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When You Don’t Know What To Watch… Go Vintage
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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of programs that were on air in the Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties.  I doubt you’ve seen half of them.

Even if you are seventy and were planted in front of a Television from American Television’s first days, you couldn’t have watched what was going on Channel Two or Channel Four if you were Watching Channel Seven.

Further, if you were watching in America, you didn’t know what was playing in England.  So there is a whole world of programs you missed.

What you need to do is a bit of ‘vintage’ search.

Find out what were the most popular programs during a particular decade, and select those you find interesting, after perhaps a wikipedia study.

Sometimes a name sounds good, but wiki turns up information while has you shaking your head.  Hence, you aren’t clicking blind; you have a general knowledge of what the show is about so can look for the points you might otherwise not get at first glance.

Don’t read too far, after all it is all ‘spoilers’.    It is enough to know that this is cop show or a legal drama, a comedy or whatever, without getting the details.

Sometimes, even a wiki doesn’t give you enough to go on and so you’ll start to watch and then just close it down.

This is because, as I’ve said before, when you are able to watch a show when you want without commercial interruptions, the crumminess pops up quickly.   Especially if you are watching two episodes back to back.

Remember, when the show was aired, it was once a week.  There were breaks every few minutes.  You are getting the undiluted program without pause, [save if you pause it] and flotsam floats quickly.

There are ‘top rated’ shows like Homeland which quickly plunge into discomfort, just like Quantico, where trying to make ‘Supergirl‘ out of the star doesn’t work.

There are other shows which weren’t renewed, such as Graceland and Rosewood which will hook you and keep you.

Recently I began watching Robin Hood from Two Thousand and Six… only eleven years old, but a show I had seen sporadically.

I have also book marked Star Gate, which I caught a few last episodes of years ago, and Dr. Who.

So I’m set for viewing.



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    1. Dina said on May 25, 2017

      The programs I miss are Baywatch , Hawaii Five O, McGiver and some other more, that I forgot the titles of the shows. And those were American TV shows.

      But for Filipino shows, I love Home ALong Da Riles, Palibhasa Lalake and a lot more titles I also forgot.

      So, all of these I can watch at Vintage?


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