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A Short and Disturbing Look at Sociopaths

There are people who don’t care about other people.  They are often said to have no conscience.   They have a peculiar impersonal nature.

Where a normal person can engage in vengeance when someone hurts them, a sociopath does it because s/he can.   They don’t have to benefit, it can cost them, but knowing that somehow they spoiled someone else’s life is what pleases them.

This is a true example.

Margie was dying and tried to get in touch with all of the people from her childhood. It was hard because she had moved from their home city, as had others.

She left many messages on all sorts of social sights searching for persons who had been like family.

When she was young, her best friend had been a girl called Carmen, and Carmen’s elder sister, Esme.

Carmine had seen messages from Margie but couldn’t care less.  When Carmine saw messages left for Esme, she acted.

She emailed Margie acting ever so happy to hear from her but questioned why she was trying to get in touch with Esme.   Carmen told Margie clear lies, lies that Margie should have seen through, but she didn’t.

Margie, so happy to hear from Carmen gushed and bubbled.   Carmen played until Margie told her how Esme had written to her and she cursed her off properly.

Carmen smiled, never answered.

The pleasure Carmen gained by her intervention was far beyond the event.  Carmine felt powerful, as if she ruled the world.  To use Margie meant nothing.  To block Esme’s reconnection with Margie was victory.

This is the hallmark of a sociopath.

Carmen couldn’t care less about other people.  Carmen only cared about manipulating other people.  She couldn’t manipulate her elder sister, who had virtually nothing to do with her, but she could play Margie.

When Margie died, Carmen couldn’t care less.

Margie had been her ‘best friend’ because Margie had been there.  When Margie was not there, she was not a ‘best friend’.   Carmen made no real links with other people. She used people.   Whomever was available.

If Margie hadn’t attempted to contact Esme, Carmen would have continued to ignore her.  But to ‘hurt’ her sister had become so important to her, that she acted.

Once the event was over, Carmen forgot it, moving forward to any other method she could use to hurt her sister or any one else who was on her radar.

The signs that Carmen was a sociopath were not hidden.  Her coldness, her introverted behaviour, her inability to form long lasting friendships,

Carmen takes the blame for nothing.  She lies easily and without the tiniest bit of shame or remorse.  She manipulates those she can and avoids those she can not.

That Carmen could have thwarted Margie’s final attempts to contact Esme is so evil, yet, it means nothing to a sociopath like Carmen

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