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Backing the Wrong Candidate; Putin’s surprise
April 11, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

If one examines all the statements that Donald Trump tweeted, (in his own illiterate style) one would have no difficulty in assuming he was pro-Vladimir Putin and wanted closer ties to Russia.

That is, if one doesn’t know that Trump is innately dishonest and talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

Vladimir Putin was fooled by Trump.   He now stands, shocked at the bombing of Syria,  stunned by the change of attitude.

After all, one would think that Trump was virtually or literally going to pull out of NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) and would be more aligned with Russia in regard to the situation in Syria, more directly, the support of President Assad.

Many people, including the mindless supporters of Trump were surprised by the bombing and stand in gaping mouth shock as Trump’s secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, links with the NATO countries in the same kind of anti-Assad stance that was held by Barack Obama.

Of course, Trump isn’t the first character to have tricked and played people.

When Woodrow Wilson became President of the United States he instituted segregation.  Many Black Republicans were fired as he walked in, a few token Black Democrats were put into place to make it seem that the firing was a political action, not a racist action.

The cute part of this whole even was that one Wilson’s many campaign promises was to focus on Black Issues. This ‘promise’  caused a large number of  Black voters to vote for him.

Just imagine a man running for President, telling people that he was going to focus on Black Issues, getting Black people, be they Republican or Democrat, to vote for him, and then firing almost all the Black people he could, stuffing in a few Black faces to trick the eye in thinking that it was because they were Republican, not Black, and then, racing in with segregation.

Trick?  Of course it was a trick.   Wilson was born a racist, had always been a racist, and died a racist, and his use of the term Black Issues was done in the same cute way that Trump said; “Make America Great Again”, meaning, as we all know, Make America White Again.

In 1914, a little over a year since he took the Oath of Office, the New York Times questioned his actions.

Wilson responded; (and I quote)

“If the colored people made a mistake
in voting for me, they ought to correct it.”

Trump has duped the American people and the world with as great or greater duplicity then Woodrow Wilson.

It is pretty likely that as Wilson ran up his mouth to trick voters, so did Trump.

Mr. Putin should realise that if, in any way, he or his people ‘helped’ Trump into office, he is in the same position as those Black Voters in 1912.

Any One Going to Fly on United?
April 11, 2017

We have all seen the video.

It is all over Facebook and everywhere else.  The images are shocking, the facts are even worse.

A person books a ticket on United Airlines.  A Person pays for the Ticket.  The person boards the plane that the ticket they bought is associated with.  The person sits down in the seat assigned.

The Airline decides it needs to toss off some paying passengers to seat staff .   Some people don’t want to get off. Fine.  United Airlines sends on a chap to  drag a paying passenger off the plane.  Drag him off as if he is a bag of dirt.

What did this paying passenger do?


United Airlines ‘over booked’.   Apparently, they tend to sell more seats than they have.   Having sold more seats then exist on the plane, and needing to move staff, (much more important than passengers)  decided to toss some paying passengers off the plane as bags of dirt.

No, I will not fly United Airlines.

Not that other airlines are so charming.

Flying is a form of light torture today.

Firstly, one has to be at the airport two hours before the flight.  This is to allow them and their luggage to be searched.  This is pretty bad on the best days.

Second, the planes are very uncomfortable.  Seats are jammed together with little space between the front and back.  It is a virtual middle passage.

Thirdly, once one is on the plane, enroute to their destination,  arriving on time is ‘ify’ at best.   Some delays are a few minutes, some a few hours.

Fourthly, there is no food, unless one pays for it.  The ‘snacks’ that may be provided are pretty crappy.

Fifthly, one feels more like a prisoner being transported from one institution to another, than a passenger who chose to fly.   Who paid a lot of money to fly.

I never liked flying much, now I hate it.   There is nothing nice about flying.  Nothing comfortable, nothing pleasant.

From the arrival at the airport and the checks and body searches, to the long wait on uncomfortable seats until the flight is called, and then onto the horrible plane itself.

That the decent of air transport to the level of a minivan from Half Way Tree to town at rush hour is now standard makes what happened on this United Airline plane not unexpected.

That this man was dragged off the plane, not a terrorist, not a bad behaving guy, but dragged off because he thought he had rights, having paid for the ticket, is just the first in what is a long line of abuses.

United Airlines is not going to easily recover from this event.

The Purpose of Dumbing Down a Population
April 10, 2017

What I write does not extend to every corner of the Earth all the time.  Like tides, the process comes and goes, depending on the situation.

There are times an educated population is required, there are times when it is rejected.   There are times when education is specifically limited to a segment of a population, times when it is universal.   The decision is political.  It has nothing to do with humanity or the greater good, it has to do with here, right now.

There were periods in history in which the population was dumbed down to such an extent that the term used is ‘Dark Ages’.   There are times when a population enters an ‘Age of Enlightenment’ or a ‘Renaissance’  in which exposure to education is first on the agenda, and people are encouraged to go as far as fast as they can.

The best example in modern times was the situation that existed directly after World War II in which those who attended school in the 1950s / 1960s / into the early 1970s were pushed as hard as they could manage, so as to create a highly educated thinking population.

Everything was done to insure the child born in the late forties/fifties even into the sixties, was given proper nutrition and exposed to the most education they could manage.

In New York City, for example, children in the sixth grade, (eleven/twelve year olds) were capable of reading and doing math at tenth grade level; (fifteen/sixteen year old; First Year of High School) and were put into special programmes.    There were many such children, some ‘skipped’ eight grade, attending an accelerated class which was a combined seventh and eight grade.

University was free and was not ‘watered down’, so that many could gain a very strong education and enter into professional school/Masters programmes as quickly as possible.

Look at a syllabus of a sixth grade class in the mid 1950s and comparing that to a High School (tenth grade) syllabus, what was taught to a twelve year old then is barely reached today.

The process of dumbing down, of creating a stupid population easily led, was the purpose.   For after the upswing of protests in the 1960s – 1970s, America decided to cease producing intellectuals and go for sheep.

Persons who entered school in the 1980s would find an end of streaming, which was created to separate the intellectually gifted from the average intellect.   This is because, in all groups, be they classrooms, clubs, religious organisations, the stupidest person controls.

The stupidest child in that class room causes lessons to be slowed, repeated, and wastes time.  The intelligent child becomes bored.   This is treated by ‘diagnosing’ the intelligent child with one of many fabricated ailments which allows them to be turned into zombies by drugs.

The rich, of course, send their children to private schools, or use home schooling, and/or tutors to ensure the education of their child.   Those who bear stupid children bribe institutions to accept them and keep them.

It is not only in America where the dumbing down process was implemented, in many countries the grandparents, those who attended school after World War II are surprised by the lack of education given to their grand children.

Whether the grandfather had to learn Latin to graduate High School, or the Grandmother had to get an ‘A’ in biology to enter college, the remarkable lack of education is commented on, and, of course, slapped away, for disrespect for the older generation is virtually ‘vaccinated’ into the younger.

The election of an inarticulate, irrational as Donald Trump could never have happened in the 1950s/1960s/1970s.    It happened in 2016 because of the lowered intellect of Americans in general.

It is not only in America, one sees the previously laughable clowns all around the world getting on the ballot, some being elected.    The majority of people are so intellectually damaged that they don’t question; they don’t have the capacity to question.

For example, if a political candidate was to stand up and say; “I will reduce income tax!”   The intelligent would ask how, and request information as to where the shortfall would be made up.   The stupid would vote, then be shocked when property taxes of sales taxes are increased.  But it is quite obvious that the money has to come from somewhere, if it isn’t salary deductions then it would be garnered from some other venue.

The intelligent, who didn’t vote for the ‘tax reducer’ would stand nodding. The stupid who voted for the candidate and elected him, would now complain because they can’t afford to pay their property tax, or that their supermarket bill has increased.

Yet, it is perfectly obvious that if one revenue gathering area is limited then another would be increased.

This reality is clear to those who can think, not to those who can not.  Hence teaching people not to think, limiting their ability to reason, plays into the hands of the demagogue.

Those who can think, those who are educated, who know the connections between burning coal/air pollution/ illness/lower crop yields, which is simply a matter of logic,  can speak, but the dumbed down won’t listen or comprehend what they are hearing.

To create a stupid population isn’t difficult.

Begin at birth and shout ‘the breast is best!’ but do not test the mother to ascertain if she has all the necessary nutriments to be successful.   Encourage the poorest, hungriest, most vitamin deprived to breast feed, and a child with permanent brain damage results.

Do not toilet train.   Do not teach the child self control or command of his/her body.  Let them sit in their own filth until kindergarten.

Do not discipline.  Allow the child to run amok and do what s/he pleases until the child suffers death or injury or becomes ‘uncontrollable’ and can be subjected to zombie drugs, destroying what is left of their brain.

Have mock eduction where children are taught at a very low level so that they can not achieve very much and can join the ranks of unskilled and resort to crime to enable them to survive.

Build many prisons in which one set of uneducated can be employed as warders for another set, take others into the military where they can be disposed of, and leave a small core of elite who are educated and can fill the better jobs.

America has been quite successful in this which has placed them in the position of having to go outside of America to bring in competent skilled workers.   It is not surprising to see Computer firms filled with ex-pats any more than to find ex-pats as doctors in hospitals.   Simply put, the dumbing down has been far more successful than believed.

If other nations, primarily China and Russia, can maintain a highly educated population they will easily be able to out maneuver the United States.   That they have done so, China being able to dump its cheap and poorly made goods in the United States, Russia being able to manipulate American politics, is proof that the dumbing down was not universal.


Before Mars, A Colony on the MOON
April 10, 2017
images (1)

The First step in building a colony on Mars would be building one on the Moon. Figuring out how much and what and where and when supplies become crucially low;   right there, just a few days away from Earth.

Figuring out how to create a complete environment; doing it underground with various air locks so that a survivable atmosphere can be created and maintained.

Imaging setting up drilling equipment to go one hundred yards into a mountain, or building from within a crater. Drilling one long corridor, and removing the stones and dirt, the making side corridors.   That tunnel would act as caves did in early days of human evolution.

Inside that moon cave, with three or more air locks so that little air would be lost when entering and exiting.

There would be a garden in that cave in which various vegetables could be grown in human waste, fertilised by human waste.  Hence the collection of waste would be important and procedures set up to deal with waste.

Water would have to be brought in then manufactured.   Water would be the most priceless commodity and human waste, urine would have to be processed so as to create a constant supply.

There would have to be protocols for bathing and hand washing to avoid bacterial infection, for the danger is if people can not bathe every day, can not adequately wash their hands, the method of removing bacteria needs to be well organised and not rely on getting supplies of various preparations from Earth.

This would be the most crucial feature, how to create and maintain and enhance water as well as breathable air. Air would be a bit easier, with plants exhaling Oxygen and inhaling Carbon Dioxide, but the levels need to be carefully monitored to insure the abundance of oxygen.

To create a livable, maintainable and renewable environment on the moon must be completely established before the idea of going to Mars is on the table.   For where a set of rockets full of supplies can be deployed to orbit the moon, just in case the inhabitants get into difficulty, that will not be possible on Mars which will take months to travel to.

If humans develope faster travel so that getting to Mars is a week, maybe two at the most, the danger is lessened.   But considering how long it will take to go from Earth to Mars, and being aware that humans have not developed the necessary technology to great a ship that can land and take off and enter space, it is not even a suicide mission.

To send people to Mars before completely comprehending how to create a livable environment on that planet, how to maintain it, how to add to it,  is a total waste of resources because the people will simply die.

To create livable environments on the moon and to maintain them over a period of years would make it far more likely that lessons would be learned and duplicated, and that a colony could be set on Mars and become self sufficient within a few years.

This means that a number of supply ships would have to be sent from Earth every month or every other month until such time as they can be limited to twice a year.

But first, let human colonise the moon.


China Thinks Trump is a Lobster

I’ve been doing my research on how China really sees Donald Trump.   After all the months of attack and insult spewing from the mouth of the Orange Clown, I needed to get behind the diplomatic smiles and the nice words or silences, to find out how China really feels.

Many of us, the 4th World know how many businesses no longer exist due to cheap Chinese imports.   The word cheap isn’t just for the price, most stuff from China is so bad that….

I was wearing a new pair of slacks.  Walking along the road.  I wasn’t walking fast, I wasn’t kicking a foot ball, I was walking nice and stately.   I had gone about a block when ..  ripppp!  and the pants tore around my nether region.

Fortunately for me, I had on an over blouse, which I immediately pulled off and put around my waist as a kind of skirt.   When I got home, all I could do was toss those slacks in the trash.

Where were the slacks made?   China.

I had a pair of shoes.   One day I looked down and my little toe was sticking out of the side.  It just was.  I didn’t do anything, I just wear the shoes to walk.   But, the shoes gave way.

Where were they made? China.

What do I buy now?   I go to stores which sell American products and buy them.  That is because all the local manufacturers are out of business.  They couldn’t compete with China.

Trump has said things about China, blaming them for the same thing;  putting people out of work, putting businesses out of business by cheap imports.   The problem is easily solved;  tax.   Tax Chinese stuff so it is the same price as American.  I don’t see the problem.

Many people in the street of China have mixed views.   One of them likened Trump to a Lobster.

He said,  “It’s orange, cranky, confident and determined to have the last word,”

Yeah, sounds about right.

Buying Education for the Brat

In my country there is a very expensive ‘Prep’ school.   It is the place the rich send their brats.   You will never see that school winning anything; not a debate, not School’s Challenge Quiz,  not even an egg race.   You will never hear of that school being considered academically superior to the one being taught on someone’s veranda in the ghetto.

That is because the entry requirement is money.   Staying in the school is money.  Money buys everything.

Some of the more astute parents realise that the child is not being very well educated, so hire tutors to insure the child reaches some level so as to be able to gain entry to a prestigious High School.

Some do leave that Private Prep and do enter ‘name brand’ schools.   But many stay there and go to their High School, which as its Prep section, has never won anything, for the academic achievements of the spoiled brats that go there is on the level of a poor kid who misses classes on a regular basis because he doesn’t have a pair of shoes to wear.

Those who ‘graduate’ the Pricey High have Daddy pay their way into University.  Their abilities are such that they could not get into any form of tertiary school, (same maybe plumbing) so paying for entry, making donations to the tertiary institution, is the way Daddy insures that his Brat gets the on paper qualifications.

Some years ago, a Brat at the Prep wanted to go to a high ranking High School.   He didn’t have the grades.  However, he had a famous name, he had money, and so he was accepted.

During that first semester he couldn’t keep up at all.  He failed everything.  It was like stopping an average eight year old on the road and shoving him into High School before he even learned long division.

After that disaster, Brat was returned to the Prep which had its own version of a High School.  He graduated that High School and didn’t bother to try to go any further as he didn’t have the head space and knew it.

Of course, this doesn’t just happen in America.

If you go and do your own investigation into the educational history of POTUS you will find out how Daddy paid and paid and paid again.

Hence, the moral of this article, when rich people claim to have graduated from this school or that one, it is more likely Daddy paid for their acceptance and paid each year so that they could wave their Degree.

Feuds on Sets; How Actor’s Write Their Burn Notice

One of the problems with actors are their egos.   Each one thinks s/he is superior.   When the Star, the one people turn on to watch has this attitude, well, the little co-stars either accept or get fired.   When the co-stars believe they are more important than the star, they are gone so fast one doesn’t remember they were there.

The most obvious was on Star Trek, The Next Generation.

Just as it happened in the Original Series, the public focused on the ‘Alien’.   In The Original Series, (TOS) it was Mr. Spock.  He was played by Leonard Nimoy.  The Star was William Shatner, who played James T. Kirk.

As William Shatner knew it was the show that mattered, and liked Leonard Nimoy, the two got on, and stayed together, through Star Trek, into movies, and were friends until Leonard Nimoy died.

This was similar to the intellect exhibited by Robert Vaugn in relation to David McCallum on Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Illya Kuricham was supposed to be a temporary character, but the public loved him, so David McCallum moved up to co-star and stayed on the series until it ended, and Robert Vaugn was cool about that.

On Star Trek, The Next Generation, Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) felt that Michael Dorn, (Worf) was getting too much attention and she should get more.  No one cared about her or her character, so she was killed off, and Michael Dorn has continued to play Worf until the end of The Next Generation, into Deep Space Nine, into the various movies.   Denise Crosby disappeared.

On The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, everyone tuned in to see Will Smith.  He was the star.   The female actress who played Aunt Viv in the first three seasons, Janet Hubert, was annoyed that Will Smith got so much air time and she so little.   She was replaced in the third season and went into oblivion.

On the Good Wife,  Julianna Margulies, the star was the best friend of Archie Panjabi.   In the show, the characters had an argument, and stopped being friends.    This was real, and because the two could function, and the plot could function, Panjabi stayed until the sixth season although she and Margulies never appeared together on screen.

One of the most memorable was that between Isaiah Washington and TR Knight. On Grey’s Anatomy.   Washington, had made an anti-gay comment during a heated argument on set.

Washington played Doctor Preston Burke who later married Christine Yang (Sandra Oh).    Knight played intern George O’Malley.

After the argument,  Burke walked out on Yang at their wedding, and George was killed soon thereafter.  Thus ending the ‘conflict’.    Katherine Heigl, who had played Izzie Stephens got into an argument over money, and she was gone as well.   No one much noticed the absence of these ‘stars’.

In fact, if I didn’t mention it, you would not remember them either.

Learning How To Pace Yourself Watching Television Programs Online
Tricks to Watching Television Series online_Some Shows You Shouldn't Watch_A Vital Hint When You Watch T.V. Online

You are sitting in front of your television set.  The show you are watching ends with a cliff hanger.  You don’t know what happens next.  And you either have to wait until next week or next season.   Now that’s kind of a bummer.

It is like being hungry, getting your food, and it falling on the floor.

When you watch television serials on line you can avoid this ‘having to wait until next week/season’ to see what happens, IF you pace yourself.

If you don’t, you are in the same position you would be watching the show on television.  You have to wait.

When a show ran five seasons and ended, fine, you can sit in front of your computer and watch marathons.  For when you hit the last episode, it IS the last episode.   But when you are watching  a show which is still producing new episodes you must stay two seasons behind so as to avoid that ‘cliff hanger’ and that waiting.

For example, I began to watch Blue Bloods less than a year ago.  There are Seven seasons and twenty two episodes in each.   That is one hundred and fifty four episodes.

If one is foolish, as I was, one will do a marathon. Even watching only one episode a day, in six months I’ve finished the series, and am waiting for the next episode.  Just like everyone else.

Had I been wiser, I would have watched an episode every few days so would still be in season six, and when seven turns into eight, would just be completing six and starting seven when the show was three quarters through eight, so that I would not have to wait until next week to see what happens.

When a series is new, and there are only two seasons (so far) one should be careful not to complete them too quickly.  Or else they join the cadre of shows one has to wait for.


You Got What You Wanted (Part II)

Kris, whom I’ve known forever, shocked me when he became the head Trumpeteer.   He supported Trump from day one, (despite not being white or Christian).

I could not believe that he, the equivalent of diarrhea on Facebook, (that is if he posts twenty times a day, it is a slow day for him) would spend his life posting paeans to a man who would treat him like dog crap if he met him. (Kris is a Sikh and likely to be taken for a Muslim).

Suddenly, after the air strike in Syria, Kris began to criticise Trump.  What?   Post after posting warning of World War III, arguing about the gas that was used, questioning and being extremely annoying.  Post after post after post.

It got annoying and I posted a comment to his attack on his Massa to which he responded;

“life is so funny.
so many of my social media friends are anti-trump
now that i disagree with his military tweet
they still disagree with me”

I decided to waste a few key strokes and mentioned escargot.

In a previous article I wrote about being in a fancy French restaurant and the woman sitting at the next table ordered ‘Escargots’.

When the order arrived, she exclaimed; “But these are Snails!”

Well, escargot is snails.   That is what they are.  They come in the shell and you use tongs to pull them out, dip them in the sauce and …  eat them.


You have no intention of eating snails.  Fine.  So don’t order escargot.  And if you don’t know what it is… ask before you order.

In Italian restaurants they have snails, they call them ‘scungilli’.   You don’t want to eat snails, you don’t know what scungilli is, ask…”what is scungilli?”  and you will be told.

Trump is like Escargot or Scungilli.   If you don’t know what he stands for, then don’t support him.  Don’t be like Kris, tongue cleaning the toes of Massa and then suddenly jumping back.   Why?  Why is anyone surprised by Trump’s bombing?

It seemed perfectly in character (pretending Trump has a character) for him.   For Kris to show alarm, and annoyance, and surprise, only reminds me of that lady at the restaurant.


Those who are always Believed

It used to amaze us, when we were kids, that everyone always believed Patti.  She was a liar of the first order, but everyone always believed her.

When I say everyone, I mean, her parents, teachers, her friends, strangers.   We were always amazed at how Patti could tell a tie and instantly was believed without question.

In class, for example, the teacher used Patti as the ‘spy’.   Patti would ‘report’ on people she didn’t like.  She would lie, the teacher would believe her, and the person she didn’t like would be punished.

We used to marvel at Patti, wondering how and why people always believed her.

“Patti goes on as if she’s too stupid to lie.  She’s quiet, she acts humble, she puts out this attitude that if you ask her a question she doesn’t have the ability to fabricate,” explained the older sister of one of my friends.

One day a new girl, Andrea, came to school and she was nice and friendly and we took her into the group and Patti was jealous.  Of course, Patti didn’t say anything, didn’t betray anything,  we didn’t know or even suspect.

One day Patti was alone with Andrea.   As Patti was quiet, Andrea did most of the talking  and was waxing warmly about Margie.  Softly, Patti said to her, “huh? You should hear what Margie says about…you.” in her soft dull voice.

Patti never explained, admitted, revealed what, and walked away.   Subsequently, Andrea was cold to Margie,  and as Margie was our friend forever we started to leave Andrea out until she was completely out.

To use modern language, we ‘unfriended’ her.

Some years later one of the girls, Kimmie,  was talking about a girl called Lois who was an annoying tagalong.  Kimmie was complaining that she can’t even go to the bathroom without Kimmie following her.

Patti said she’d take care of it.

Sure enough, Lois disappeared from the circle and Kimmie had to know how Patti had done it.   “The same way I got rid of Andrea.  When Lois was saying what a great friend you were I looked at her like this, and said, “You should hear what Kimmie says about you…”

We were kind of slapped by the fact she’d used this ‘missile’ on Andrea, who’d we had liked, and Patti’s words were a complete revelation as to why Andrea had been so different and why we had unfriended her.

It was then we began to appreciate how Patti had manipulated us.

We began to be absent, giving excuses why we couldn’t go here or there and being in different classes made new friends, only dealing with Patti when we were forced, and acting as if nothing was changed , but everything had changed.

For years we had known Patti, we knew her abilities, but had never taken that next step to manipulation.  That Patti manipulated us and we never knew it.

I’m sure she continued on for the rest of her life, lying and being believed, and being able to manipulate people around her.

All of us became rather alert to opinions and very unwilling to believe anything without clear proof.  We believed nothing we were told unless we could get some kind of outside verification.

In a way it was a good thing.  We were not gullible, we were suspicious, and less likely to be tricked, which helped us a lot in life as we didn’t believe rumours, gossip, statements that could not be proven by an outside source.