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Watching Online, the Procedural NCIS

When you have absolute control over what you can view, sometimes you wrongly gorge on one show.   By wrongly gorge I mean that a show is in, for example, its seventh season.  It has been listed to begin an eighth season in six months, or so.

If you had been wise, you would have limited your viewing mid fifth season, so that you would not begin the seventh until the eighth was nearly completed.  But you didn’t.  So now, you have to wait for the next season, just like everyone else.

What you should have done, is stretch the continuing series by watching completed series.   There are many programs which ended a few years ago.  There are no more episodes.  Hence, if it ran five seasons, there is nothing to wait for, and a marathon is not problematic.  You don’t have to delay your viewing, for there is nothing more to come.

The mistake happens when, for example, you began Blue Bloods, and Hawaii Five O and Suits,  and have reached the last episode, and have to wait for the Next season.

Wiser would have been skipping days so that you stretched the viewing to the point that you were just going into the sixth season today, having that season and the subsequent to view before the next season began.

Having a cushion is a good idea.  For example, NCIS Los Angeles began some years ago, is in its eight season.   If you began to watch this show, you have a lot of episodes available, and if you did it right, you would always have more episodes to watch while waiting for the Next Season.

It makes no sense to watch online when you are using the computer as an alternate to television unless the shows you watch do not air in your country.  If they do not show on television in your country then the computer is an actual alternative to television.

So now, having finished so many of my series, I am stuck with only two, NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles.

Until the next seasons for my other viewing begins.

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