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Could this be true and trying to find out
October 2, 2017

After months and months of waiting I understand literacybase is finally back.  I have yet to see if that is true.  And this post is merely to check if what I have heard is true.

I always enjoyed writing for literacybase.  They were prompt in crediting me with earnings. I have earned many times and when suddenly they stopped being active it did disturb me.  I kept coming here for several days only to be faced with a blank board.

Today in another forum someone mentioned that this site is back.  I was happy and so here i am welcoming everyone who had stayed away thinkging that literacybase stopped being active.

Having said that when I checked the Blogs section I see so many aspirants writing relentlessly.  Hats off to them for not having lost faith in literacybase.

I only hope that this site has truly come back.  There will be scores waiting to get back and being active. Wish we were told why the site stopped entertaining their users by accepting their writings.  Even ‘support’ stopped communicating.  I had sent so many messages and they are there lying unanswered.  I hope all this will now be history and literacybase will be with all its strength and continue being active as before.

I wish literacybase a thumping success in their second attempt to get back.

Here is an appeal to all those who stopped being active, do get back with your writing prowess and blog away.  The forums platform also needs you.  Let’s get back and interact with each other asking and answering questions, clearing doubts and making each other happy.

If I do not get any reaction to this blog I will not get back until I see it happening.  Do get back and tell us where you have been all this while and how your online writing experience has been


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Charlie the monkey who came in our life for a short while
May 1, 2017

Monkeys are a menace if they invade private properties.  If they come in groups they will empty whatever they can find and are a source of destruction. There are devices that can frighten them away without killing them. But we did not have to do anything like that as this monkey whom we named Charlie gave us some happy moments and left behind pleasant memories.

Charlie was seen here last year and visited every single property in the neighbourhood and was most seen here as we have several fruits trees. I now  know why after reading about monkeys


they search for food travelling here, there and everywhere.

What I felt sad was that they are used in laboratories because they are intelligent which is not fair.

The most amazing thing I learnt however is that female monkeys will stop mating if there is no sufficient food around. They wait for better situations to present themselves. This set me thinking. I have this maid who has 8 siblings with a hand to mouth existence.

It did unsettle me earlier when Charlie came on the scene but now I miss him. So far he has not been a nuisance around. If I allowed him he would certainly use one of my sofas for a siesta but I am not sure how settled I will be to take this step. Now we have offered him our trees and he seems quite happy there He uses our water tank for his yoga exercies. (lol).



Preiti our pet loved him and would wag her tail whenever she spotted but from a distance just as us. I would not have been comfortable to have him around at close quarters.

I have countless video clips of Charlie’s activity in our garden.  The yoga exercises that he performed on top of our water tank was unbelievable. He would go up our jackfruit tree and help himself with the hack fruit.



I was told he would drink water from tender coconuts in the neighbours’ garden climbing up their trees.

Charlie used to keep munching all the time. He must have picked up some almond fruits from somewhere as he has left behind two almond saplings in our garden perhaps from the discarded almonds.

almond sapling

Charlie has never returned and even if he does now I would not be comfortable as he would no longer be a baby but a fully grown monkey and what an adult money would do is anyone’s guess.

I sit in my favourite corner and reminisce his pranks – all good ones. Whenever it rained he would jump and sit under cover and never move until it stopped raining. And how can I ever forget his announcement early in the morning with a shrill voice awakening the whole neighbourhood. I miss that alarm now.

He was adept at walking on wires which he did on our cable tv putting the experts to shame.  He was once seen on our steps leading to the house.  I had to close the door and frighten him with a loud noise to which he had reacted.

A well trained monkey is an asset but even before we could plan on that Charlie disappeared.

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Gamma our pet rooster who left behind indelible memories
April 30, 2017

Taking pictures of Gamma our pet rooster was an interesting activity as he was not like any other birds. He had many endearing ways. He was a part of the household and always sought our company.
Gamma was one among 5 birds we had. They were named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta and Omega. All these birds had a personality of their own but gamma lived to a ripe old age of 12 an age that is normally not seen in birds.

Here is a picture of Gamma when he was around 3. This was the time when he was most active.


Little did we know that roosters would want to mingle and mix with the household. He would stand near the door and ask to be taken in. He never liked to be left alone.


We used to bring him in but not for long as birds do mess up with their droppings.

Right from the time he could crow he would do it anytime of the day. It was no longer the belief that birds crow just when the sun rises.

He so He loved his food.



The most endearing ways of Gamma were that he was friendly with our pet Preiti and they always kept each other company. They used to stroll together, play together and just be with each other.



He was particularly fond of the maid. He would knock on her door and walk right inside, jump up and sit on her books while she was studying.

As he got older it was difficult for Gamma to move around and that meant lifting him around which in fact he liked. He enjoyed human contact. His last days we saw him suffer as he was stool bound which could not reversed.

We miss him very much as he gave us his twelve years filled with wonderful memories.

uld get in and out of his pen on his own – every day at the same time.

We miss him very much as he gave us his twelve years filled with wonderful memories.



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Holistic approach to healthy living
April 30, 2017

I only came across this word ‘physiotherapy’ when I had met with a near fatal accident way back in the year 2006. I was advised complete bed rest for 3 three months and had to use the walker and the wheelchair when I was up from the bed and this support I had to use for a few days until I could manage on my own.
While bed resting the physiotherapist visited me every day and made me to certain exercises to strengthen my arm and leg muscles before I could plunge on to the walking mode.
After getting home I got the physiotherapist home when there were more exercises that I had to do to strengthen my back muscles as I had fractured my ribs and vertebrae.
Once I was up and about I was advised that I would have to do certain exercises throughout my life.

What I have learnt from this experience however is that physiotherapy is not just for those who have had accidents but every single person needs to do it depending on their life style. Our muscles need movement on a regular basis and not every muscle gets involved in whatever kind of life we lead. A physiotherapist needs to be consulted who will guide on what kind of exercises are required depending on an individual’s lifestyle.


Some exercises hardly need any time and they are not recommended that they be done every single day. One needs to be keep aside not more than 15 minutes for a package of exercises that a physiotherapist would recommend.

Seniors for example need to have their knees exercised as they are the first casualty if care is not taken. I do this exercise every day which hardly takes me 10 minutes.

There is no alternative to this approach if one has to keep their muscles well tuned. When the muscles are strong there will be a less load on the skeletal structure.


Image Source:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Physical_Therapists_at_work.jpg



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A day spent with poor kids on the beach
April 30, 2017

Each year since the last few years there a party organised by me for poor kids at Christmas time.  Different venue is chosen each year

Most of these poor kids had never experienced a beach time. Nor did they know what a sea was. They came from remote villages where they only had access to hutments nearby that belonged to their family or friends.
I decided to give them a great time, one Christmas.An outing on the beach I felt would be memorable for them. They were around 80 of them. Two buses were arranged.

As soon as they arrived they changed into beach wear – simple dresses that could withstand the sea salt water.
The screams and sounds of joy was all recorded by me in my faithful camera. We spent a couple of hours there.

The beach resort authorities gave me space to conduct my party.
We all gathered at the beach resort – the space provided for us was facing the sea adding to the atmosphere. We had a gala time. Santa was there too. For me the joy was to hand over the gifts and goodie bags.
There was music in plenty. As they say no amount of planning, organisation and money spent for a party could be called a success if participants did not put in their might. My participants were special. Each and everyone made their presence felt and the most important of all was that smile on their face.

I normally end a party with fireworks and at this party also I had sparklers that were distributed to the kids. Some of the kids had never seen a sparkler and for them this was their first time. They first hesitated and when they saw others playing, they joined in.

The venue where we had the party had a deserted look but there were enough memories in our mind and best of all in my camera.


My standing advice to anyone. If you want your money’s worth throw a party for poor kids.

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The travel bug bit us good and proper – Kashmir
April 29, 2017

Apart from visiting our folks every alternate year we got into seeing places and Kashmir was first on the list. We joined a package tour that took away the nitty-gritty of planning. It was a 10 day tour as there were other places that got included in that package

We arrived at Delhi to catch a connecting train to Jammu. The travel to Srinagar was by bus. The route was scenic with hills and dales. We got the opportunity to drink water flowing from the springs.
When we reached Srinagar it was night and when we got off the bus I regretted having taken this tour as the cold was so intense for which I was not mentally prepared. We huddled together and got into our hotel room.
By next day I felt better and was ready to take on what was lined up for us. The hotel was situated on the Dal Lake a- panoramic view. There were ‘shikara’ rides that gave us a ‘dekho’ of the city through a ride in the Dal Lake.
My husband and I would get up pretty early in the morning and go for our morning walks – hand in hand – along the Dal Lake – a walk I will never ever forget.



There were historic spots that we were taken to such as the Char Chinar





Sonmarg, Gulmarg and Chandwani Wadi. I got my first experience of a cable car ride going from one height to another with a valley in between.
The mule ride in Chandanwadi going through those precarious paths that the surefooted mule deftly maneuvered was an unforgettable experience not to forget the pain that we had to put up with having to sit on those hard wooden planks which served as seats. A hot water bath did give me some relief to be up and ready for yet another day of adventure.
Throughout our travel in Srinagar we were fed with beautiful views of flowers, and lush green pine trees that skirted the roads.
We made friends with the group that joined this package – a holiday that just made us want more and that is another story.

And thus started our interest in travel that took us to several foreign countries as well.


Image Sources:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Char_Chinar_at_Dal_Lake,_Kashmir.JPG










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The indispensable bougainvillea in a well appointed garden
April 29, 2017

Seasonal flowers no doubt add variety to a garden but having to replant them each season, one needs time to opt for seasonal flowers.
Due to lack of time seasonal flowers get a back seat and in their absence what will be left in a garden would not be worth displaying. That is the time when perennial flowers come to one’s rescue.
I have several perennial flowers such as alamanda, chinese hats, euphorbias, ixoras, periwinkles and last but not the least bougainvillea.
Bougainvillea are in a class by themselves. They produce a veritable paradise in a garden when they are in bloom. Their blooming time is between September to May – a fairly large part of a year.
I had to put in a lot effort to collect as many colours as possible which I am now quite happy about. I have about 8 colours


I have spread them all over the garden so that there is a riot of colour all over the garden. I have a cluster just at the entrance welcoming visitors

Bougainvillea also play another important role in that they could be great protectors of a property. They have thorns and when planted around a fence it becomes difficult for anyone to break through.
Bougainvillea do not need much maintenance. A bit of watering is all what is required.
They could also be planted in pots which could even replace the roses in one’s garden as roses need a lot of care and maintenance

As is the case with any category there could be mutations and many more colours may have been introduced around. I will soon do a search and see if I can add more colours in my garden.
Bougainvillea have a tendency to grow wild. They need to be kept in trim and this is normally done just after the rains when new shoots appear. Sometimes instead of leaves one can see flowers jutting out – a surprise yet a welcome phenomena

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Panda is more than just an animal

Panda is not just an animal. It has attained a prominent place in terms of branded products the world over.  There are countless companies that have the name Panda included.

Panda Jewelry has it all, whatever be the need – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces  -everything that comes under the category of ornaments. It is the desire of every fashion conscious individual to own a complete set of Panda Jewelry, budget permitting as they do not come cheap.

The Panda necklaces cater to different needs depending on the outfits that one wears. Every panda ring will perforce have a middle stone that has the image of the panda. A special mention need be made of the panda earrings specially the stud earrings that have the panda as the main theme. The panda bracelets are the most attractive of the lot with different patterns that have beads molded to resemble the pandas. For those with big budgets they can go in for panda gold jewelry as also panda coin jewelry. The diamond panda jewelry is the most expensive and there are enough customers who would opt for it. The entire set is normally neatly packed in the panda jewelry box.   There is a separate category that comes under Chinese panda jewelry with special features that only a Chinese manufacturer would have the wherewithal.

Panda jewelry is here to stay which is evident from the countless distributors one finds on the Net that have a range of products to offer manufactured by many jewellers the world over.  With different materials used they are there for those with small budgets and big, some with intricate patterns, some studded with diamonds which only those with a big budget could afford to go for. But the common feature is the panda, be it earrings, broaches the works every trinket  will have a panda’s face stylishly etched or embedded mostly having the colours black and white which are the original colours of this gentle animal the panda.

It is a joy to browse through pages and pages of information that describes how the panda has been effectively used to create designs which are a favourite among those who have an eye for art and fashion taking care to see the panda merges perfectly with whatever intricate pattern the jeweller has plans to work on

A mention need be made of the Panda accessories that range from  Ipod covers to winter wear, soft toys, cushion covers, bed linen taking care to see that the panda is prominently displayed.



The Panda jewelry has in its range panda necklaces, panda rings, panda earrings, panda bracelets, panda brooches, panda watches, panda bear jewelry, bamboo jewelry, panda coin jewelry, diamond panda jewelry, gold panda jewelry all neatly placed in a panda jewelry box.


Image Source:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Atlanta_Zoo_Panda.jpg



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Vigilance is the order of the day while sending emails
April 28, 2017

 Emails contain sensitive and confidential information and if access is available to all and sundry that can spell disaster. It could even wipe out bank accounts as it is possible that exchange of information through emails could contain such vital information such as account numbers. It could spoil relationships if gossip is exchanged.  It is therefore vital that such practices are employed that guarantee total privacy.  There are many ways to protect email privacy,

– being selective in revealing one’s email address could top the list. While registering at new sites there is always a demand for giving one’s email address. It would be a vigilant practice to verify the credentials of such sites before one starts the registration process.

–  The other important practice is to create passwords that are difficult to crack. There are those who have the know how to crack passwords and here the more complicated the password the more difficult it would be for anyone to crack them.

– There is also the provision to uncheck ‘keep me signed in’ option and this option should be selected even though it would prove cumbersome to type the id name and password each time one needs to access one’s mail.

-And last but not the least it is always advisable to use the ‘bc’ (Blank copy) option when sending bulk mail as opting for the ‘cc’ (carbon copy) would expose the emails addresses of all those who receive such mail. Many prefer to give their email address to a selected few and this method would let so many others to have access which is not unsafe but could also be very embarrassing.

– Although a password appears in a * format typing it when others are around should be done judiciously so that others don’t get to read what is being typed.

– Vigilance is the order of the day.  If an email is received from an unknown source it could be that they have managed to get the email address through foul means.  It is best that they are instantly blocked.


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Parrots are the most elusive birds when it comes to capturing them in my camera
April 18, 2017

Our garden is designed with birds in mind.  Little did I dream that among the birds that visit we would also see parrots although they do not come anywhere near us and not even to the birdbath. They are always seen high up on trees. I hear the parrots when they arrive on the scene.  I rush to  get my camera to trap them but whether it is their sharp ears or sharp eyes they vanish from the scene even before I open the door to get into the garden.

That apart being green in colour they camouglage with the environemtn around and to stop is a toutgh thing for a photographer.

Parrots are choosy.  They do not eat all the fruits that grow in our garden. They do not like mangoes but their favourite is bilimbis and star fruits.

There was a tornado in our property a couple of years ago and our star fruit tree got copped off bring the branches low down. There were countless fruits but the parrots did not come.  They were not confident of coming down. It was a sad time for us as most of the fruits were wasted as we hardly have them ourselves.

But when the tree was high up every single fruit would be minced and dropped down – again not a happy situation as our friends always wanted to take a few for them.

I have never liked the idea of trapping parrots in cages. I like to see them flying around in the garden and enjoying their freedom.Here is a video clip that captured these parrots in action

However, one wonders whether they truly like being there and getting all the fuss. They are trained to talk and perhaps they feel important when they are able to utter those few words.

With concrete jungles mushrooming everywhere a day will not be far when birds will have nowhere to go as more and more trees would be cut down making place for buildings.


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