
  12. Snatch – Snatch is a game for your phone like pokemon go where you snatch parcels instead of pokemon. Each parcel either has points, money, or prizes in it. I have only won £2 but I have made another £30 selling prizes I have won on ebay.
  13. Litracybase – This site here, I won’t explain it to you but it seems very good so far although I haven’t reached payout yet.

Do you have any good sites you think I should try ?



lotto a waste of time to play

Do you buy lotto tickets? Me I think it a waste of money .I over hear people talk about their dreams if they win the lottery at one time the lotto money was suppose to go to the school as a add benfit but today the lotto is part of the school budget but what use to be the normal part of the school budget the states took that away. Ok now back to the dreams that people talk about if they win the lottto. I am in the networking markting businees I say the people would have a better chance of their dream doing net work markting. then playing the lotto beccasue network marketing teach people how to turn their dream in to a goal and be able to do it.I have seen people who made thorugh network markting all so know as the MLM business.or private franchinsing there a lot of differnt names and companines out there that are a MLM busisss which is Ok to do in the us. Yes I know some people call the a pymrid scam but to me the real pymrid scam is the co who own the store what that co doing to help the cashier in his store make $100,000. a year nothing but in the mlm business if your sponsor want to make money they will have to teach you how to do it. So you see there a way to make your dream in to a goal and to forget about lotto which just waste your money . Yes that what I say lotto is a waste of money for most people it a long shot to win when the mlm show you how to do it right There a lot of mlm out there today all you have to do is chacke what the number laugh

money with on line survey waste of time for me

on line surveys I know you see ads like
I do that say do surveys and get $25.00 well I can tell you I have not found a survey that pay $25.00 Most likely from .10 cent to .50 cent if you get .50 cent that getting luckily with a survey . I all so will not pay $50.00 to do a survey that say they pay like $5.00 a survey.Now I can say the swagbuck survey do not pay a lot but they do help me get the points I need to get the swagabuck points pay pal cash card that is $25.00. Most of the paid to click sites are only 1 cent or less yes less no joke . but on the other hand a lot of us here use to do farmville on face book for fake money so the paid to click sites and surveys even they do pay low will bring us some cash in.
then wasting time on farmville I wish farm ville work like a real Paid to click site the game is fun but now my time need to bring money in even it very little. This why I am doing my writing sites, and the survey sites and the paid to clicks sites to get that cash I need to pay credit card bills and help my food cart business get off the ground. My main goal for on line money and I am behind on this is to make photo buttons how it works people email me their photos I down loaded and make it to a button I be charging around $5.00 a photo button I just have to find the time to do it . My normal job is in retail but I can tell you as a customer today most of the time I can not find out what I am looking for so I have to order on line . This is tell me store retail sales are down why on line retail sales are up soI knew sooner or later my hours will cut because of this. OK this it for this one now

Gander mountain credit card what going to happen to it

I just found out that Gander Mountain
sport store is going out of business
ok may be I should say camping store to.
How did I find this out ? I was paying my Gander Mountain credit card on line and that when I found out that Gander mountain was going out business. So I was thinking about my credit card I got from them is one of those master card/visa card credit cards.
My question to Gander credit card company is this when Gander mountain shut their doors for good will my credit card still be good. Why do I want to know this. This gander mountain credit card gave me a very nice credit limited and I am using it to help get the food cart in business in other words I am kind of using it like working capital Yes I know I have to pay it back. that will be no problem when I have the food cart open every day . This why I want to know what going to happen if any thing happen at all with the gander mountain credit card since a out side source run it. I kind of need this card now at this time my card is still ok and I have no problem with it to buy stuff with
like permits for events so I can sell hot dogs and more at events plus the town and city permits and fees this is why I want this credit card not to stop . for me per sonly I have no trouble paying the monthly payment. Thanks to the writing sites.
this is my goal on line income to pay credit card bills and more.So what do you think will the gander mountain master card/vise still be ok after gander mountain close down.Or will they send me a new card in the name of the bank that make the credit card s and take care of the people I hope I have no problem Ok that it have a good day

PTC sites need to pay more then a penny per ad

I wish in box dollars and other PTC site were more then just a penny when they are click on. why do I wish the PTC site pay more then a penny I want to make money and I like my time to be pay for to as you know some of the PTC sites make some nice money from us clicking on the ads
for you newbies PTC stand for pay to click sites. Yes the one I have be on like in box dollar click sense do pay out when the person reach pay out. that a good thing about them. what my goal with the paid to click sites? My goal is one to get credit card bills pay for or at least have the paid to click sites give me enough money to make my monthly credit card payments. This will help a lot. My second goal is to use the paid to click money for some kind of on line business opporunty this why I wish the site would pay more. at least the writing sites like litarcay base and my lot pay more then a penny I will be getting money from my lot soon again and I am getting close with literacy base again . Just have to find a way to stay a wake so I can write my post . I do not like falling a sleep on my lap top when I am wiritng a post. That is no fun and might forget what my topic was . by doing the writing sites and pay to click sites and I might be able to get all credit cards pay for this is my goal and at the same time make my credit card pay off . I say this can good if I could do it fast but we know that can not happen unless I write a good story and I am not up to par on writing a very good story that I can sell I rally like doing that .

how to make money in farm country

other ways to make money when people who kind of live in farm country yes of corse farming for me as you know I am open a food cart , but other way is grinding stumps there good money in that but you have to be train right a stump grinder can be very dangous if not work right plus the person running it need to know were gas lines and other power lines or pipe might be the stump grinder does do some digging to. now other way to make money after the stump is gone all is left is saw dust and the person doing the grinding will put the saw dust in the whole some time a customer will ask if they can put dirt in that can make more money for the person who is running the stump grinder or for the tree service that owns the stump grinder.. Other way to make money , Is landscaping. that can be from design some one yard to look nice to doing lawn mowing and pool service every month.roofing is other job that can be done in the country to , weed pulling can be other way to make money, Now this one job can be done any were and that is being a personal chef where you go to people home and cook like 15 meals in one day were the busy people will have food that they need just to heat up ,the going rate is like$100 a day plus food shopping fees I tell you more about person chef in other post down the road.now let get back to the country were it kind of farm country , other business is doing drive ways like black top or make a new drive way .Some the jobs have to be learn in a tech school but it might be worth it since it will pay for it self if you plan on being self employed.OK that it for this. The yellow maching is the stump grinder

What Works For Me on Literacy Base!
Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.58.01 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.58.01 PM

I actually joined Literacy Base awhile ago from a myLot member who recommended me this site. However, I was debating whether to try a new site or not because at that time – I was content with the sites I have been working with and I am still content. A few months pass by and I see a lot of news about Literacy Base and trustworthy myLot members being paid, so I decided to start writing and blogging. I am pleased to say, I have cashed out my first payment and received it earlier this month. It was not much but $13 bucks is better than nothing! I just redeemed again for next month just the minimum of $10 bucks.

There are lots of improvements I would like to see with this website, as there can be a lot of potential but I have no idea where the admin or support is though. I know a couple who have not been paid and looks like some are being banned too? I do not know how that works but hopefully everything works out for everyone! I guess what made me unattractive to the site is the minimum characters per each blog, it is hard to see whether if someone comments or responds to comments/notifications and lack of support or announcements made. It does not seem like many people interact much just an independent duty.

For me, I just write what comes to mind – usually looking at my pictures I have loaded on my computer inspires me to write about something. Or, to write product reviews (those are my favorite)! If I write about topics I can relate to, it is much easier to write. Another thing is I write down all my titles in a spreadsheet saved on my laptop so I can keep track of what I have written about. Some people save their blog posts, but I do not.

Brands or value- What do you want?
April 27, 2017

I was on a forum site that asked me to post a question. I simply posted the one which was in my mind for long time. I just wanted to know whether my friends liked the brand names or the same stuff at lower rates minus the brand name. The responses I got were huge but most of them thought and said that brands were a better choice since it gave them feeling of superiority and the branded material lasted long.

Okay so I agree with them to the point that brands give them feeling of superiority. But perhaps they missed the words “same stuff at lower price”. You see that makes all the difference isn’t it? You know, I hear, see and read a lot about ‘Brands’. In fact, I just finished watching a promotional displaying the “vest”, a big brand of course but these vests were so common and looked the same as any ordinary or premium brand in that price range.

I was once watching an advert of a famous brand of “shorts”. Please excuse me if my point gives you reason to laugh but you might as well be naked in them. As far I am concerned I am not looking for brands but good stuff. I never buy brand names or anything purely based on brand but I buy things especially clothes and shoes for particular features that I need. For me brands are fine but I want value for my money first.

I believe that I have my own thinking power to decide about my needs and not what a sales person choose for me. I consider branded clothing and accessories are no better than other regular lesser known varieties available at almost at fifty percent or even lesser price compared to “branded” ones. By the way I don’t think people are checking your clothes and accessories for the price tags they carry or do you think so!

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/acoustic-guitar-advertising-artist-1840381/

Can money contribute to the development of happiness?
April 24, 2017

Can money contribute to the development of happiness? In my opinion, of course, can, but by itself they will not bring happiness, so it’s important to spend money for something. If you buy from your money tickets to the theater, a plane ticket to a dream land, a delicious dinner, you will feel much more pleasure, happiness and joy than when you purchase any item.

A human being, spending his money to the activity he enjoys, he meets his needs to communicate and make new contacts, experiences invaluable impressions. After all, the man is social creature that wants to feel a member of a social group. The money helps to quench the psychological pain that we feel when others repel us. Of course, money can compensate this need only partly. Being rich people feel safe and less distress when others not accept them, but if one is reminded of how much money spent in the last month, the stress of rejection and pain rises again.

People not having material desires are most satisfying with their life. When researchers asked participants to create lists of what items they currently need, the conclusion was that the happiest are those with the shortest lists. It would seem logical that most happy are those who do not need anything. However, they do not need anything not because they have everything, but because they are satisfied with their current lives. They know how to enjoy what they already have.

I think that money do not bring happiness to those people who have money constantly, because new things, different entertainment become as routine and no longer is the primary value. This happens even with frequent travel, the most delicious drinks and food. Also, people who get everything whatever coveted eventually lose the ability to enjoy the small joys of life, and even do not value what others can only dream about.

So, where the happiness is hiding? To become a happy every person has to become what he can become: musician must create a music, poet write poetry and so on. This is what we call self-realization need. That is the human desire to express his potential, rooted his potential to become what he can become. It is no secret that when a man does what is able and what is close to his heart, then even the process when they earn money is nice. Oriented to money people lose their sense of self-realization and vitality. The more money is important to people, the more they suffer from depression, experiencing more anxiety and more likely to have behavioral problems.


Picture by Pixabay.com

Does amount of money influence our happiness?
April 24, 2017

Money is needed for everyone and because nobody argues that money itself, banknotes and coins, automatically not cause a problem, but a problem arises when values begin to contradict each other. Research shows that the greater the love of money, the greater the damage to human relationships. If you are concerned about the money as much as the family relationship, sooner or later, somewhere one of these two will suffer: research confirms that materialistic families encounter with psychological problems mostly because the more money is  important for a person, the less he value family and others. Perhaps all that feels and surrounding

We compare ourselves with others very often, as if we are accustomed to do it from an early age.Feeling that we received a higher ranking than the other, or have a better thing than another, we find ourselves well feeling. The same is with money. People, noticed that they have more money than others, feeling happy, for a person is important not how much income he has, and how much income he has compared to the others. If the majority of people who have something to eat and a roof over their head would compare themselves with the homeless, could consider themselves already wealthy and thinking, what their lives are different from the homeless or poor, they would feel good. But the problem is that people usually compare themselves only with richer and better living and not to the poor. Strong envy to another that he has more money can overshadow other shortcomings of life.

Take a look at the workaholic, perhaps, they have enough money to live comfortably, but if they look happy to you? Often, due to the high commitment to work and the desire to earn more, such people feel big fatigue, and to spend earned money and to meet their communication needs, they simply do not have time because of constantly running. Large numbers in the bank account, but little happiness.


Picture by Pixabay.com