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What, Even The Rosary Is Not Allowed Inside The Car

What the heck about the Anti-Distracted Driving Act or ADDA. Isn’t it that rosary and faith should save us from accident and will not lead us to it? But not in the point of view of Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB)—the Philippine’s transportation regulatory department—because they are making ban on rosary to be put in front of the driver.

photo credit to pixabay.com

photo credit to pixabay.com

In the Philippines, the rosary and other religious icons are customary to be placed in front of the car particularly in the center mirror or rearview where it is hanging. The drivers believed that they are protected from any harm and accidents because the faith will save them from any accidents.

The ADDA now causing much confusion among the drivers. The law just recently signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte to lessen the road accidents because of distractions. The distraction was supposed to concentrate on using mobile phones, gadgets and other electronic devices for geo-map and dashcam. These devices may distract the drivers especially when making calling, texting and searching locations that may lead to vehicular accidents.

But there are some confusion now. As some millennials said it’s overacting or OA now. And in this case it’s prohibiting the hanging of rosary and religious icons inside the car.

Because of these confusing some of the lawmakers like senators are looking for possible temporary suspension of implementation to review the controversial implementing and regulations of ADDA.

I second the thought that rosaries and other religious items cannot cause accidents in the road because it’s the mechanical trouble and driver’s inattentiveness and ignorance including those abusive drivers that can cause the road accidents.

Many people are in favor of the implementation because there are many things that are affected including the devices that may help the drivers—for example is the geo-map that help for navigational purposes of location in one place or the dashcam that can help to resolve the cause of road accidents.

It’s overacting and excessive. The LTFRB should have stick to the original purpose, banning the calling and texting in mobile phones.###

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    1. Dina said on May 23, 2017

      I was surprised too, when I saw the two nodding dogs above the computer table that my hubby always work on.

      When I asked him, he said he removed it already, because it’s one of those that were mentioned to be banned by the dashboard. Oh, they were just small and below the eye level of the driver , so how can they obstruct their sights, besides they are at the middle part of the dashboard.

      Anyway, as to the rosary, I also am not in favor of them including that in the ban. It’s placed in such a way that it is not obstructing the mirror by the upper front of the dashboard.

      But anyway, let us see how strictly this will be implemented. I hope the senators can suggest modifying the law.

      • As I read in the newspaper some of the senators will be proposing for the suspension of the implementation of this law for further study of the implementing rules and regulations. I am so in favor of this move.

    2. cely said on May 26, 2017

      A rosary does not create road accident, maybe those who recommend this are non-catholic.There are so many reactions. Anyway my car is clean.

    3. Rosaries are no longer banned because many drivers opposed that idea. Rosaries do not block driver’s view, but provide them an inspiration to go on safely so they won’t hurt other people on the road too! It is a reminder for one to be good!


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